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My mother recently died, and my father is  going through the process of paying inheritance tax on her half of their villa.   However, it is proving very hard to put a realistic valuation on the villa. .    According to the Regulations of the Valencian Region, the "declarable value" would be  280.000 euros. However, looking at other properties for sale in the area, this seems very high.  No estate agent will give us a valuation, they just ask how much  we want.   Any ideas on how to value the property? Is there a Spanish equivalent of the Land Registry so we can see what comparable houses have sold for? thank you. 

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   You are talking about "valor catastral". The only ones that know the real "market value" of a property are the estate agents. They are in the notary assisting transactions and know how much money the buyer is paying. (Not even the Notary knows the real price that´s payed). Look for a professional and honest agent, it´s like any other job, there are good professionals and bad ones. I can recommend you some depending where you live.

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thank you for your advice, it is much appreciated. 



The Valencian Region  has rules to determine the value. If you apply the value that you obtain using these rules,you will not incur any trouble because the value will not be checked.

 If however you  think that the value is too high you can entrust an appraisal to a technician. If the property is a house the best technician to do this is a qualified Architect. Estate Agents know the market value but most of them do not have the qualifications to sign an official appraisal.

 If the value is less than 10% under the administration value, the administration have to accept your valuation.

 If however the value is more than 10% lower, you can contest this, There is a process called “ tasación perical contradictoria “. An independent valuer ( in this case also an Architect ) can give a definitive real value of the property. The administration and yourself have to declare it for tax purposes.

Should you require any further advice regarding the above or other queries relating to the property or its value, please do not hesitate to contact me.



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