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Hi all  Another question. Last year my house had damp rising up the walls in the lounge and the kitchen. The repairers from the insurers came and ripped out the kitchen and left me without water for 6 days and no kitchen. This was last October and they paid me last week. Now I have a more serious leak at the back of the house which my better half thinks is coming from the bathroom. Any way the damp is again rising up the walls and the house smells of raw sewerage. I have emailed the guy who eventually paid me last week but he won't confirm if we are covered by the insurance again. Two days ago he said he would ask the repairers to make an appointment by telephone but nothing has happened and the water and smell is getting worse ! Where do I go from here ?? thanks    

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One should call the insurance no. to make another claim, they will inform if you are covered or not, make sure you have paid this year´s insurance though!

Being an insurance agent for quite some years I know the cheap Companies can be very disappointing when claims come about, even the big ones like Mapfre can be surprising at times and they are the best for claims, specially home insurances.

I suggest that if your I. Co. won´t handle that claim to have a very serious reliable plumber fix the leaks. 

If you only use the house/apt. on holidays make sure you close the mains before you go to prevent accidents, thus claims.  When a big claim goes on the I. Co. will stop having you.....but no problem any others will take you.


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