Moving to Spain with non EU Spouse

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Hi I am hoping someone can help.  I am looking to mov to Spain in August with my non EU wife.  We have a marriage certificate issued in Azerbaijan which is where we were married.  However I have read lots of conflictimng info over what is needed so would like it clarifying please.  Firstly I have read that I need a marriage certificate isued in an EU country.  Azerbaijan is not an EU country however it has been translated into English and notarised and also has an apostille stamp on it.  Is this sufficient?  Also I have read that they may ask for one issued within the past 90 days?  How would this be possible as we have to be in the country 3 months before applying for my wifes residency.  Also I have read somewhere else that Spain are actually breaking EU directives by asking this.  Any help will be appreciated.   thanks Darren

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Alec Smith 1429607765

Have you spoken to the relevant embassies. you don't say where you are living now or if either of you are from Azerbaijan, but their embassy should be able to provide information specific to your situation.

Perhaps your local Spanish Embassy may be another alternative.

Justin 1459155668

Hi Darren, not sure if you ever got your question answered, but for anyone else with a similar question, my Wife and I just completed the visa process using a marriage license from a non-EU country. It was accepted by the consulate with an apostille - we had to have a certified Spanish translation of the certificate and the apostille. Who and how the translations are certified depends on which country you're applying in - you only have to meet the certification requirements of the country you file in. You don't need a "sworn" translation from a Spanish translator.

While a lot of our docs had to be dated in 90 days (police report, bank statements, etc), the marriage license apostille was 2 years old and was accepted without issue.

DarrenNoyce 1459159348

Hi. We've been here 6 months now and are still waiting. Murcia wouldn't accept anything as it was done in azerbaijan however after a trip to Madrid and getting everything stamped by the foreign affairs office Murcia have now accepted the documents. Strange how Madrid says they are legal but Murcia didn't. We are now awaiting another appointment to get the final stage done.

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