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Hi. Apologies in advance if this is a long story... I rent a home in Denia. The home is owned by a German couple who are represented by a real estate company (that you should never use). We hired a gardener (recommended by the real estate agent) last spring. The water bill we received after hiring the gardener was about 800 euros. We fired the gardener and contacted the water company, real estate agency and Aqualia, who said they would resolve the bill. The real estate agent had the German couple submit (probably false) bills to Aqualia stating that there was a leak. Aqualia decreased the bill by a couple hundred euros. (By the time this was done we had received the next water bill for another 800 euros. The gardener had the garden watering system set to run 2 hours a day and his one month tenure with us spanned two billing cycles.) A letter we received stated that they decreased the bill because a leak had been reported to them. The water bills resumed to normal -- about 20 - 50 euros per month (it is a vacation home) in the periods after the gardener's departure. We paid a few hundred euros, estimating what our normal usage would be and trying to avoid the cutting off of the water. We have only 2 months left on the rental -- we would never do business with the real estate company again and are leaving. The problem is that they have our security deposit and we are fearful they will retain it to pay the water bill, which we feel strongly is now the responsibility of the owners (on paper), although everyone involved that "the gardener did it." We have asked them (for months) to resolve this issue -- they have not budged.  I would like to put the remaining rent into some kind of escrow account while a solution is reached and the bill is paid. (By the way, the bill is in the name of the owner. Also, they did not put our security deposit in a hacienda account.) Does anyone know if this is possible or have any advice?

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May I suggest you PM me for we have had similar experiences.  Our experience of Spain is that the bond should be held independently but never is.  The owners believe it is their back pocket money and they would find 'ooo's of reasons to withold your bond.

Again there is more than anecdotal evidence to suggest that tenants withold the last two months of the rent to equate to the bond.  PM me if you wish to have further information.

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