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We are going to bring my 97 year old Mother, from the UK, to live with us here in Spain. Am I correct in thinking that the application Form EX-18 will get her an NIE number and her Residencia, or do I need to complete application Form EX-15 for the NIE number in addition. Also does anyone know if I have to take her in person to the Foreigners Office in Denia? As we have moved home recently, do we have to renew our Residencia - or is sufficient that we have submitted our 2014 tax return from our new address?

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For her you will need to register as part of your family-residence in the Council´s office or else make a contract for her as a rental in your house, present it to the Council to get a Padron for her as you will need the Padrón to get the N.I.E. or Residencia.  By the way a rental contract can be issued by any lawyer or Gestor for v. little money.  I suggest you visit a Gestoría to get her the NIE done, it´s easier and none of you would have to bother going back and forth.   No, she does not need to be present but for this you would have to ask the NIE´s issuying police office to find out what are the requirements.

If you were closer to Alicante city I would be able to help as I do Solicitors´ jobs (Gestoría´s matters) including translations during the process.  I work in the areas of 30Km. from city of Alicante

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