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Hello Everyone:  American cousin coming to Spain to look at houses. My wife is fascinated with Cave Homes. Does anyone know about them ? Are they good ? Also how much money can you have in the bank and it will be guaranteed by the government ?  Also how much is car insurance ? Had a Ford Focus years ago when we lived in France and it ran about 50 euros a month.                                                 Thanks for any help  

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Hi there , have you seen this site

Think last time I checked the government guarantee your account to a ceiling of 60,000 euros . The going rate for a Ford Focus 1.6 (fully comp insurance) is about 400 euros per year , but you can get cheaper deals depending on what cover you accept .

Hope this gives you some help .
Regards BJ.

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Beneficial insurance or insure in spain (they advertise in  most of the local papers) would be closer to €300 fully compor a  focus, I pay €400 fully comp for a 2.8 litre bmw z3 cabrio rhd with beneficial.

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