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I hope someone can help me. I have read the factsheets and websites about income tax in Spain, but I must admit I didn't find that sort of stuff easy to understand even in English! Can anyone tell me in easy to follow terms how badly their pensions are taxed in Spain? I'm not talking about the people who had massive private pensions or the people who are coping on just the basic government pension, but somewhere in the middle - say for example about 2000 euros a month all pension income. I'd be grateful for any info about this as I would like to move from France to Spain, but not if it's going to mean that I can't afford to eat!

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I understand your position Wendy but information pages tend to be generic when you need to know how the tax system affects you. In your first fiscal year in Spain (calendar year) you would be best advised to get your tax return completed by a professional adviser.

Anglo Info can provide you with a list in the Costa Blanca. Ask one for advice which is normally free for a first appointment, then use the same company to complete your first year return. After that you can make your own judgement if you need them again

There are 52 Legal firms so I'd check their addresses alternatively contact me for a recommendation.

You will be able to eat



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Thank you - I realise it's difficult to comment on someone else's situation, I was just trying to get some general info on how it actually feels living in Spain on a pension. It's not too bad here although food is much more expensive than it was 12 years ago when I moved here. I'm just trying to get a feel for whether we'll be richer or poorer!

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Hi Wendy

I am an International Financial Adviser (qualified) working in Spain but I happen to be an accountant too from my previous UK life .

It would be easy assess whether your income would be taxed more here in Spain or in France, but if you track back a step, sometimes you can avoid producing that income altogether if it is packaged efficiently. This is the problem, and I will be honest, when I was  an accountant I didn't know all about the products at  financial adviser's disposal, so as I am both I find that the respective disciplines overlap nicely.  

However,  I am definitely not about to tell you all about french tax as I know nothing about it, but I do think you will find it cheaper living in certain parts of spain as the VAT or import taxes are not quite so high. For example, you will find petrol at least 20 cents a litre cheaper in spain. So if you do come, fill up when you cross the border.    What I can assess immediately, is your income of 2000 euro per month appears very handsome compared to most of my clients, but I don't know the standard of living you expect for that.  If you love 5 star treatment every where you go, you'll get through it.    I am happy to help further but just like all my clients I would need to delve into your entire finances to get tto the right solutions. It's free and we only charge for putting products in place which may not be the case for you, so effectively you'll get some free advice.  Message me back if you wish. Just incase you are nervous, I work for a UK firm that has a european head office in Gibraltar and offices around Europe including 2(soon to be 3) in Spain. The UK head office for the group was established 28 years ago.  (Blacktower Financial Management (International) Limited).


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Hi Mish mash

Hope you don't mind me jumping into to this conversation.  We left France in 2010 returning to the U.K. But are now thinking of moving to France, just wondering if you know anything of the 183 day rule as partner works off shore, is it the same as U.K. in Spain?  Or could you recomend a good accountant (in Spanish tax).




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That should read We are thinking of moving to Spain.


Not France :)

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