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Dear all, Just joined your forum and in need of urgent assistance; We recently purchased a purpose built log home (Base of 70 sq m) on a developed site in La Xara near Denia, Costa Blanca. We have recently discovered that the land does not belong to the site developer nor has the site received any Local Authority permissions. We actually own the home outright, but because of the legal wrangling over the site's permissions, the local authority will not grant permission for the development to continue. A lot of black monies have been passed to individuals thus muddying the waters further. The company developing the site and the log homes has now gone into receivership, leaving 15 developed homes with the stark choice of leaving the site within 3 years. We are currently exploring the possibility of relocating the log home to another developed site which obviously has the appropriate permissions. Anyone out there know of such a location, preferably between Alicante and Valencia. Any help or advice would be very much appreciated Yours desperate Lynne. Many Thanks

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I need to renew my residencia or obtain the certificate of residency to enable me ro renew my driving licence , I read of the horrors of the queing from 2 am at benidorm to be one of the first 30 tickets per day , I also read ,but misplaced an article in the costa blanca news , where someone had done it in denia at a new office , cane anyone let me know the details of the denia office . thanks in advance

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I am almost ready to but a property here, however something is concerning me, the issue of black money. My agent and legal people say I will have to pay a percentage in cash, under the counter so to speak. They say this is what everyone does and the sale will not go forward if I do not do this.I really do not like the idea of this a tall. What is the experience of other buyers here please?

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I'm intrested in setting up a motorcycle/scooter rental businessin spain. I could really do with some advice on companies that can offer business insurance to cover my customers (public liability insurance) and also cover my fleet I speak very little spanish at the moment so an english speaking company would be a big help Rob

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Hi, can anybody recommend an english-speaking gestor in the Villamartin area, please?. Thanks. Will the last person to leave Britain, please turn off the light.

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hi everyone, we have a self contained flat above our casa and were wondering about the possibility's of renting it out to turists, golfers etc and wondered if there was any paperwork needed or any advice in general many thanks darren

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Hi all!!! Me and my husband bought 2 years ago an apartment off-plan in Duquesa (near Marbella) and some months ago the developer told us that our apartment was going to be delayed, by another year! As you can imagine we were a bit annoyed and after talking to our family we decided to pull out. Someone recommended us these lawyers in Marbella and we called them immediately and dealt with Felipe. Some months later we got our money back plus interests!!! We are really happy now and thinking about where to go on holidays! It is worth it having a look, they are in more countries if you need and they can help you with all kind of problems. If you want send Felipe an e-mail, I don’t know if I can give you his personal one. Well, anyway you can send it to the general one (info@martinezechevarria.com) and then write “to the attention of Felipe Martinez”. They even have an office in Calpe. Good luck and all the best!!! Paul and Marianne

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Is it possible to claim for the child benefit which is paid in england over in spain, will they transfer this. Also the family credit which we claim will we still be able to claim this?thanks

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Hi, I am trying to find out if anyone knows about new rules coming into force on camp sites around Benidorm.I have heard that the sheds that people use as kitchens etc are going to have to be removed.Does anybody have any info on this #Eileen J

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I see HSBC are holding a wealth management seminar in Denia, on 1st November, a friend of mine has been to one before and tells me it is well worth going to - very informative.

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Love living in Spain but want to move nearer the coast. Problem is the property market seems to have come to a full stop, at least here in the Costa blanca. Have you sold your property? If so how did you do it, only ones that have sold near us have taken a serious drop in price, selling at a loss in fact. I am prepared to sell low if I can buy low so need a few ideas on what's happening around coast in particular. Agents always seem to talk up beat but I see no results. Please share your thoughts and knowledge it would be much appreciated

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Some of my friends are preparing to tie the knot. They know they need to have their birth certificates translated, but asked me to help find out if they need to have these translations done by an official approved translator or can they be done by anyone with a good grasp of Spanish (i.e. any professional translator)?

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Can anyone shed some light on this subject? I have a friend in Calpe about to open a new local. Apparently the new law is that the bathroom must have a disabled door perhaps 1mt wide, also implications re hot water, space etc.... The local is for a shop not a bar or restaurant. I can understand this law being applied to bars etc but a shop? Would appreciate any advice. Off to the Town Hall Monday so will post here the outcome.

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I am sure I have seen something on this site somewhere about some free talks from one of the UK banks. Does anyone have any idea what I mean?

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having been an estate agent i was wondering what are the laws in spain relating to somebody wanting to start an estate agency in spain, do you have to provide evidence of relavent qualifications etc, thanks for your advice

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Hi, Can anyone tell me where I can find an English speaking solicitor in Torrevieja please Thanks

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We were supposed to complete on our new property today but it has not happened. The estate agent has just called around and said the lawyer is in fact on holiday for a couple of days and that's why it has not happened. Can this be correct, we thought you had to have an appointment with the notary and have money/checks ready at this stage. Our lawyer has power of attorney, as we are not in Spain all the time at present, but we are concerned things are not as they should be. We have paid quite a lot of money as a deposit already and are getting jumpy about the whole deal. Any advice please.

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Does anybody know where you need to go in Orihuela to get the Residentia Certificate? Gertie

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Finally we received our residencia. I can tell you that Cartagena only issue 20 a day. Yes 20 a day, so if you want one I suggest you do what we did, get there very early, take your ticket and wait in line. Make sure you have the correct form, have two photos as well as your Passport and NIE´s just in case. They also took our finger prints, in fact the only difference with the new residencia is its not really worth the paper its written on. What a fuss.

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I have just received a form from my bank, its looks tobe a tax declaration, its all in Spanish. We are presently non resident, what do I do with it?Singin

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