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I read that there are some new rules coming into place at UK airports for people flying to Spain does anyone know what and when please

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Is it true that mortgages over in Spain aren't as cheap as they first appear to be? We need to take out a mortgage for our property and I believe there are many hidden charges, its is all doom and gloom?

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I know that I am entitled to have two years health cover having left the UK recently, but would this be enough cover in the event of a serious illness or accident? or should I take out extra cover.

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Does anyone have the latest on this? I know its been dropped but there is a certificate apparently that replaces it which is yet another piece of paper with a rubber stamp on it. Just wondered if anyone had applied for it and how difficult it was. Thanks.Murf

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I have looked through the listings on this site but I am interested in getting a first hand recommendation for an accountant for a small business set up. I have been quoted at between 100 and 125 per month to set up as Autonomo and then been told this sounds expensive. I would like to hear from anyone who has set up a business and is happy with the price and more importantly the service from his/her accountant. I am in the Benidorm area but don't mind a journey if its for the best. Due to the rules on the forum I am not sure if you can post names so you may like to send an email. Many thanks

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We have just come back from two weeks in Benidorm, where we have been looking at purchasing a caravan on Excalibur camp-site alfaz to settle down in Spain with our 12 year old son. Could someone please tell us about living on Excalibur, could anyone tell us about the new regulations regarding permanent fixtures on caravan plots for example sheds that have been turned into kitchens or bedrooms, laminate flooring etc. Thankyou very much Julie and Daveyou only live once if you live it right once is enought.

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Does anyone know anything about claiming disability benefit from the Spanish social security system? I currently get DLA in the UK, and know that I can keep claiming it for a while during my travels in Spain, but if I become resident down in Spain, I would have to lose it. Could I then claim the Spanish version?Jo Dachey BA (Hons)

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I believe that a new law has been introduced in Spain making it compulsory for all private swimming pool owners to have an approved fencing system around the swimming pool for security against children drowning Is this correct and if so where can I obtain clarification?

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Is is legal to have bbqs on the beach in Spain? I wouldn't want to get in trouble but with the lond balmy evenings i suppose we will soon be having, i think that would make the perfect "soirée"!!saffy

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Looking to buy a one bedroom flat along the coast and would like to know if there are any particular areas where house prices are cheaper?saffy

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I have decided to purchase a flat after renting for two years. Is it a good idea to look for a house through a private seller or more safe to go through an agency. Also, being self-employed, will any bank offer me a mortgage?cyndy

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I need to register to get myself an NIE number and have heard conflicting stories as to whether or not I need to pay a solicitor to come with me. Can anyone tell me more about the process of application. Cheers- Bec

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We are moving to SE Spain shortly and are looking for a finca/ cortijo maybe with outbuildings to renovate. Any ideas on specific areas or areas that seem to be cheaper than others. There seems to be property around Monovar and Pinoso, does anyone know of these towns and what they are like. Ive heard that prices are pretty stable at the moment and buyers can negotiate down. Is this correct? Thanks, TimTim

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I and my mother have just moved to Spain. I am a self employed website design, and my mother is retired.We are applying for our NIE numbers this week, but does anyone know about getting our residencia?

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Can anyone tell me the law with regards this issue. An individual has just rented an apartment in our block and it appears they are using the place for the purposes of prostitution. This is causing great distress and alarm amongst the residents. Young women feel unsafe knowing "clients" may be about at any time of the day or night. The question is though, is there anything we can do about the situation? I understand that prostitution is not illegal as such but is there any sort of safe guard to ensure it is not carried out in residential areas? Any information please.

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I have just become resident and have not completed a tax return form (although I believe that I will not have to pay tax as I have no income and not much in the Spanish bank). In previous years, as a non-resident, I have had a fiscal rep who did the tax for me but now I want to do it myself, can anyone tell me where I get a tax form from?Dee

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