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Hi,  Can anyone recommend a good bi-lingual solicitor in Denia for 'hopefully' a property purchase? Thanks.

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Thinking of opening account  with Deutche Bank in La Marina or would Santandar be a better option?  Have not heard many good reports regarding Sabdell Bank.   Carole and Andy    

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Hi I wonder if anyone can give me some advice on how I could locate a personin  Spain, the phone directory is not proving very useful, would appreciate your advice. Thanks in advance

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Hi folks. My mother has had a property near Alicante for the last 12 years but has been looking to sell but without much success( for various reasons). She has now decided to give me the property as a gift to do as I see fit. Before I fly out from the UK to start proceedings could anyone give me a little bit of advice on whether its even possible to change of ownership like this, potential costs incurred or whether it would be best for my mother just to sell the property in her own name and deal with the finances after.  Any initial help or tips would be gratefully received. Many thanks. Georgina.  

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We are considering relocating from France to Costa Blanca south. We have seen lots of very appealing properties in the region of Crevillent (near Alicante). How can we be sure that these are legal? (We know that in Lliber in the Jalon valley there have been loads of newbuilds - all illegal) Is the area around Crevillent safe and just very well priced, or could we be heading for problems?. 

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Hello AI community,  I'm looking for some advice on which bank offers the cheapest, or even better, free! basic bank account. I want to be able to transfer money to it, using Moneywise, and pay utility bills, either on-line or by cheque, and withdraw some cash when I visit. I'm in Fortuna.  I've heard that banks here charge a monthly or annual fee, but that this can be negotiated.  Any advice gratefully received! Thanks, Ayden 

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We have Ocaso insurance. Once a month we have a very bad smell in our entranceway that happens around 22:00. We went to Ocaso and they gave us a 24 hour emergency number to call. We called last night and the emergency operator told us someone would contact us within 24 hours. The smell was so bad we checked into a hotel. The problem is when they call us back between now 13:44 and 22:00 the smell will have disappeared or be very slight. It usually dissolves by 1am. We have had our president smell it and he said it is normal which it isn't. We went back to Ocaso to see if they could help get a rep out sooner and they said you have to wait the 24 hours. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you

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Has anyone experience of being able to get a tax deduction on monies received for Attendance Allowance from England.(not paying tax on this sum of money) We presented our figures for 2013 only to be taxed a hefty 25% on the total.  This is free of tax in UK.

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My mother recently died, and my father is  going through the process of paying inheritance tax on her half of their villa.   However, it is proving very hard to put a realistic valuation on the villa. .    According to the Regulations of the Valencian Region, the "declarable value" would be  280.000 euros. However, looking at other properties for sale in the area, this seems very high.  No estate agent will give us a valuation, they just ask how much  we want.   Any ideas on how to value the property? Is there a Spanish equivalent of the Land Registry so we can see what comparable houses have sold for? thank you. 

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Hi all  Another question. Last year my house had damp rising up the walls in the lounge and the kitchen. The repairers from the insurers came and ripped out the kitchen and left me without water for 6 days and no kitchen. This was last October and they paid me last week. Now I have a more serious leak at the back of the house which my better half thinks is coming from the bathroom. Any way the damp is again rising up the walls and the house smells of raw sewerage. I have emailed the guy who eventually paid me last week but he won't confirm if we are covered by the insurance again. Two days ago he said he would ask the repairers to make an appointment by telephone but nothing has happened and the water and smell is getting worse ! Where do I go from here ?? thanks    

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Hello Everyone:  American cousin coming to Spain to look at houses. My wife is fascinated with Cave Homes. Does anyone know about them ? Are they good ? Also how much money can you have in the bank and it will be guaranteed by the government ?  Also how much is car insurance ? Had a Ford Focus years ago when we lived in France and it ran about 50 euros a month.                                                 Thanks for any help  

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I have been a tax resident in Spain for a number of years but as I will be spending more time in the UK  I want to pay my tax there in future. I know I need to contact HMRC in the UK but what do I need to do at this end. Ged

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Hi everyone!   I have been working for a company here in Barcelona for 3 years, but it may be that I lose my job. I am trying to calculate the possible indemnization and have found various tools online to do this. However, I have been fortunate to have had two pay increases during my time with the company, so need to know if the calculation is based on my current and final salary, or do they work it out based on previous salaries in different stages.I have working in Spain five years so should get a decent time on the paro if needs be, but curious about the indemnization. Anyone have any insights? thanks!Mark 

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Does anybody know of a reliable and resonable priced achitect who would do some plans for a small conservatory and submit then into Pilar de la Horadada Planning Department. Thanks if you can help.

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Hola: I am new to the site but used to follow Anglo France. My wife and I would like to buy a Finca and live full time in Spain. I'm trying to find out what is the minimum that Spain requires for annual income for a long term visa. We are americans and know we would need a long term visa to stay full time. If you know what is required we would greatly appreciate your help.                                                                            Cheers

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Two years ago I purchased a flat in Marbella, Andalucia. About three months later I got a nasty suprise when I recieved a bill of €9000 which was unpaid purchase tax. It turned out that I should have paid tax on the difference between the purchase price (what I bought it for) and the Cadastral value, or what the government says that the flat was worth. Even though there was no way that the flat was worth the government estimate, I was told that to fight it would cost probably another €1000 odd euros without the guarantee of ever getting my money back. Interestingly, nobody told me about the possibility of this happening, my estate agent mentioned nothing, and my solicitor mentioned briefly the day before completion, when I had already invested money on fees and deposits, that there was sometimes a small chance, but not to worry. I had already committed a great deal of money on the renovation of the property and so was very distressed when this bill came in. In the end my love for the flat just dropped away and I sold up at a great expense given that the agent took commission on the sale of the furniture. And now I am waiting to see if I will ever get back the 3% non resident tax when selling the property. So now I am thinking of moving to Spain, and this time Costa Blanca. Can anybody tell me if the same rules apply in Valencia about this hidden tax and are Cadastral values easy to obtain before committing to purchase? Nobody cared when I lost a lot of money last time, I didn't even make a profit on my last home and unfortunately my builders receipts were all dodgy so can't even offset the renovation against the tax. Please help! Should I just forget about Spain altogether?

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Hello, our friends are renting a property in Spain for a few years and they have placed an order for a new car.  They have an NIE but the garage has asked for 'Padron'.  Is it possible for them to be put on the Padron, to show they live her at the moment.  The other thing I was thinking is that they could ask the owner if he is on the Padron and use this and also obtain confirmation from the 'Letting Agent' that they are renting for a few years from this owner.  Appreciate advise on this matter please.  Many thanks

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British Embassy News Release: Passport applications for Britons resident overseas must now be made via the GOV.UK website All British residents living in Spain must now make their passport applications online at www.gov.uk/overseas-passports.  The new passport process, which is part of a worldwide changeover, helps to reduce the possibility of making errors that can delay applications.  Applicants will find that the new process, which includes online payment, generates a personalised pack that must be printed, signed and sent with photographs and any additional documentation that may be required to the Passport Office in the UK - and no longer to a British Consulate or Embassy.  Once an application has been submitted, applicants will receive instructions on how to track its progress via the website.  It is important to apply in good time as a new passport will take at least four weeks from the time the completed application pack is received by the Passport Office in the UK, or six weeks if replacing a lost or stolen passport.  “Don’t leave it until the last minute to apply for your passport,” advises Will Middleton, Consular Regional Director for Spain. “You can apply up to nine months in advance and any unexpired time will be added to your new passport.”  Applicants who cannot access the online system or who experience any difficulties should contact the Passport Advice Line on +44 300 222 0000. Useful information: For an online passport application go to: www.gov.uk/overseas-passports For assistance call the Passport advice line on: +44 300 222 0000

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Can anyone advise please? We have been told that, when we die, if our kids have NIE numbers they will pay less tax on the sale of our property. Is this true and if so how much less tax?Very grateful for any replies from anyone who has experienced this problem. If it is true we need to persuade the kids to come here to sort it out. Some live a long way away!

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Please, can anyone recommend someone who has the software to complete my Business English tax return as we have a rented property in England and we are not resident there. I would be grateful for any contacts email or telephone number    

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