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Does anyone know is there much involved in setting up a Charity Shop in Costa Blanca. There are so many needy charities I would like to do this if possible.

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Hello, does anyone know when we will be able to 'legalize our homes in Catral', I know some people would be more than happy to pay a small fee for this. 

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Can any one tell us please if we can register our car and campervan to spanish if we are residential on a campsite in a mobile home. We would like to buy a mobile home on a residential site but the site is rented would we be entitled to register our vehicles to spainish Thank you for your help chrissy

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Press release from British Embassy and UKBA: “Spain is becoming a hard place for organised immigration crime to operate” UK Border Agency officers and the Guardia Civil have arrested a total of 19 people in the UK and Spain as part of a major international investigation into a suspected organised crime gang involved in people smuggling. Operation “MARLO” involved UKBA and Guardia Civil raids on addresses in Alicante, Madrid and London on Monday 26 November, and a further arrest in Hull today (27 November). The arrests were the culmination of a joint investigation into an alleged criminal network suspected of assisting Iranian migrants to reach the UK from mainland Europe. The investigation also involved the UKBA Immigration Liaison Office based in the British Embassy in Madrid and the assistance of airlines. The network is alleged to have organised travel and provided false documents to their clients to facilitate their arrival at UK airports. The eight people arrested in the UK were aged between 23 and 56. In addition computers, documents and mobile phones were seized from a number of addresses and will now be examined. Co-ordinated action by the Guardia Civil saw eleven people arrested during raids in Madrid and Alicante in Spain. The gang is said to have been contacted by up to 100 potential customers per month and was charging its clients up to 18,000 euros each. Of those enquiries, on average 25 per month are believed to have become clients, with 20 per month heading for the UK. Chris Foster from the UK Border Agency’s Criminal and Financial Investigation team said: “This investigation is targeting an organised network suspected of being involved in a systematic attempt to evade the UK’s immigration controls. “People smuggling is an international crime which requires international co-operation, so we have been working very closely with our Spanish law-enforcement colleagues from the outset. Our investigation will continue with the evidence we have seized.” Simon Cooper, UKBA Assistant Regional Director covering Spain, added: “Spain is becoming a hard place for organised immigration crime to operate, and criminals now know that they will be disrupted and brought to justice.” All those detained yesterday in the UK were arrested on suspicion of conspiring to facilitate an asylum seeker for gain. They are now being questioned at police stations in London. Anyone with information about immigration crime can pass it on via Crimestoppers at http://www.crimestoppers-uk.org/, or call the UK number 0800 555111. Anonymity is assured.

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I have just been told by my insurance broker that I cannot cancel my car insurance unless I sell my car or scrap it....and I don't want to do either as I am rebuilding it as a project...it has no gearbox and won't be moving anywhere for months but they insist I cannot cancel it and the second half year is due end of this month, any ideas anyone please? Thanks

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Can anyone please give me an idea where the court house is in Orihuela Town,I will be travelling from San Miguel area,Also if possible any info on parking near by. Thanks in advance.

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Does anyone know where I can get advice on employment rights, I have a full contract and feel I am being cheated on certain payments and hours.

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Hi can anyone help I am renting a house and have been there over 2 years It appears my lanlord has not been paying his due and I have received notice of eviction I have had to go back to the UK but all myworldly goods are in the house in Spain. I cannot return until March next year Can the bailiffs brak in and take all my goods. I am a single woman aged 65 and am scared out of my wits ! Any help gratefully received Thank you

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Hello Does anyone have upto date information on this subject.   Spain could easily obtain the money they so badly need if they  were to legalize a lot of properties. Thanks

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Anyone struggling to sell their property needs to be extremely careful if they are considering renting their property with an option to buy. In most cases, people want to rent with the option to buy because they cannot raise the money  to buy the property outright, or get a mortgage. It can be a good opportunity for them to get cheap rent for a long period. They can also withhold (sometimes quite significant) amounts of rent because the property has a "problem" or needs "repairs", meaning the owners end up paying expensive maintenance costs and/or are forced to accept very low rent. I know many people who have been taken in by the "rent to buy" con and have never come across one of these "rent to buy's" yet that has had a happy ending and resulted in the property being sold to the person renting it. In some cases, if the property has been left furnished, anything decent has been stolen, the tenants often change the bills back into the owners name and run up huge debts (that the owners have to pay) and then disappear, or the house has been completely trashed before they "do one" (before moving on to the next victim) which ends up in heartbreak and costing the owners a fortune to put things right. I know the law has changed recently in the owners favour, but it can also still be very difficult to evict the "tenants from hell", especialy if they have small children. So, although it can seem like the answer to having an empty house, be very, cautious before entering into this type of agreement.  

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I am very worried about the current situation and wonder if I should/can move my saving out of Spain any thoughts

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Good morning. We have identified two apartments to rent when we come down in late September to see my brother in law who lives in Calpe. However both contracts require us to provide fully comprehensive travel insurance? They will have both the rental and breakage deposit before we leave so why please do we need travel insurance? We are in the French health system have breakdown cover on our car and have the card from Newcastle. AXA here in France say no because it is a private rental and if it were through a company not a problem. Please is someone able to explain this to us? At the same time and not wanting to set hares racing we will be looking around at the possibilities of a house purchase in that a consideration is a move from France to Spain. We have been in France for years but with advancing years my wife and her brother wish to be nearer together. Ideally in a quiet area two or three bedrooms but not isolated and the love of our lives are our animals so no main roads etc etc. We shall use the time wisely in Spain but to be honest I am stuck in France love it here and it will take a lot to move. Again our other friends live in Javea so that is the boundary I suppose. My brother in law informs me now is the time to buy in Spain? best wishes

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Info on Spains licensing laws req. Can market stalls sell unopened beer to 'take away' and not to be immediately consumed? Do you know what kind of alcohol license would be required? I know where I am in France this is permissible with a 'take away' licence. Do you know what the current alcohol duty level is on beer per litre? This info is required for a possible business start up, very much at the ideas stage Thanks for your time Dave

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can anyone help with work contracts,i need to maybe take legal action against an employer but also need advice can i have a contract with one employer and also work for another?

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need urgent info on reversing sorn, going back taking vw out of storage and will want to MOT and tax is this difficult to do?

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I would like to set up a company with my boyfriend and need to know what I will need paperwork etc and how much it will cost. Thanks

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British Embassy Press Release: British Embassy warns homeowners to ensure they rent properties in accordance with Spanish law Homeowners who rent out their properties to holidaymakers are being warned they could face huge fines unless they comply with Spanish law.The British Embassy has become aware of a number of cases where homeowners have been fined up to €30,000 for letting properties without the correct permits.The Embassy has today (Monday) published advice for homeowners who rent out their properties or are considering doing so, which can be found on the UKinSpain website.Short-term lets: The regulations on letting tourist apartments (apartamentos turísticos) and holiday homes (viviendas vacacionales) vary by region. If you are planning on making a financial return by renting out your existing property, or buying one to let, you are recommended to seek independent legal advice and check the local licensing laws with your local town hall (Ayuntamiento). This is particularly important in Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and Canary Islands where the rental of holiday properties on a short-term basis is strictly regulated. The authorities in these areas are cracking down on homeowners who rent out their properties to tourists (particularly through online adverts) without complying with Spanish law.If you own or are planning to buy an apartment which is part of a Comunidad de Propietarios (Committees of property owners who are responsible for the management of communal areas of apartment buildings/complexes), you should also check whether there are any rules that prohibit or restrict short-term letting.Long-term lets: Owners who rent out properties on a long-term basis are generally not required to apply for a special licence. However, it is worth seeking professional advice to make sure that you are complying with Spanish legislation and that you are using the correct rental contract. There are different types of contracts depending on how long the property is being let for, such as arriendos de vivienda which are for a minimum of five years, and arriendos de temporada which are generally for one year or less. You can get copies of these contracts from tobacconists (estancos).Taxes:Owners of properties should also be aware that whether or not you are resident in Spain, you will need to declare rental income to the Spanish tax authorities. Homeowners may wish to seek advice from a professional tax adviser (asesor/gestor).Managing a property rental:You may want to consider hiring a Spanish letting agent to assist with finding tenants, drawing up rental contracts and managing the property on your behalf.Further information:Advice on renting out property in Spain on the UKinSpain websiteFAQs on letting property in Spain (in Spanish) from the Sociedad Pública de Alquiler (Public Rental Society)Lists of local English-speaking lawyers can be found on the consular pages of the UKinSpain website.

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i am trying to find out about thr legal side of work contracts.my wife has a contrato indefinido that started in june this year it's for 6hours per week (the minimum) where she works are now, on very short time and may close for august, and may shut all together very soon.she has worked there since febrerohow do we stand legally about wages and holiday pay

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British Embassy Press Release: Feeling the pinch is no excuse to commit benefit fraud - call the hotline and help stop a fraudster Financial hardship is no excuse for claiming benefits you are not entitled to, benefit officials have warned, as they encourage Brits who suspect a fraudster to call the hotline in Spain. Whether you live in Spain or the UK there's no avoiding the current economic crisis but taxpayers' money should go to those who need it most, not to a small percentage of Brits who have chosen to fund a life in Spain at the UK taxpayer's expense. Call the benefit fraud hotline 900 554 440 That's why the Department for Work and Pensions is promoting the benefit fraud hotline in Spain – and asking people who suspect they know a cheat to call 900 554 440. The vast majority of people who claim benefits do so honestly and are sick and tired of putting up with the small minority who don't. The benefit fraud hotline in Spain is there so that people can do their bit to make sure something is done about the small percentage of fraudsters. Shockingly, it's estimated that benefit fraud abroad costs UK taxpayers 43 million pounds per year - and Spain ranks as one of the top destinations for benefit thieves. One rogue claimant who wrongly thought Spain was a safe haven to commit benefit fraud was Ronald Bunce. He had been claiming Income Support and Housing and Council Tax benefit since 1991 however a change in his circumstances in 2007 and his failure to declare these changes meant he eventually fell foul of the law. An anonymous allegation led Work and Pensions investigators to discover that Mr. Bunce was not quite as strapped for cash as he made out. In 2007, following the death of his mother in 2004, he sold her property in Ealing, west London, for a handsome sum of £350,000 but failed to declare his newfound wealth to benefit officials. Further investigations revealed that he went on to buy a quarter of a million pound property in the UK, as well as a Spanish villa complete with swimming pool in the Mazarrón area of Murcia, which he was renting out to holidaymakers for as much as €500 per week. Not only was Mr. Bunce stealing from the British taxpayer since the change in his circumstances in 2007, but on top of that he had selfishly been using his council property for storage purposes, depriving another family really in need of housing. In April Mr. Bunce was sentenced at Isleworth Crown Court in London to an immediate nine months' in prison for his actions to defraud the public purse. There are probably many more cases like this out there. That's why Department for Work and Pensions is asking anyone who suspects others of committing benefit fraud whilst living in Spain to call the free and confidential Benefit Fraud hotline in Spain on 900 554 440 or submit a report online at: https://secure.dwp.gov.uk/benefitfraud/ . The system is completely anonymous and you don't need to give your name and details, but the more information you can give about the alleged fraudster, the easier it is for officials to identify the person and investigate the case. Benefit fraud includes someone claiming a benefit which is only available to UK residents, such as income support or pension credit, or someone claiming a benefit as a single person but living with a partner. You can find more information on benefits and which ones can and cannot be received whilst living in Spain at www.direct.gov.uk.

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we sold my wife's motor scooter last year, but the new owner never re-registered in his name we had all the correct document's i have a copy of his passport,and his NIE numberhe was spotted going through a red light and fined 100 EUROS, but we got the bill,who do i tell that we have sold the bike? where do i go?

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