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I am over in Alicante for a couple of days next week and have invited friends to join me for a late lunch on the 1st Jan.  However, my usual place is closed for three days and I am finding it hard to tell from websites where will be open! Can anyone suggest anywhere please? No car so must be in the town. They need to serve veggie or fish. 3pm booking and not too expensive - preferably dia menu. Many thanks for any ideas!

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I can't be the only vegan in Spain, surely! Can anyone recommend any vegetarian/vegan restaurants in the costa blance south region.

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Hello, we are new to the Northern Costa Blanca area, and I would like to know where we can buy quality meat (i.e. free range / grass-fed beef etc)... any advice on where to buy in the Javea / Jalon Valley areas would be gratefully appreciated.  Thank you, Ruth

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Hola,  we are living near Pinoso and loving every minute since our move here in July but would love to be able to buy decent well hung beef/fillet/steaks etc.   It appears that the supermarkets and butchers sell decent chicken & pork etc but the beef is actually veal or at best fresh slaghtered and sold on young beef. As a brit abroad I love my decent roast occasionally and I have got nowhere trying to source a supplier.  Are there any up towards the Elda / Pinoso sort of area or any clues where I could look. Alicante etc is just not a viable option due to the distance. Thanks in advance. 

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we are staying long term shortly in pego/oliva and wondered if anyone can recomend a good place to have sunday lunch and any restaurants that serve good food. we are happy to travel if its somewhere recomended

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Does anyone know where we can buy piri piri either in dry or sauce form around the Albatera area please?

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  Hi everyone I'm after some serious help. I am opening a Cafe Bar Restaurant in the Costa Blanca region of Spain(Los Montesinos area) but I need help on how to contact brewaries for supplying the beers and also installing the beer pumps. If anyone can advise on this matter or any other useful info for setting up my new bar I would really appreciate it. I have heard that brewaries/coffee suppliers will offer equipment etc if you use them to supply your products. Any help is really appreciated. I have 15 years experience in the UK in running pubs and clubs so that side of things wont be a problem. Its the initial setting up that Im struggling with as I dont know where to turn or who to ask and its starting to become frustrating. Thanks

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British Embassy Press Release: What can the British Ambassador to Spain and the Mohican-wearing, Spanish it-chef of the moment have in common?  Not much, it might appear, but Simon Manley (46) and David Muñoz (33) share several passions. Running, food and the United Kingdom are three of them, and the pair has just been filmed cooking the classic British dish of roast beef with Yorkshire pudding – with a distinctive, modern Spanish twist.  In a new video on YouTube, David explains why he will soon be opening his first international restaurant in Britain.  “I love it,” says David. “I lived in London for six years, and learnt almost everything there. London’s huge gastronomic diversity can be found nowhere else.”  Simon Manley adds, “David’s decision to expand into the UK shows what a great place London is to start a new business or expand an existing one. What’s more, he’ll add even further to the incredible quality and variety of food which visitors to London can enjoy.”  David recently received his third Michelin star, making him the youngest Spaniard to win the top Michelin ranking and the only holder of three stars in Madrid.  His new restaurant, StreetXo London, will open this summer in Mayfair, bringing with it the culinary style that has made a table at his tiny DiverXO restaurant among the most desirable - and near unobtainable - in Spain.  The video shows the two in Union Jack aprons producing a dish of roast beef with Yorkshire pudding in the Ambassador’s official Residence – with the addition of horseradish, papaya and a herb that grows beside Spanish rivers.  One of the top Foreign Office priorities for its Ambassadors – such as Simon Manley in the British Embassy in Madrid - is to explain the benefits of investing in Britain, which is recognised as the easiest country in Europe in which to start a new business.  David Muñoz will shortly be joining internationally renowned chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, Heston Blumenthal, Jamie Oliver, Marco Pierre White and Raymond Blanc – to name but five based in Britain – to continue the ‘gastro revolution’ that is fast changing foreigners’ perceptions of British food.  Meanwhile the ‘Britain is GREAT’ campaign, which has a special emphasis on food, is also helping more British suppliers to sell their products into overseas markets.

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Can anyone tell me how to get to the fishmarket in Guardamar please?

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Okay, I'm not American but I would like to experience one of these fabulous looking Thanksgiving dinners. Does anyone know of any restaurants doing one? I'm in the South Costa Blanca so wouldn't want to travel  further north than Alicante.

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Hi Had lunch today at Mickey Finns American Diner in La Zenia (which is a regular haunt of mine) and they have just started the following specials which I thought I would share as we are all after a bargain, and the food is good. So I asked them to give me the info to share with like minded peeps that like to have a good meal but not spend a fortune Mondays....2 x Entrecot steak with Chips, Onion Rings and Salad = 12.00 euros per couple Wacky Wednesday ..... 2 courses for 5.00 euros Starters - French Onion Soup Scotch Egg SaladCheese, Thyme and Cranberry Brushetta Mains - Pork Chop with Mash and Veg Hawaiian Mega Burger with Chips and SaladChicken Goujons with Chips and Salad Thursdays - 3 courses for 8.00 per person Starters - Tomato and Basil SaladTuna Pasta with Tomato Salsa Cheesy Garlic Bread Mains - Chicken Mallorquina and RicePhiledelphia Steak with Chips and Salad Battered Fish and Chips Desserts - Selection of Ice Creams Homemade American Pancakes with Maple Syrup and Cream Just thought you may like to try somewhere different Wendie x

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Hello does anyone know where i can buy self raising flour and icing sugar i have looked in all the normal places including Mas y Mas and carrefour but know luck cheers

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In a few monthe I celebrate my Golden wedding and would like to celebrate with a few friends at a very nice restaurant to guarantee that all goes well on the big day. We'd like to start with champagne as aperitifs, followed by a memorable meal. All suggestions wellcome and graefully received

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Hi there, we are arriving at the Villamar campsite 23rd December and need to find somewhere to have a traditional christmas lunch for 6 people, can you help? Please email with all suggestions, would like walking distance of campsite or small taxi ride Thanks Jane

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In the area of Punta Prima/La Zenia. We arrive for a long holiday shortly and are staying in this area for the first time. A nice clean restaurant that dos'nt require a bank loan for the meal or drinks...Many Thanks in advance

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Does anyone know where it is possible to buy wheat free and gluten free products, especially bread in the Benijofar area. We have tried Carrefour, but no luck, any suggestions welcome.

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Can someone explain to me what a tapas route is and has anyone here taken part?

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I am arriving by car and am looking to eat Chinese about 3-4pm, will the nice restaurant on the main road between Carrefour and Quesada be open at that time?

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Hi, we arrive on holiday next Saturday evening so wondered if there are any supermarkets open on a Sunday in the Benidorm area?

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Yesterday evening I was chatting to a "vegetarian" who eats fish. We had a discussion on the morality of eating different animals. If you eat a plate of sardines, then perhaps 6 sardines have died just to feed you. If you have swordfish, then perhaps that same swordfish will also have provided another 30 or so other people with dinner. Thus consumption of swordfish instead of sardines would result in 180 or so fewer deaths. So, is it less moral to eat smaller fish than big ones?

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