Directions to Guardamar fish market?

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Can anyone tell me how to get to the fishmarket in Guardamar please?

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chris123-585915 1273224644

Presumably it would be where the boats are as you have the sea facing you to the left you would go through the natural park area and eventually get to the mooring area.........I cannot think of anywhere else it would be. Haven't lived that way for a few years now but it would be behind the new tall apartments on the left side of the town.
Hope I'm right

sugarplum-589687 1273226260

Chris is correct about where it is. If you look out for the signs for the LLonja(think thats spelt right!) you'll find it fairly easy. You have to pass through a barrier to park- its costs a euro but there is a button to press to speak to someone and if you tell them that you are going to buy fish they let you in free.

The auction itself is next to the restaurant through some glass doors, its fantastically cheap and some interesting fish for sale, only thing I'm not keen on is gutting them myself.

Squidge1 1390430348

Is this market still open? Or is there anywhere else torrevieja ? 

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