Moral Dilemma

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Yesterday evening I was chatting to a "vegetarian" who eats fish. We had a discussion on the morality of eating different animals. If you eat a plate of sardines, then perhaps 6 sardines have died just to feed you. If you have swordfish, then perhaps that same swordfish will also have provided another 30 or so other people with dinner. Thus consumption of swordfish instead of sardines would result in 180 or so fewer deaths. So, is it less moral to eat smaller fish than big ones?

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beni03724 1148466064

Me thinks God put fish on the planet so we can eat them. As long as they are not an endangered spices due to over fishing then eat I say. 30 years ago in Spain you could eat those very small fish which has now been banned thankfully. (cant remember the name)

Roger-580633 1148468942

So if we follow this to it's logical conclusion it's best to eat whale meat?

beni03724 1148469974

Dunno about your logical conclusion.  I think Whales are on the endangered species list. Dunno if you have seen the fish farms off the coast of Spain and France? Replenishing stocks and farmed for us to eat. Kinda makes you feel better.

iceman-580542 1148480946

Antonio, as the swordfish high up the food chain, your calculation underestimates the difference in the number of deaths.  If you eat a swordfish, that swordfish is then unable to eat smaller fish.  By consuming a high level predator, you save the lives of those lower down the food chain.

Antonio-580451 1148547443

That's a good point.  I remember reading that one reason cod stocks don't recover from overfishing is that in the absence of larger cod, there's nothing to eat the medium sized fish that prey on the young cod.

topdog-580454 1148562965

I recently had a conversation with a vegetarian who would eat fishfingers because 'they dont look like fish'. Where do you go from there?


Tommy-580629 1148563961

I am that type of "vegetarian" because of health reasons. By the way swordfish is very bad for you all, can't remeber why but the Sunday Times said only to eat it a couple of times a year. red the artical some years back now.


iceman-580542 1148565544

Good point, Topdog.  Apparently much of the public likes to buy meat from supermarkets because it enables them to buy, for example, a sanitised packet of chops, instead of having to buy part of a dead animal from a butcher. 

topdog-580454 1148571383

And why do they sell those processed vegetarian cutlet things in the shape of a pork chop? Logic tells me it should be the shape of a turnip or such like.



lester-580409 1148577819

Because the cost of making the moulds to a high enough standard is very expensive so the food prep companies use the same ones. Who would want to eat a turnip that tastes of meat, well like meat?

Roger-580633 1148585488

The same moulds as what?  Pork chops don't need moulds - they're naturally that shape.

Major Tom-580634 1148592805

Did I read something about carrots that taste of chocolate?

topdog-580454 1148600893

Who would want to eat a turnip that tastes of meat, well like meat?

if it is for vegetarians shouldn't it taste of vegetables?


Roger-580633 1148634396

Major Tom, I guess that depends on what you've been smoking...

Antonio-580451 1148635951

I'm a vegetarian for moral reasons, Dude.  I don't mind the taste of meat (except liver) .  I just don't think it's right to eat living animals.

Roger-580633 1148643542

I don't eat living animals either - I prefer mine dead.

partygirl-580574 1148645305

So Antionio, would you find it acceptable to eat, say, a road-kill?  That way the animal wouldn't have been killed for food.

Party Girls have more fun!

Antonio-580451 1148667853

In principle, yes.  Having said that, there's no way I'd butcher it myself.  I'd want it in nice sanitised supermarket packets.

Roger-580633 1148679296

So do you reckon that supermarkets should start selling "road kill" meat for vegetarians?

Antonio-580451 1148740842

Dude, the problem with that suggestion is it would create an opportunity for those with questionable morals to "artificially" create road kills.  Such as by lining up a row of cows and driving a truck into them.

lambchop-593207 1303831554

Well, to me a life is still a life, one is no less important than the other, it's like saying is it ok to kill one child or 3, the answer to that would obviously be if we could avoid ending any that would be the best answer. But that's just my personal opinion.

chris123-585915 1303834360

I am not a vegetarian, but I do respect their views. I like meat and fish, never eat offal or black pudding, chorizo etc it seems disgusting to me (don't ask me why).
Animals were not put on this planet just so we could eat them (as someone suggested).
I have always said that if people saw what happens from start to finish with the way animals are slaughtered and meat is finally packaged and presented to the consumer, half at least would give up eating meat altogether...but as we don't see it happen, most don't make the connection that the cuddly little lamb frolicking in the field will eventually be their Sunday dinner etc.....

Each to their own, I say.
As for the sardines......debatable idea regarding them and bigger could say well the swordfish has had to eat an awful lot of sardines to survive so it ends up the same doesn't it??

My daughter is going to a small pueblo in Andalucia this weekend to attend a wedding.....she will be bringing back fresh lamb....yes, fresh, the local butcher is a farmer and if you order it, he slaughters it......nothing in the supermarkets here is the same as it's packaged, driven from God knows where, cold chilled etc before finally arriving in Carrefour etc for you....ours will be slaughtered the morning she leaves and will arrive here in time for tea.

Sorry, but the only guideline is your conscience, you either do or you don't. I don't understand people who say they are vegetarians and then eat fish?? Just my meat lovers opinion:)

ELJEFE 1319441648

I bet your vegetarian was wearing leather somewhere.

Whistling John Thomas-589175 1319494286

Maybe they ought to eat Soylent Green?

BJ-592451 1319564548

Do vegetarians refuse to take drugs when they are ill ?

Bearing in mind the initial testing of lots of new drugs do kill the "Guinea pig" animals used in laboratory's ,,,

( and we dont even get to eat them )

BJ <(^.^)>

maxinespania 1319672851

have i got this wrong? vegitarians dont eat fish...

And you need to get out more if youv nothing else to worry about...

xica123 1333374739

whales aren't fish!!!

pablomonk1 1333381191

Whales smell and taste like fish, and they swim in the sea with fins and stuff....(I know it's classed as a mammal, but its a sea creature), I'd call it a verry big fish. I wouldn't confuse a poached whale for a roast chicken, that's for sure.


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