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Sid Smith



In the area of Punta Prima/La Zenia. We arrive for a long holiday shortly and are staying in this area for the first time. A nice clean restaurant that dos'nt require a bank loan for the meal or drinks...Many Thanks in advance

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Sid Smith 1344417694

Come on you people !!! Is there no one eating out for Sunday Lunch anymore?

artist-595707 1344753138

Hi there

You should try this link, although it says sell your stuff, however people ask and offer all sort of things information etc. A restaurant enquiry I'm sure would get a good reply. It's very, very active and before you know it there are lots and lots of postings. Very informative, very good. Hope y9u find a good restaurant. Regards. J

chasinspain 1347643740

we enjoy eating in punta prima at Asturias resterant,it is spanish but depending on what you want to eat is always fresh and very cheap,it is on the main drag in punta prima and you cant miss it,inside is quaint and clean. hope this isnt too late chasinspain

netball 1347788412

Thanks Artist, I've never been a Facebook fan so I'll give that one a miss

Chasinspain..Many thanks I'll definately give Asturias a try during my stay. . Thanks to you both for your assistance

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