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does anyone know where I can buy organic milk, cheese, & yogurt in the Elche or Alicante area? My local Mercadona Supermarket here in Santa Pola doesn't have any organic milk produce...

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Hi, does anybody run a small kitchen in Costa Blanca? If so, did you have to attend any courses on food safety / hygiene / health and safety before opening, and if so, where did these take place? Any information would be most helpful - thank you.

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Hi, does anyone know of any Asian Foodstores on the Costa Blanca

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Hi, someone told me about a supermarkt near Benidorm where you can for example teas, spices etc. Unfortunately I've forgot the name of this supermarkt.Can someone help me to find it ???Thanks

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Does anyone out there, know where I can find a Kosher restaraunt in the Alicante / Torrevieja area??

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Can anyone recommend a restaurant serving Spanish lunch (menu del dia is fine) around Javea? doesn't have to be near the beach.

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My partner is thinking about starting a little business and I was wondering if people thought it might be something they may be interested in... She is thinking about offering cooking classes for any food the client wants in a couple of different ways: We're thinking of offering it as a 'Ann Summers' type party where the host gets their friends round to their house and she shows them all how to cook a couple of dishes of their choice then leaves them to eat it. And/or, she goes to a customers house and shows them how to cook a meal in front of them so they can do it for themselves in the future (a personal Delia!). And/or she provides a day course for a party of people where she can show them how to cook as many dishes as possible. Do you think that is something that you may be intersted in? Maybe as an alternative to eating out? After all, being cooked for in the comfort of your own home and sitting down to eat it in front of the telly isn't a bad idea. A sort of healty take away... All feedback welcome good or bad (even if it's just a "I'd use it occasionally" or "I'd not use it, ever") just so we can gauge if it's a worthwhile idea. Thanks in advance. Dan.

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Hi, Does anyone else find the cost of food in supermarkets here high? Is it just becasue there is not too much competition. We found this even before the sterling:euro ex rate changed. In fact, it seems that the price of most things (clothes, electrical equipment etc) is high too. Thanks

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Does anyone know the website address for this restaurant or the opening times? It might have changed its name. Thanks

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Need to get my daughter a birthday cake but as some of her friends are Spanish, I'd like to go for something traditional in Spain. Does anyone know what the Spanish kids have as a birthday cake and where would I get my hands on something?

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Hello, can anyone tell me if the car park at Cumbre del sol by the beach has been repaired and if the bar is back there yet, Cheers, Colin.

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Does anyone know if you can you buy decent vegetarian food products locally? I know I can get great fruit and vegetables in the local supermarket (the bananas are a bit poor though). But it's important to get a decent balanced diet, and while I love cooking sometimes I just don't have the time to soak beans or whatever else. In Australia or London it's easy to just go into a supermarket and buy ready made vegetarian meals. Is there anything like that available here?

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I currently operate 14 stores throughout Cyprus retailing UK branded frozen foods & Uk branded dry products (foods, detergents, toiletries, haircare etc). Our business is very successful here in Cyprus due to our prices which in the main are the cheapest on the island. We are considering replicating this in the Benidorm, Alicante, Altea and Calpe Areas and would be interested on some feedback from residents in those areas. I look forward to receiving forum members coments.

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Hi all, A group of girls are coming to Moraira in May and was wondering if anyone had any good cheap and cheerful restaurant recommendations? Or ideas on things to do? Although prob just chill by pool and do nothing!! Thanks in advance!

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Hi have been here for a year and still desparate for real ale have considered brewing my own and if successful for others as well, does anyone have any experience or advice. am in a position to part finance but the more the merrier!! all info or help appreciated thanks

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Hi, can anyone tell me where Iceland is in Benissa. Thanks.

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Can anyone recommend where to go for a great Christmas Day Dinner and a great New Years Eve? And for that matter a good Christmas Eve too! We will be in La Sella so Denia/Javea region is most convenient - would like a bit of an atmosphere and will be just 3 - 2 parents and an 11 year old daughter. Any and all recommendations will be much appreciated and of course I don't mind being contacted if you are a restaurant owner with an event make me aware of!! Thansks!

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Will be arriving at Daya Vieja early afternoon in Jan after 2 day drive from France. We will be tired and are strangers to this area. Anyone know of a nice restaurant that is close by.

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AngloINFO has over 160 INFOrmation pages that are regularly updated. This month AngloINFO have: Added new INFOrmation Page, Spanish Wines - Find out about the different Spanish wines; their classifications, different grape varieties and the regional specialities including Cava and Vino de Jerez. Updated INFOrmation Page, Foods of Spain - An introduction to the typical Spanish foods, from tapas and paella to the famous Spanish produce including olive oil, chorizo and serrano ham.

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just moved to the Rojales/Formentera areacan anybody reccomend any good restaurants and places to go ?chinese, indian, spanish, mexican etcthanks

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