started by: Evie-591346 · last update: 1285753728 · posted: 1285753728

Can anyone please tell me whether there are any wine clubs I could join? Anywhere south of Torrevieja will do. Evie.

started by: Kieran-591006 · last update: 1280916885 · posted: 1279634983

Can anyone recommend some restaurants in Guardamar? We have just recently moved to the area so don't know our way around yet.

started by: jackinspain2009 · last update: 1278957397 · posted: 1278533881

Any one know where one can buy home made cakes including custard slices etc?

started by: pinkbird · last update: 1278543579 · posted: 1264585677

Where is your favourite tapas bar?

started by: sugarplum-589687 · last update: 1277567236 · posted: 1277493351

I have a friend with a really sweet tooth and I want to buy them a big bag of UK sweets for their birthday, where is the best place to go to buy these?

started by: sugarplum-589687 · last update: 1275676473 · posted: 1275515175

Can anyone suggest some spanish cheeses to try as when i'm in the supermarket I usually end up buying edam because i don't know what anything else is!

started by: Vanessa & Mike-588369 · last update: 1273250369 · posted: 1273250369

I live in benitachell and would like to buy some liquid smoke for a rib sauce, anyone any idea where I can get it, Thanks Vanessa

started by: pandabear-589609 · last update: 1273220456 · posted: 1273068174

Anyone got any good recipes to use up loads of courgettes?

started by: gunit_soldier-581339 · last update: 1273068522 · posted: 1273068522

Just wanted to tell you all about the lovely cakes I tried at Cafeteria Ezekiel in Rojales. Really delicious and its a lovely little cafe, well worth trying for your morning coffee!

started by: pandabear-589609 · last update: 1272980368 · posted: 1269384583

I have seen leche de almendras in jars in the shop- but whats it for?

started by: jennybuttons · last update: 1272535209 · posted: 1272473654

Has anyone seen these for sale anywhere? My friends and I were reminiscing about yummy vegi junk food and we really miss these!

started by: gunit_soldier-581339 · last update: 1272272479 · posted: 1272149820

Anyone know why everything is on sale at Intermarche in Rojales. Says something about Liquidation on the posters.

started by: Vanessa & Mike-588369 · last update: 1268933571 · posted: 1268667068

We live in Benitachell, is there anywhere we can buy this? thanks

started by: girlfriday-581773 · last update: 1268829153 · posted: 1263385003

Just wanted to recommend a restaurant we tried in Guardamar the other night- its called Pap's and specialises in Argentinian food- really good quality and service.

started by: eaglet-581427 · last update: 1268740599 · posted: 1253116606

Hi, We've all heard of the 'Wok - all you can eat' style Chinese restaurants. Do any of you know of any Indian restaurants in the Quesada ( maybe further afield) that does this style of menu/eating out??? Cheers

started by: chris123-585915 · last update: 1268340587 · posted: 1268144283

I live near Benidorm and want to make something using the above ingredients, does anyone know where I can get them? I have tried Expats in Villajoyosa and Iceland Benissa, no luck! I think possibly a health food store may stock it, but where?

started by: amyolive · last update: 1264669696 · posted: 1264669696

We seem to always fancy fish and chips when the fish and chip shop in quesada is shut anyone know the opening hours?

started by: Banik · last update: 1263749947 · posted: 1237481741

I'm just wondering how many pubs or restaurants offering English style meals, and is the quality close to its old tradition??Jirka L.

started by: jscpch-588500 · last update: 1262604229 · posted: 1262601458

Can anyone please suggest any nice restaurants in the Moraira/Benissa/Teulada area? Last winter we found many near the Montgo/Pedreguer/Javea area where we could enjoy a decent Menu del Dia three course meal with half a bottle of wine per person for between 8.50 and 9.95 euros. So far, not found anything similar in Moraira or surrounding area but we are sure there must be some. Prefer typical Spanish family type places rather than 'Roast & Spuds'. Would be grateful for some suggestions, if possible, with directions or addresses. Many thanks.

started by: amyolive · last update: 1259229889 · posted: 1259137232

Where is the best place to buy jamon this year? I have seen some offers in Carrefour but wondered if any had aught anyone elses eye?

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