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Beware Kev the mobile mechanic Torrevieja. I had a intermittent starting problem with my car, so i called this chap (See business card below). He charged me 20 euros for the call out and said he wasn't sure what the problem was. He then said he would come back the next morning with his friend's diagnostic machine to see if that could tell him what the problem was. He eventually turned up late afternoon and plugged in his diagnostic machine. The machine told him it was the fuel sensor. A couple of days later he came and took the car away and changed the fuel sensor . The car worked fine for 3 days until we had a rain shower and then the original fault started up again. I called him and he said don't worry he always guarantees his work. Two days later he eventually turned up and had another look, only to say he that he would have to come back with his diagnostic machine. After avoiding my numerous calls and texts for 2 days, he eventually answered and said he had damaged his back, doing a stunt for a film movie that they had made him repeat fifteen times(Really). He then said he was in a wheelchair and would not be able to fix my car for about a week. He then added, oh make it 2 weeks because im also flying back to England for a week (yeah right, in his wheelchair?). I told him not to bother and asked him for half my money back, otherwise i would post my view of him, on the local forum. So here i am, Beware.

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Hola everyone:).Planning to buy a property in Denia this year.Trying to choose the best Estate Agency.Thinking of Spain 4 u.Has anyone had any experience with them?Will be grateful for any informations.Regards

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Hi all Im looking for work, I'm 45 years old. With a family, I been going to Spain since I was 8 years old, I 100% want to live in Spain, I need to work, 27YEARS EXPERIENCE WORKING ON NEW BUILDS RENOVATION WORK SHOPS.BARS RESTRAINTS, I HAVE FIRST AID, SSSTS, DIGGER LICENCE,, MY SPANISH IS NOT GREAT BUT CAN LEARN FAST, THANKS RICHARD 

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Looking for Long Term let preferable detached property or large flat for retired couple min two bed with private parking and pool or access to pool. ALBIR / ALTEA area from March / April onwards. Payment in Euros or pounds whatever you wish.

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Delighted to say that our house in Brittany has been sold and we will be en route 23rd October.Wonder if anyone can recommend a removal firm?     We will need to put things in storage until we find a place to buy, not bringing much but will probably need a Luton van, quite a lot of boxes.Thanks to anyone who takes the time to reply.

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Any one got any details about this service? Is it to be available via satellite?

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Please sign using link below, you will then need to "confirm" from the email in your inbox, thanks - https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/200088

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What are those floating rings (or they look like floating rings when viewed from up high at the castle anyway) out in the sea off the coast of Guardamar del Segura?

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We are looking for a holiday let for 2 / 3 weeks incorporating Christmas and possibly New Year   or New Year and into January we are flexible on this.   We have 4 well behaved dogs which we would like to bring and would therefore like a garden of some sort and not an apartment.    We have relatives in Benijofar so any place that is within 1/2 hour drive from there would suit/   We would like internet and if possible english tv/ If anyone has or knows of a place that is available could these please contact me  Thank you.    

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Worried about Brexit? What does it mean for you? What can be done to influence the outcome?Come to our meeting, to hear from the British Vice-Consul, two British academics (the meeting organisers), and speakers from two campaign groups: Bremain in Spain and Europats. Join in debate, have your say about your future and enjoy a light lunch.  Location: Universidad de Miguel Hernandez, Elche: ARENALES Building, Aula 0.2.Wednesday 26 April: 1030-1330, followed by lunch. All welcomeTo view full programme and sign up: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/brits-beyond-brexit-tickets-33587351673

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I am looking to purchase a Static Caravan in Spain to site onto my land in the Alicante region.Too expensive to export one.If you have or know of any for sale could you please contact me.Many thanks

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we are a retired couple in our early 60's with a 5 year old well behaved dog , we are looking to rent close to or in Calpe from 1st Jan - 31 March ,preferably 2 bedroom but not written in stone, also internet would be a big bonus but there again it wouldn,t put us off if none.if you have a property that may suot us please send message with details and all costings that would be expected. kind regards 

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Is there a regular English-speaking Christian church service in the Quesada area?

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Hi all,From personal experience only, can anyone here recommend a good, professional air conditioning installer, who does a good job, for a fair price please?Chris.

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British Consulate Press ReleaseOne year after signing an agreement with the British Embassy, the Red Cross has taken fresh steps to get English speaking charities to work more closely with their local groups and to encourage more English speakers to volunteer. The British Consulate, along with Pedro Dominguez, newly hired by the Red Cross as European residents’ coordinator, held meetings in Calpe and Torrevieja to allow the Red Cross local groups to get to know their English speaking counterparts. They were keen to collaborate and were unanimous in what their main need was – more volunteers. The different groups also discussed how to get more vulnerable British nationals to use teleasistencia, the Red Cross “panic alarm” service which allows at risk people to continue living independently as they can call for help whenever needed. Many British nationals don’t realise that the Red Cross offers this service in English and that it isn’t just a case of pressing the emergency button – volunteers will also carry out regular welfare checks so the user doesn’t become isolated. Following the meeting, British Vice Consul in Alicante, Sara Munsterhjelm said: “A year from signing the agreement to work more closely with the Red Cross, it is fantastic that they have now employed a full time English speaking member of staff to work with European residents. The benefits to the Red Cross and the English speaking charities from working together are clear – the charities can benefit from the Red Cross’ knowledge and infrastructure, and the English speaking charities can help the Red Cross reach vulnerable British nationals and give support with fundraising.” Pedro took note of all the ideas that came up in the meeting, especially the cry for more volunteers. He said “I’m excited about this new role and can’t wait to get on the road to work with all the different associations. I would encourage anyone who is thinking about volunteering to get in touch with the Red Cross or any one of the English speaking charities. It’s a great way to get involved and to integrate into the local community”

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British Consulate Press ReleaseAt open meetings in Jávea and Teulada this week, British Consul Sarah-Jane Morris encouraged British nationals to register locally with the Spanish authorities and asked them to only go to official sources for information on the implications of the recent EU referendum. With almost one fifth of local residents British, Jávea ranks in the top ten towns in Alicante for British residents.   Nearby Teulada also has a considerable British population. At the well-attended meetings, the Consul was keen to stress the need to register locally.   Sarah-Jane said, “We are feeding back statistics on how many British nationals are living in Spain so the UK government takes you into account when planning our exit from the EU. The only figures we have are provided by the Spanish authorities – those on the padrón and those with residencia.  It's therefore crucial that you are registered locally so that we can effectively represent you in this process.” The Consul suggested that those having trouble registering could request the services of a local gestor administrativo, or legal secretary, which are commonly used in Spain to assist with paperwork.  In Jávea, Doris Courcelles, councillor for EU residents, said that local residents could visit her for help in registering with the town hall. Sarah-Jane reassured attendees that British people both living in and visiting Spain are a high priority in the information being fed back to London.  She strongly advised Brits to check updates on the exit situation from official sources, and avoid rumours, highlighting the dedicated UK government webpage, which is www.gov.uk/guidance/advice-for-british-nationals-travelling-and-living-in-europe Updates and further information will also be published on the official 'BritsinSpain' Facebook page. Sarah-Jane was accompanied by Martyn Standing from the healthcare team, who responded to questions on how to access healthcare, reiterating the Consul's message that, as yet, nothing has changed: British nationals still enjoy the same rights as before the EU Referendum.  Martyn encouraged residents to check the healthcare website for official information on healthcare provision available for British nationals, which is available at the following link: www.healthcareinspain.eu

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Good AfternoonMy name is Hannah Smith and I am an officer for the National Crime Agency.  You may have seen in the Spanish press or on Social media channels that we have launched an operation focused at finding fugitives who have fled England and could have possibly settled within Spain.We are reaching out to your community to ask for your help, whether you have any info or if you can share our content?Our NCA_UK twitter account has a lot of information on this operation, as does our Facebook account and anything you could share to your networks would be greatly appreciated.Here is the link to the full story - Op CapturaThank you 

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Hi allI'm new to the area.  Are there are local clubs / activities that I could look into joining, please?Thanks

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British Embassy Press ReleaseThe government today published detailed plans on how it will deliver its commitment to allow all expats to vote in parliamentary electionsThe Minister for the Constitution, Chris Skidmore, announced the policy statement which sets out how the government will remove the current 15-year time limit on British citizens who live abroad registering as overseas electors.The changes would give all eligible British citizens who have lived in the UK a lifelong right to vote in parliamentary elections. It would mean all eligible overseas electors are able to register to vote quickly and easily, while maintaining the integrity of the electoral register and guarding against fraud.Chris Skidmore, Minister for the Constitution, said:“This statement shows how we will introduce ‘votes for life’, scrapping the 15-year rule. British citizens who move abroad remain a part of our democracy and it is important they have the ability to participate. Following the British people’s decision to leave the EU, we now need to strengthen ties with countries around the world and show the UK is an outward-facing nation. Our expat community has an important role to play in helping Britain expand international trade, especially given two-thirds of expats live outside the EU.“Expats retain strong links with the United Kingdom: they may have family here, and indeed they may plan to return here in the future. Modern technology and cheaper air travel has transformed the ability of expats to keep in touch with their home country.”This proposed policy is the latest in a series of measures to make it easier for overseas voters to take part in British democracy. During the last Parliament, the government introduced online voter registration, making it quick, easy and secure to register anywhere in the world. The government also took steps to extend the electoral timetable for postal ballots to be issued earlier to ensure that as many electors as possible can participate in their democracy.Read the policy statement on ‘A democracy that works for everyone: British citizens overseas’.

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