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Daniel H



Any one got any details about this service? Is it to be available via satellite?

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Bill 1507558393

The service is a version of Sky's Now TV service that is available in the UK and in certain European countries but specifically targeting the Spanish market - see this link Sky Espana

They also have a Facebook and Twitter account predominantly in the Spanish language.

The availability will be through a Spanish version of the Now TV box, as well as apps available on Android, IOS and some set top boxes and TVs.

It is a legal way to receive some Sky services in Spain but without sports or movies as Spanish companies have the local rights to broadcast these.

More information in English is available here

Daniel H 1507570360

Thanks for the reply Bill.

It's a shame that it doesn't carry the football. Just seems to be Spanish language programming too. Maybe users will be able to switch to the VO soundtrack though, on UK and US shows.

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