Torrevieja (Rocio del Mar) Activities

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Hi allI'm new to the area.  Are there are local clubs / activities that I could look into joining, please?Thanks

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Inca1976-407965 1476355968

did you get any replies??? Here for 2 months and also interested in clubs etc.  In france anglo info is great - but seems a very unused site here. ! 

Daniel H 1476441929

What sort of things do you like doing?

Donna-Fuller-871438 1476964905

Hi Daniel

Thanks for the reply.  As I said, I'm new to the Punta Prima area and looking to meet new people.  Social clubs, excursions, nights out, volunteering etc would be of interest.

And yes, Inca1976, this site is very unused over here.  My friend used it extensively when she moved to Southern France and it was a great help!

Daniel H 1477040430

Hi Donna

Not sure of your age but the U3A have a coffee morning on the third Thursday of each month at the Asturias Restaurant in Punta Prima.

That would be a good opportunity to meet people and find out about some of the activities and clubs that they run there.

Donna-Fuller-871438 1477130178

Thanks Daniel, that's great!

I really appreciate the information :) 

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