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British Consulate Press ReleaseAt open meetings in Jávea and Teulada this week, British Consul Sarah-Jane Morris encouraged British nationals to register locally with the Spanish authorities and asked them to only go to official sources for information on the implications of the recent EU referendum. With almost one fifth of local residents British, Jávea ranks in the top ten towns in Alicante for British residents.   Nearby Teulada also has a considerable British population. At the well-attended meetings, the Consul was keen to stress the need to register locally.   Sarah-Jane said, “We are feeding back statistics on how many British nationals are living in Spain so the UK government takes you into account when planning our exit from the EU. The only figures we have are provided by the Spanish authorities – those on the padrón and those with residencia.  It's therefore crucial that you are registered locally so that we can effectively represent you in this process.” The Consul suggested that those having trouble registering could request the services of a local gestor administrativo, or legal secretary, which are commonly used in Spain to assist with paperwork.  In Jávea, Doris Courcelles, councillor for EU residents, said that local residents could visit her for help in registering with the town hall. Sarah-Jane reassured attendees that British people both living in and visiting Spain are a high priority in the information being fed back to London.  She strongly advised Brits to check updates on the exit situation from official sources, and avoid rumours, highlighting the dedicated UK government webpage, which is www.gov.uk/guidance/advice-for-british-nationals-travelling-and-living-in-europe Updates and further information will also be published on the official 'BritsinSpain' Facebook page. Sarah-Jane was accompanied by Martyn Standing from the healthcare team, who responded to questions on how to access healthcare, reiterating the Consul's message that, as yet, nothing has changed: British nationals still enjoy the same rights as before the EU Referendum.  Martyn encouraged residents to check the healthcare website for official information on healthcare provision available for British nationals, which is available at the following link: www.healthcareinspain.eu

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Good AfternoonMy name is Hannah Smith and I am an officer for the National Crime Agency.  You may have seen in the Spanish press or on Social media channels that we have launched an operation focused at finding fugitives who have fled England and could have possibly settled within Spain.We are reaching out to your community to ask for your help, whether you have any info or if you can share our content?Our NCA_UK twitter account has a lot of information on this operation, as does our Facebook account and anything you could share to your networks would be greatly appreciated.Here is the link to the full story - Op CapturaThank you 

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Hi allI'm new to the area.  Are there are local clubs / activities that I could look into joining, please?Thanks

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British Embassy Press ReleaseThe government today published detailed plans on how it will deliver its commitment to allow all expats to vote in parliamentary electionsThe Minister for the Constitution, Chris Skidmore, announced the policy statement which sets out how the government will remove the current 15-year time limit on British citizens who live abroad registering as overseas electors.The changes would give all eligible British citizens who have lived in the UK a lifelong right to vote in parliamentary elections. It would mean all eligible overseas electors are able to register to vote quickly and easily, while maintaining the integrity of the electoral register and guarding against fraud.Chris Skidmore, Minister for the Constitution, said:“This statement shows how we will introduce ‘votes for life’, scrapping the 15-year rule. British citizens who move abroad remain a part of our democracy and it is important they have the ability to participate. Following the British people’s decision to leave the EU, we now need to strengthen ties with countries around the world and show the UK is an outward-facing nation. Our expat community has an important role to play in helping Britain expand international trade, especially given two-thirds of expats live outside the EU.“Expats retain strong links with the United Kingdom: they may have family here, and indeed they may plan to return here in the future. Modern technology and cheaper air travel has transformed the ability of expats to keep in touch with their home country.”This proposed policy is the latest in a series of measures to make it easier for overseas voters to take part in British democracy. During the last Parliament, the government introduced online voter registration, making it quick, easy and secure to register anywhere in the world. The government also took steps to extend the electoral timetable for postal ballots to be issued earlier to ensure that as many electors as possible can participate in their democracy.Read the policy statement on ‘A democracy that works for everyone: British citizens overseas’.

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Hi everyone, hope you can help ?  What is the problem with this area, as it seems there are an awful lot of properties for sale, is it because there is nothing to do out there in winter ? Or maybe you know better ?  Thanks in advance for your answers

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Any advice from people living In Macisvenda or surrounding areas inland would be appreciated.   Our concern over buying there is are there loads of barking dogs?

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Good morning all!I am driving by van to Alicante in October/November and was wondering which is the best route to come from Bilbao (Google maps is showing 2)TIAChrissie

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My views got thrashed in a conversation for claiming Global warming to be real.Scientists who say it's real base most of their evidence on the interpretation of the change in the levels of gases in the atmosphere and the ocean. The actual warming of temperature is something they say they can document, but the primary evidence is drawn from detecting what precedes a temperature rise – the change, and effect of atmospheric gases on the Earth’s environment.I chanced upon few global warming essays and research papers and it's no hoax. There's a rise in sea level, ocean temperatures, Earth's average temperature, Ocean Acidification and shrinking glaciers that cannot be denied.

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Anyone know where I might be able to buy batting and foam for a small re-upholstering job? Elche / Torrevieja area por favor...

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Looking for a unfurnished long term let in Calpe. min 2 beds

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Hi ThereMy Husband and I are seeking a dog friendly villa/apartment/bungalow for mid Jan to mid Feb 2017.  It's for the two of us and our two older little dogs who are fully house trained and no trouble at all.  We like Altea and Albir but would consider any area that is walking distance to bars/restaurants and the beach.  Please drop me an email with any pics, details and price.  Many ThanksJustine and Steve

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Hi, Going to the above and staying at the Hotel Lido at the end of the month. Any tips on parking/bars, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance,Cheers

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Those missing the cricket this summer can listen live here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YY1eFrbEp54

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I'm looking for a short-term rental for 2 people from the end of August for 3 - 4 months while we look for a place to buy. Anywhere along the Costa Blanca will be considered. Pool, gym, helipad not necessary; just the basics. We have a well behaved 14 year old Border Collie too. 

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British Consulate News ReleaseIn a meeting on Tuesday (19 July),  local British residents had the chance to put their concerns about the outcome of the recent EU referendum to the Deputy Ambassador, Tim Hemmings, and Consul for Alicante, Sarah-Jane Morris. The British Embassy representatives promised to keep them up to date with developments concerning the UK’s exit from the European Union. The meeting discussed the practical implications of the referendum outcome, and was hosted by the provincial government of Alicante. Local government officials, hoteliers and legal specialists spoke to the recently appointed Mr Hemmings about the key issues facing British nationals in Spain after the EU membership referendum. The meeting also heard the views of representatives from local English speaking associations. Tim Hemmings reassured British residents that they would “not experience any immediate changes in their circumstances”. Recognising the high number of Brits living in the Valencia region, he explained that the rights of both British and Spanish citizens to live, work and study in each other’s countries had not changed, and the UK would remain a full member of the EU until exit negotiations were completed. The Deputy Ambassador emphasised the strong trade and investment links between the UK and Spain, and said that the UK’s relationship with Spain would remain close after the UK’s exit from the EU. Alicante Consul Sarah-Jane Morris added, “We are committed to listening to the concerns of British nationals in Spain, following the referendum.  It is also important that we keep British nationals up-to-date with any changes as we negotiate our exit from the EU”.  More information on what the EU referendum means for British nationals travelling and living in Europe is available on the UK government website at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/advice-for-british-nationals-travelling-and-living-in-europe 

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Government launches new webpage aimed at British expats, following Referendum resultBritish nationals looking for advice on travelling and living in Europe, following the result of the EU referendum, can now visit a new webpage on the UK government website at www.gov.uk.  The webpage explains that negotiations for the United Kingdom to leave the EU may take up to two years or more. The government will negotiate new arrangements with the EU including on issues affecting British expats and travellers. The government also wants the legal rights of British nationals living in European countries, as well as EU nationals in the UK, to be properly protected. Until then there will be no immediate changes. During the period of the negotiations, the UK remains a full member of the EU, entitled to all the benefits and obligations of membership.   The webpage includes information on passports, pensions, healthcare, and also has a link to some general information on applying for dual citizenship.

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Hi,Staying at hotel Los Narejos in Los Alcazares. I know the hotel has no parking. I was wondering if anyone knew the area and can tell me if there is lot's of parking close by the hotel? Cheers

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We've had many enquiries since the Brexit referendum about how to get Spanish citizenship so we thought we'd point out our recently  updated How To on just that topic: https://www.angloinfo.com/costa-blanca/how-to/page/costa-blanca-moving-residency-spanish-citizenshipThanks,Madge

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