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Statement on return of postal votes for overseas voters at the EU Referendum Postal votes being returned by overseas voters for the EU Referendum use the International Business Reply Service (IBRS). This service is commonly used for international mail and does not require any additional postage to be affixed. We are aware that a very small number of voters may have been incorrectly informed that the postal service in a handful of locations in Europe cannot accept IBRS items.  Royal Mail has confirmed that IBRS is accepted across all international posts. It is working closely with postal operators to ensure acceptance of postal votes. Voters are advised that once a ballot is in the postal system (i.e. if it has been posted into a post box) it will be processed.  Overseas voters should not delay in returning their ballot pack to the UK in order for it to arrive by close of polls at 10pm, 23 June.

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:) I have another question.  I am not a pensioner, and I am not working at the moment.  How do I obtain la tarjeta sanitaria?  I live here, however, I am not a resident.  I have the white certificate with my NIE and a social security number, but no healthcare.  Is there anyway that I can get it without being autonoma, working, or being a pensioner?  Thanks again.  I keep getting different replies from people, so I am not sure, as the law keeps changing as well.

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We are a mature couple living in Pitou Charente, we are looking for a winter let in Torrox Costa only 1 bedroom required but wifi is a must for us. Thanks in advance for any replies.

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Hello everyone, I may be given a job in a company on a monthly renewable contract. What does that entail exactly? Can I apply for la tarjeta sanitaria once they give me the first contract?  Thank you 

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Hi, My Mum and Dad, Bill and Rosemary Leitch, have now moved to Ciudad Patricia, Retirement resort after a happy trouble free 26 years living in Pueblo Bravo, Quesada.They are both in their 80's, Dad 87 and have not had a single legal or other problem etc in all this time . They and all of our family who also regularly enjoy visits would recommend anyone to retire in Spain and don't listen to all the doom and gloom you sometimes hear. I can honestly say that it was the best thing they ever did with the quality of life living in such a great climate.

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How much does it cost to hire a skip? I'm thinking of one of those that they have on the sides of the road all over the place.

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Think this forum (discussions??) is missing a few major headers. Where is TV & Telecommunications?    Most people one of the first things they ask for when coming to Spain is the TV, phone / internet??

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advice please re packages or companies

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Hi we are thinking of moving to Spain, inland Alicante, and buying a piece of land where we can site a log cabin.  Does anyone have any expirience of doing this themselves?  Is the planning permission the same as building a house, can we put in a pool?  Also if we were unable to conect to mains electricity what would the cost of a decent solar system be?Ohh yes and on a lighter note, who is Lord Wayne?Thanks  Myfanwy

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Hello We are moving to the Pedreguer area in the next couple of weeks and I just wondered if anyone knew the best home WiFi available without having a fixed landline. Also can anyone recommend any good dog walking in the immediate area. Thank you

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I am travelling to Costa Blanca in my campervan to look around the area with the hope of finding an area where we will buy a house. But for now I would appreaciate some help in finding a suitable campsite. I would like to stay in north costa Blanca. I have 2 well behaved dogs. I need WiFi and I don't want to pay premium holiday rates, the cheaper the better. Any help will be most appreciated.

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I have always dreamed of living in the sun. I am now 60ys old and think it is about time to make that move. I have the delemma as to buy or to rent. Lots of people have advised me to rent for a year to see if is really what I want. I suffer with Raynards it is nothing serious just bad circulation and it is horrible in the cold. I am fit and can easily walk ten miles and road cycle in England weather permitting. lol Would idealy like somwhere quiet but not desolate if you know what I mean. Not a holiday complex. I was looking in the Murcia or Santa Pola area. What sort of rent should I expect if renting for a year. And where will I find the best vacancies. It is a big decision and would appreciate some idea's.   Dianne Lewis  

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I am in the retirement industry and have the oportunity to take on and also wanting to operate one or more English run sheltered accommodation/care homes in the Costa Blanca area should there be enough call for such accommodation. I am looking for feed back so here is your chance to comment. The places available will have apartments for independent persons and rooms for dependant persons at resonable prices and affordable either rental or life lease. Thanking you in anticipation.

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Any advice please, we need to send a parcel back to Uk urgently, less than 10kg and approx  45cm x 30cm any ideas on quickest way please.

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Hello I am trying to contact Jill Carr who I believe worked for Superbeam TV sales at Torrevieja. Anybody have an address Many thanks Sally

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HI, All, we are being plagued in out apt. block by non catholic religious groups getting in to or building! I had to escort the to ladies out to- day. Is there a translation in spanish for "No Cold Callers! Dave.

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Hi folks We have our house here in France on the market, with a view to moving permanently to Spain. We haven't quite decided on the area yet. We were in Mojacar for 3 weeks in Jan, which we liked as it seemed to be an active area, but don't think we will be able to get the size of house we want there. We have visited Mazarron a couple of times as we have friends there, and liked that too.  But we have been looking too at estate agents with properties in the Gandia area.  So - who lives there?  What is it like as an expat?  Are there lots of social activites, clubs, groups - keep fit/dancing/aerobics/zumba/singing/walking/lunch club.......  I speak some (rusty) Spanish but would like to be able to meet English speakers of any nationality, especially as my other half is useless at languages! Is there any area to be avoided (eg nr Mojacar there's a town known for its pig farms, and therefore pongy air)?  Areas where it's very quiet?  I know it's best to rent in an area first but we may not be able to do that for practical reasons.  Thanks kin advance for any advice.

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British Embassy launches expat awareness campaign If you have been on the electoral roll in the UK within the last 15 years then you can register to vote in the referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union.   The British Ambassador Simon Manley this week launched a major campaign to make expats aware that they may be eligible to have their say in the EU referendum – provided they register to vote in good time.  Speaking at a meeting with representatives of the expat community to launch the registration campaign, Mr Manley said:  “Interest among expats in the EU referendum is high, but awareness that you may be able to vote is low. We want as many expats as possible to be aware that they can have their say.  “You can register to vote in a few minutes via the government website www.gov.uk - and do encourage your friends, family and colleagues to do the same.”  The British Embassy in Madrid is backing a global campaign by the Electoral Commission to encourage Britons who live overseas to register to vote.  Some 283,000 Britons are registered on the padrón as resident in Spain, but just 11,000 are registered to vote in the UK. So the vast majority of expats will miss out on having their say in the referendum – unless they take a few simple steps.   To register as an overseas voter, you must have been registered in a UK constituency within the last 15 years. All you have to do is visit www.gov.uk/register-to-vote with your passport details and National Insurance number to hand, and the postcode of where you last lived in the UK.  You can choose how you want to vote: by post, by proxy (voting by appointing someone you trust to vote on your behalf), or even in person if by chance you will be in your UK local authority area on polling day.  All it takes is five minutes to register. And because overseas voters must allow enough time for their ballot paper to be posted from the UK, you should do it now rather than wait for the final deadline, at which point it may be too late to use a postal vote effectively.  Postal ballot papers will be despatched about a month ahead of the referendum - earlier than for the General Election last year - giving overseas voters more time to receive, complete, and return their ballot pack to the UK.  The Embassy is urging Brits to pass on the register to vote message via its ‘Brits living in Spain’ accounts on Facebook and Twitter, the expat media and a wide range of partners that work with the British Consulates in Spain.  If you are active on Twitter then do tell others that #YourVoteMatters and add the URL http://bit.ly/1RGrh5H so that they can register too.  Go to www.gov.uk/register-to-vote and make sure you can have your say.

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Hello, Has anyone recently had their driveways 'resin bonded', or paved in the Almoradi, Catral area. I'm looking for a reliable company to give me a quote. Thank you.

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Hi There Me, my husband and our two little dogs are planning to drive down to the Albea/Altea area in the next couple of weeks.  We are looking for acommodation that would allow the dogs to stay, We would be staying for up to two weeks. We are looking for something that can accomodate us all, the dogs are fully housetrained, very small and no trouble with yapping etc. We are happy with basic accomodation so if you are able to help please to drop me a line with details of what you have to offer and your charges. Thanks very much Justine Greenland    

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