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http://www.actin-spain.com/dogs-locked-in-a-container/  A small charity is trying to rescue a number of dogs locked in a metal container in the Valencia area. It's amazing they are still alive, the temperature touched 44 last week.   Please help by signing the petition and passing on to everyone you can think of who would sign too (actually, who wouldn't?)   http://www.thepetitionsite.com/958/431/466/free-the-hunting-dogs-locked-in-a-metal-container-in-the-spanish-heat/

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it seems the classifiedsare now being taken over by adverts for car sales

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Good morning, 1)    With 30 cubic meters to bring down from Niort - 79 (France)  to Altea - 03590 (Spain) I am looking at all the possible options : lorry share, additional trailer........ Have you already organised your removal transport from UK to East coast of Spain ? Are you considering / studying the solutions ?Do you know someone who has  done it / is doing it ? Can you advise who to use ?Can you advise who not to use ? 2)   For rental purposes,   I am also looking for a 15 to 20 sq.m. dry, safe & totally secure, with light storage, accessible by lorry, room/garage (for furniture & personal effects) , in a 10 mile radius from Altea/Calpe . ( not from a self storage company ) With grateful anticipated thanks I look forward to replies, Cordialement Avionna

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Hi Can anyone recommend someone who gasses  air con units, many thanks daynesinspain@hotmail.com 962851003

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House for sale? Wishing to Go Back to the UK? Want to return "home"? Many have taken the leap to move to France and Spain but now want to return for numerous reasons. Speak with like-minded people and share informative posts on Going Back to the UK. What people are saying about us: "Going Back to the UK is perfect for anyone planning to sell up and go back to the UK. The information given just about covers everything an expat needs to know but also about going back and getting back into the British way of doing things" "This is a fantastic group. The members are so supportive of each other and an abundance of information is available for those who wish to go back to the UK. Highly recommended". "Brilliant group, made many new friends and received lots of useful advice and information from various discussions on line. Really useful to those thinking of returning home.  Great support offered from a friendly bunch of like-minded people" https://www.facebook.com/groups/GoingBackToTheUK/

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Hi. We are thinking of moving to the Costa Blanca from France, so I have researched the regulations about residency, driving licences, etc. and quite honestly we are horrified and a bit daunted by all the hoops we would have to jump through just to buy a house and drive a car! Sign a '' foreigner's register ''? Obtain a registration number before buying a house? Spanish Bank charges? Have an obligatory medical and take a driving test to change to a Spanish driving licence within 6 months? As for registering the car - I daren't look! We would like to buy a villa or house just a little inland, about 15 mins from the beach, plus an apartment to rent out, all not too far from the airport. Can anyone soothe our troubled brows and reassure us that actually it's easier than it looks?

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Can anyone give their opinion and experience on the fastest satallite internet?  We will be living in the Sierra Cortina area between finistrat and terra mitica. Thanks, -kyle

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Please could someone tell me if it is possible to rent a villa or townhouse furnished for a couple with a medium sized dog.  is it like in the Uk where you just have to pay a larger deposit.  Also do some landlords allow dogs.  Many thankd  

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Hi I wonder if there are any Belgian or Dutch (or english of course) who likes to play Rikken or Weizen?.My Belgian wife and I enjoy playing cards (also Canasta ) and are looking to play a social game of cards on a semi-regular basis. It would be best that anyone should live within a reasonable distance of our home town of Moraira, just to meet up for a game now and again. If you are interested then respond to us through here. Regards - Tony and Nelly  

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Hi, will be new to the area soon.  I have a holiday flat located in Villa Martin and would like to know of any holiday home changeover services you would recommend in this area please.  Thank you.

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hello I was just curious to find out if there were and Canadians on this site living in the Costa Blanca. I have recently bought a second home here and will be spending more and more time in the area 

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Hello, I hope this is ok to post here. We are moving some effects to either Ondora or Alicante for storage. The 60m3 lorry will be empty on the way back to the UK. We were wondering if there was anyone that needed stuff going back or a whole household maybe? The lorry will be returning 22nd May, obviously through France. Thank you.

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I'm considering installing solar panels to help with the electricity bills. I have done a fair bit of research to find a suitable company and have come up against difficulties with SolarDirectSpain which works out of Cabo Roig in Torrevieja. Does anyone have any information or have had any dealings with this comany please. Thanks in advance for any information.

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A friend of ours went to rent in Spain with a view to buying, and has just come back they said they are not buying in Spain because of what the Spanish are going to do to the English, I presume charge them taxes, does anyone know about this,

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We are currently buying a house approximately 1km from the nearest water supply.situated amongst orange groves but is rural. The house does have large reservoirs and a swimming pool. Built in 2004 with bathrooms and was lived in up to 2 years ago. Jacarilla area montesinos. Bank repo so can't ask the owners and we don't speak Spanish yet The problem is that although there are reservoirs and signs of agricultural water. None of the surrounding houses or us seem now to have supply.All their reservoirs are empty as well How can we get water delivered?The house is urbanised on the cadastre and legal.   Look forward to any reply and would pay for help   Andy  

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hi out there ,looking for sume where that sales carpets ,can you help please,

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We are looking for someone in our own community around Oliva to help us deal with tradesmen and organise repair jobs and deliveries.  The sort of thing a building contractor does but on a more modest scale maybe also keeping an eye on the house if we are away.   Perhaps other older residents could use or knows such a person too? Would suit a retired tradesman or diy person with common sense.  Please contact us if you can help or,  if you know of anyone or would like to share such a service.

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We are moving to a rural property nr Bocairente in 46880.We need a man with a digger that is prepared to do a very dirty job.We are moving to a property that has a pile of human waste in the middle of the lawn so need a pit dug and then it put in the pit and buried.

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We are relocating from France to a property on the Sierra Mariola nature reserve between Alcoi and Bocairente.There is alot of old furniture and rubbish from the previous occupier.Does anyone know of a man with a van that can clear the house for us.

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Two of our members, along with friends in El Campello and the surrounding villages, go above and beyond in fundraising every month to buy food for the Children of the Relleu Emaús Home. Elsie and David take time not only to do the fundraising but also to do the big shop from the huge shopping list they are given every month. From potatoes and greens to hamburgers and bacon; from apples and bananas to six dozen eggs – and everything in between! The next fundraising event for Relleu will be at the HONG KONG RESTAURANT in El Campello on March 28th; we encourage you all to come along and make this a bumper event. Contact linda@fcemaus.com to book your place - just €10 per person.

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