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Are there any decent bands in the area? All the ones i've seen seem to be doing all the old, usual, boring covers!! Doesn't anyone do anything original any more? Greatest rock band of all time.. The  Sensational Alex Harvey Band !!!!! Dave

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I was in Moraira market last Friday, and was putting leaflets (advertising my business) onto peoples cars in the car park. A man stopped me and told me I can be fined for doing this, and that it was illegal! Is this true? I often find leaflets on my car, from pizza advertising to pool cleaning. Does anyone know what the law is on this? Maria

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since theirs loads of us english in Benidorm and more of us than theres of the spanish then we shoulod be part of england and not spain like gibralter is

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I keep seeing small trees and bushes covered in yellow flowers.  They look a bit like mimosas, but I know that the mimosas in the south of France flower in February, and its warmer here than it is there. The flowers are yellow balls a centimetre or two across, and the leaves are perhaps 7 centimetres long and 1 centimetre wide. Does anybody know what they are?

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I've got this neighbour who's favourite pastime seems to be incinerating garden vegetation close to my patio and jacuzzi.  I find this particularly annoying because he burns damp vegetation that smoulders for ages, and also because he has a reasonable sized garden and could burn it elsewhere.  What can I do about it?

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Kevin, you have picked up on yet another really interesting and sensitive political issue.  One could suggest that perhaps the issue of the Spanish enclaves in north Africa merits its own discussion topic in this forum. Why indeed should the Spanish enclaves be treated any differently from Gibraltar?  The Spanish government's line is that their enclaves are different from Gibraltar because they are fully integrated into Spanish society.  However, one use the same argument in the context of Gibraltar.  The Spanish also state that Gibraltar was seized by the British.  This is only a partial truth.  The Dutch helped and should be given credit for doing so. I personally believe that the Spanish government are simply duplicitous on this particular issue.  

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I've got an intermittent problem on my laptop.  I recall that there's an application that I can run that performs a thorough memory test - such as checking that one address is not corrupted when another is written. I've had a look on google but can't find it.  Can anyone tell me what it's called?

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I see there are lots of very knowledgable people on this forum, I'm guessing it comes from years and years of experience on living in Spain. How long does it take to feel at home here? Susie

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I was round Benidorm last week looking for a flat. The road through Altea is very straight.  Is it Roman?

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Can anyone tell me what it is like around the Alicante area for buying a house, living there?  Having bought a house in N France, two years down the line, we know we have made a mistake yet all types of research was undertaken, ie visiting at all seasons of the years, speaking to other expats, buying all the necessary books etc etc  I just do not want to make a mistake again, it is getting a little expensive! Alicat

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Hi everyone! I teach English to Spaniards and am looking for a good place to buy TEFL teaching guides etc. If anyone has second hand ones for sale this wold also be of interest to me. Thanksmia

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I am struggling to remember the weather at the begining of the month but my Grandma always used to say something about March coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb (or is it the other way around), anyway does it work over here? And will we still get April showers?

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When we move to Spain, how do we register with the relevant health authorities?

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Which are the best local shops for work clothes, smart suits etc?

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We have an unblocked phone, now using Orange in France. We are going to Spain next weekend to visit fiends and family and hopefully see a bit of sun. The weather has been iffy for a while here in Brittany, so we hope the weather is better in Spain ? Anyway, can we buy a sim card in Spain and put it in our phone and if so, where, how and what is the best way to go about it ? Using the mobile on a French provider and with several calls to make whilst in Spain, will be a very expensive way to make calls ! Thanks in advance for any help. Rance

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Hi everyone in Costa Blanca I am a member in Brittany and has been a great help and friend. But times are changing and I am now planning to move to Spain this autumn. Please any help with property purchase legal advise or comments on where you live to help me decide where You here such awful stories of land grab etc. so I want to make sure what I am buying. Is their anybody with a rental property I can use while looking. I have 2 dogs. Thanks if you can help Roni 

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Hi I am looking for somewhere to buy an electric guitar-first hand if possible.wayne

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Can anyone help with what would be the best way to get one dog one car one person from Calpe to Normandy. It is too far for me to drive alone.

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Hi All, I am planning to move to spain shortly I would be interested in any kind of information regarding to how to set up in spain and all the pitfalls. Websites where I can find a job and housing. How to get a tax number and stuff like that. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi To All Spanish Anglo Info Readers. Just a bit of advice really. At the moment both my partner and i had to return back to the uk as we couldn't find work in Brittany,  a story i'm sure everyone has heard before!!! he's now decided to sell his property and we're both looking at possibily moving to Spain,where it's warmer. Although we 'd loved Brittany job prospects and red tape is a real pitfall(again i'm sure you've heard this all before) ideally the sort of thing we're looking for is a house that's habital but we're prepared to some renovations if needed, 3 bedrooms to accommodate the family, a nice bit of land as we have 4 dogs and somewhere slightly rural but close enough to all local bars and amenities, as we both drive. Price we're looking at is approx 80,00e's, also can any one recommend some area's as neither of us have really got a clue where to look.Some advice would really be appreciated. Many Many Thanks.Kirby-Dog

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