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We want to refill our pool after maintenance work and don't want to fill from the mains supply ... does anyone know of a water supplier by tanker in the area (Costa Blanca north - Jalon Valley).  

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I am on the search for a projector and screen to hire. Format to be decided, but possible DVD or VHS or even PC.

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I am visiting Spain for three weeks and need 3G UMTS Internet access for my laptop. Roaming costs on my home-based 3G card are absurdly high, so I would like to hire a local Spanish 3G card. Does anybody know where I can do this?

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hi I am looking for a lift back to brittany France around the middle of next week for my dad. He is willing to share the driving and fuel. Anywhere around Dnan, St Malo, or Rennes area would be a great help. Hope someone can help. Thank you.gail

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What is the equivalent of a CRB check in Spanish? Thanks

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I have the feeling this may be a sensitive subject- but here goes! What is the real low-down on running a bar on the Costa Blanca? We are planning on moving down and doing this this year. After a recent trip it seemed like nearly every other bar was up for sale, and after reading that failure rates in some areas are 90%, we would welcome some opinions from those with first hand experience. Thanks in advance for any constructive advice you may have. topdog

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Does anyone know of my long lost mate Dave Legget or Rod and Kim Claxton. Dave lived in Southampton UK as did Rod and Kim and as I now live in France I have lost numbers and addresses so have no idea where to start looking. If anyone knows of these people or anyone that lived in West End Southampton that used the Sportsman pub please help. Many thanks Take care, Kadgie

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Have read in a few places now that as a self-employed person (ie running your own business) in Spain social security payments start at 255euros per month. I can also remember reading some where you set your own level of payments on the premise that the more you pay the more you get back. Is this true? Also as a married couple if one person pays is the other covered? Many thanks in advance for any advice given. topdog

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Hi I am looking into moving my two horses from near Piegut Pluviers [Dordogne] to close to Novelda [Alicante] does anyone have any information as to reliable transporters for this move please? Any info appreciated , thanks, Barbara What's done's done!

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Hello all, I'm looking to come to the Quesada area around June or July.  I curently only speak english but am in the process of learning Spanish.  When I get to Spain I am looking to setup business (internet based) and really need to find as much information on as many things as possible. The info i'm looking for is: Starting a business in Spain (It will be an internet based business, however the office inc. shipping, handeling, development etc will be based in Spain). Busienss taxes etc. Employment laws and issues part time employment. If someone is living in Spain but working for and being paid by a UK company what are the issues? who does the income tax goto? Shipping costs from the UK to Spain (products from supplier). Shipping costs (recorded style delivery within mainland and the spanish islands). Any shipping issues. Info on small storage lockup for warehouse. Web hosting (co location) - leased lines for inhouse servers. Broadband connections. Any other info you think may be of some help.

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Hello to everybody on the Spanish site.  If your site ends up being as good as the one we have on the French Riviera then you will all find it a fantastic place to swop information, make new freinds, get good business advice, buy and sell, everything in fact to make life just a little bit easier.   Good luck and I'll be posting Kevin

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Im looking for Julie and Jim who moved to Spain a couple of years ago, dont no which part, and for the life of me cant remember their surname, used to live in Bournemouth, then moved to Lincoln, Julie used to work at Craigleith care home.  If your looking at this site Julie, would realy like to get in contact, This is Fiona who also worked at Craigleith, and am now living in France, anyway e-mail me if you get this. Fiona

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Hi there Good luck with the new site. I use Normandy Angloinfo daily and will certainly use this site when in Spain. To everyone out there in sunny Spain, log on daily, you will make new friends and be able to access information and answers to your questions.  It will be invaluable   Penny Normandie 27

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Hi, May sell up in France and move to Costa Blanca, is there plenty of work over there?

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We are visiting the Costa Blanca in February with the intention of buying either a park home or mobile home preferably on the coast or no more than 30 minutes drive from the coast. Can anyone provide us with details of mobile home or park home sites in the Costa Blanca area that we can view when we visit Spain. Any details you can provide would be really helpful. Many Thanks  

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hi I am coming to Rojares 25th feb. I am coming down to look for a permanent all year round job in the Rojares to Torrevieja area i will have my own car so travel is no problem. I am also looking for a 1 bedroom apartment to rent long term which allows dogs. I am a qualified english hairdresser and i have also experience in fashion retail. Im a single 33 year old female currently living in brittany. If anybody could help in anyway i would be very greatful. Looking forward to making new friends in spain. cheers gail gail

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What a great site - just what I needed! Do you have any recommendations for somewhere to learn Spanish? Maria ****

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What a great site! I am researching a move to Spain in the next twelve months and wonder what it is like on the Costa Blanca. Can anybody advise me, please? Fiona

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