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Hello Everyone. Forgive me if this has been answered previously. I did search (perhaps badly) but I cannot find answers to these very specific questions that are recent. Reasonably, the answers are generic, or they are specific about tablets that I do not take, or they are quite old. I take the following drugs. Metformin       500mg             4          2 x 500mg standard morning; 2 x 500mg SR, evening Simvastatin     20mg               1 Rivaroxaban   20mg               1 Verapamil        120mg             1 Omeprazol      20mg               2 Gliclazide        80 mg              1 In the medium to long term I shall sort out getting into the Spanish system, making payments and so on. I have all the documentation on that and am happy to go through the process. I also will take supplies from the UK to cover perhaps two months, so I have that covered. I realise people may tell me I will get into the system etc, so not to worry, but please indulge me on the questions I have asked. I would very much appreciate answers specific to these. Q1. In case there is a possible gap between my UK supplies and getting in the Spanish system, can anyone please give me current prices for these particular items (or perhaps some, like the metformin) if I just bought them over the counter? Q2. I have read that in the short term I could go to a doctor with my EHIC and get a prescription (based on showing the UK one) and that would be cheaper. Has anyone has success with this? I wold like to emphasise that I m not trying to cheat the UK or Spanish systems. I just want to make sure I can cover any potential gap with a soirt-run solution. Thank you in advance.    

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