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We would like to warn newcomers, buyers or renters, that in the Comunidad Valenciana, one still can burn in open air. This means that too many days we are in total pollution! You can't even open a window or go outside! There are norms and regulations but where we live in Alfaz del Pi/Albir no one respects them and the Police doesn't care because it's an ancestral habit! So, if you want to come to the Costa Blanca (blanca means white, like the smoke of the bomfires) and enjoy healthy air please check first if they don(t burn in the town you've chosen.

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Thank you for that warning!  We will be looking to move down once we have sold our house here in France.  But of course if we look at properties on a day when there are no bonfires we might be in for a nasty surprise!


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The best thing to do is either stay for a week and see if they burn but better is to go to the city hall and ask for "Las normas de quema de poda". This means the laws about the burning of pruning.

Good luck!

The European Team

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