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we have a house in France and property in Spain we come to Spain for six months in winter.  My husband has to go in for a day operation for kidney stones in France 24 August usually they want to see you after six weeks.  we are resident in France can he have his check up in Spain as we have to be down in Spain at least the second week of September.

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Daniel H-585513 1438940261

What does the check-up comprise?

My logic tells me that they wouldn't do it on the Spanish national health system, no. If you are resident in France for medical purposes then you travel on the European Health card. I don't think they would do a follow-up to an operation (conducted in another country) on that as it's for emergency treatment only.

However, I don't suppose there's anything stopping you getting the follow-up done privately. Would you need all the papers from France and is there scans and things to be done?

Without knowing the level of medical expertise required, I can only recommend Medcare in Benijofar for GP check-up (€50) or the Medimar private hospital in Alicante for specialist advice.

Hope that's of some help.

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As you are resident in France, do you have top-up 'mutual' assurance?  Perhaps your assurance provider can answer your question?

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