Spanish Health Care Ins. for Americans

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My wife and I are planning to come to Spain in about 2-3 months. We are from America and would like to retire in Spain. Since we're not from the EU does anyone know if we can apply for Spanish healthcare or do we need to get our own ?? When we lived in France years ago we had the Health care card .                                                                    Thanks    

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Bill 1415872033

Each individuals circumstances are different but the Spanish Healthcare system is funded by social security contributions.

The AngloINFO Information page Healthcare System in Spain and the linked pages should be able to give you guidance.

Katrin ASSSA 1427207645

Hello Sunseeker,

Not sure if you have already found a solution but please checkout our web site at where we offer private healthcare insurances. For those arriving in Spain from outside the EU, we issue both the policy documentation and Certificate of Healthcare Cover that you will need to show to the Spanish Embassy when you apply for your VISA. If I can help orinform you further,please use the on-line web site enquiry form and ask for Katrin.

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