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Can anyone please tell me exactly what cover is included in the basic healthcare system in Spain - without taking additional top-up insurance? For example, do you have to pay for an appointment to see a doctor (obviouslyonce registered)? If you are admitted to hospital, what cover do you have? How many days and do you get a private room? Is surgery covered?  If you require xrays or a scan, do you have to pay?etc. etc. Hope someone can shed some light for us.Thanks Sue 

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billi161-495326 1431171685

hi are you retired and looking to join the spanish health system

billi161-495326 1431171777

hi are you retired and looking to join the spanish health system

billi161-495326 1431171827

forgot to say all have to be over 65 years of age

nitramnasus-567637 1431173728

Hello and thanks for replying.
Yes I am retired, my husband has 3 years to go. Yes, we will want to join the Spanish health system, and wondering really if health top up insurance is necessary. 

Do you live in Spain - noted your Languedoc Rousillon 'name'


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hi yes i prefer to use email if thats ok and i do live in spain

nitramnasus-567637 1431189981

Hi. Sorry, don't know how to email you direct. Know that you can pm someone, but don't know how :(

billi161-495326 1431190252

once you are in the system you can get everything you were asking about, the problem is all the red tape you have to go through to get in and bureocracy. youve heard of big brother well the spanish system is me its almost as if they dont want you in spain.

nitramnasus-567637 1431371842

Thanks very much for your reply. When we started the process to get on the health scheme here in France we also met with some 'difficult' people - not at all helpful - but we got there in the end, although having a basic knowledge of French helped.We'll have to see what we do!

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