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Hello We use our local Spanish Medical Centre where I have found the GP not at all friendly, can we change to another in the local area?  Thank you

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I had reason to use the medical centre at Capo Roig last year when I had an impacted wisdom tooth which had to be removed by surgery.  I was sent by my dentist in La Zania  to the medical centre with a note to be admitted to the hospital at Torrevieja.  However, when I got there having waited over an hour to see a doctor I was told I was not going to be admitted as I was a non resident.  I had private medical insurance cover and a E1111 Medical card which would entitle me to treatment in a hospital on public cover.   We pay tax in Spain as we own our own apartment and still he would not sign my form.  I have problems with my heart and therefore have to have medical intervention when problems arise.   I found him to be rude and dismissive to me.  I speak a fair bit of Spanish and understood only too well his mumblings to me under his breath.   I would have complained him but I reconed that my heart was more important and it was rising my blood pressure at the time enough.    I would like to know does anybody in the Punta Prima / Punta Marina area know of a good family doctor?  Next time I go out in October I am going to register with a GP in case I need help again.   

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