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Can anyone help me please? I'm staying just north of Valencia while house hunting and I seem to have developed an abscess on my face - not tooth abcsess but skin abscess. Couldn't be worse timing on the Sunday of a bank holiday weekend! I'm told everything is closed until Wednesday but I don't think it should wait that long. Can anyone advise me whether it would be acceptable to go to the hospital or whether I should try and find a doctor. Spain is very new to me and I haven't had time to find out those things yet.

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I think your best couse of action would be to go to your nearest A & E Hospital. Where you will find someone on duty. If you are closer to a village Medical Center.Sometimes you find that there is emergency staff on duty.  The actual Public holiday falls on the 8 Dec.Make sure you take your ID and European Medical card if you have one.

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Thank you - I went to the medical centre in Betera and although there was a two hour wait I saw a doctor and have antibiotics that I can start taking straight away.

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Hi ,

Pleased you got sorted. For future reference there are lots more medicines you can get direct from the Pharmacy without perscription than the UK. Such as antibiotics .

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