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Hi, All so our S1 forms are here. We have tried to get to the bottom of exactly what we have to do, but alas...its all so complicated. Is there a kind soul out there that can help, as I've now found out we need a local resident certificate, & a cert' of Residence........  where, when & how do we get them???? Appreciate any help....thanx so much. Lin  

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Healthcare Read this: http://www.bloomberg.com/visual-data/best-and-worst/most-efficient-health-care-countries

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Does anyone know of a profesional chiropodist that does home visits in the =rxeta area, if so please ring me or email me  :- 666564331 or email :- michaelpeach72@hotmail.com. Many Thanks to All

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I have just finished reading a post below where the author asks for a rdetails of recommended health insurance companies. I must admit to now being completely confused as to whether we need private health insurance or not (and we thought the French system was difficult) - I have read the Anglo Info Information page  'Health Benefits and Health Care' and now have lost the will to live. There is one paragraph which seems at odds with the rest of the article - it implies that if you are a resident and not one of the specifed categories listed who are automatically entitled to free health care and your income is less than 100,000 Euros you are also entitled to free health care. I reckon that must put 99.9% of us in the category of under 100,000 Euro pension recipients - private pension or state pension or both and therefore we don't need Health Care Insurance. Can anyone shed some light on this please, or does anyone know of a company that can offer some expert advice on this subject.  Thank you.

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Hello, could anyone recomment a private health insurance company in order to apply for residency?  Is it better to apply for the health insurance before you get to Spain or when you are there?  Also do they always ask for it when you apply for the residency?   Thank you

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British Consulate Alicante Press Release: The British Consul, Paul Rodwell, met with both the Director and the Comisionado for the Torrevieja Hospital today to explain how and when the Consulate can help British nationals who are hospitalised and to discuss how to develop the hospital visiting scheme with HELP Vega Baja. During the meeting, the Consul first outlined what support the Consulate can offer and explained that Consular staff cannot organise repatriations or aftercare of British nationals who are in hospital. He went on to say that whilst Consular staff can help the hospital to contact family members, they can only do so once they have obtained patient consent. The Consul and the hospital director discussed issues relating to the care of British nationals who don't have any family support in Spain and who become elderly and vulnerable. They talked about how best to develop the hospital visiting programme with HELP Vega Baja, which the association has been trying to do for some time now, as a way to try to meet the service gap for patients who don't have any family in Spain. Paul Rodwell said; "This meeting was a first step towards a better working relationship with this hospital. We hope to be able to assist the hospital and HELP Vega Baja to set up an effective hospital visiting scheme to ensure that vulnerable patients get the help and support they need whilst in hospital and once they are discharged."

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We are moving to Spain in the next couple of  months and can't seem to get a definite answer from anybody regarding medical treatment. My husband is already UK retired and therefore entitled to medical treatment but as I am only 60, am I entitled also ?  I know that an S1 will cover me for 2.5 years but will I then have to take private insurance ? Any help /advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance.....    

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Hi Just trying to get clarification on entitlement to health benefits.  In Spain, if somebody is a resident and has bought a property but has not managed to secure employment (below retirement age, obviously) the healthcare thread on angloinfo suggests that there is a non-contributory level whereby the person may still be entiled to health assistance without having to pay.  Can anybody elaborate on this?   Many thanks!  

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Hello, I'm looking for a good company for 'Private Medical Cover' , if anyone has a reliable company can you please send me the link.  Thank you

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Hello,   Once you become a resident in Spain, do you need to pay to see a doctor, to go to the hospital, or have any operations, etc...?  Unless you are working or are self-employed, you are not entitled to free health care? What if I become ill, does that mean I have to pay for everything?  What about medicine, do I also have to pay for that? Thank you    

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I am having to go privately to a consultant as in 3 years going to my local hospital, I have got absolutely nowhere How can an orthopedic consultant give advice on arms, legs and then a back problem.... Never heard anything like it but its just dawned on me having seen people waiting to see him. I am now going to see a private consultant who is coming from Valencia -I am on the spanish health care system I can't compare England with Spain but I could do what I am about to explain in the UK but can I do it in Spain. The consultant will tell me x y z - but know there will be an operation looming high and I want it sooner (having had my time wasted before) and my age -  Once I have this new consultant's  opinion, what can I do next.  Can I go back to my doctor and say that I don't want to see the consultant in the hospital thats wasted my time -  can I go to a hospital in Valencia?  How do I go about it. Can I pay to go on a list -  Its a bit more complicated with advice to complain to the hospital but it got me nowhere and I just sit on this consultant's list wasting my time. I know there is a back hospital in Alzira  and Dr Perset in Valencia -  any advice on anything I would be glad of. I know its a bit complicated but any advice would be helpful.

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Does anyone know of a mobile chiropodist that makes calls in the Orcheta area ?

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British Embassy Press Release: British expats urged to take last chance to find out about correct use of European Health Insurance Cards A campaign to explain how British citizens should use their European Health Insurance Cards (EHICs) continues throughout the autumn with talks across the Valencia Autonomous Community. These talks will complete a campaign that has successfully raised awareness of EHICs and how to use them among British citizens and Spanish healthcare staff in the Valencia region since last September.    Martyn Standing, who leads the campaign on behalf of the UK Department of Health, said, “After a lot of stories in the media about EHICs over the last few months, this is a great opportunity for expats to come and get the facts straight from the horse’s mouth.    “Given the recent changes to the state healthcare system and the latest news regarding the Spanish Government Insurance Scheme, which will provide state healthcare for people who aren’t currently covered, Britons living in Spain really shouldn’t miss the chance to get to one of the final talks on EHICs”.    The campaign has also targeted the administrative staff of the Valencia Health Authority to explain how the UK government covers its citizens in Spain and how their medical care is funded.    The campaign has involved an innovative partnership between the Department of Health and Valencia Health Authority, with European Union funding.    Comprehensive information on the use of EHICs can be found at www.healthcareinspain.eu    Talks with Department of Health representative Martyn Standing will be held at the following venues:    10th Sept – Guardamar del Segura – Casa de Cultura, Calle Colón, 60   24th Sept – La Nucia – Centro Cultural Auditori de la Mediterránia, Plaza de l’Almassera, 1   2nd Oct – San Fulgencia – Ayuntamiento de San Fulgencio, Centro Social, Calle San Fransisco de Asís, Urb La Marina   3rd Oct – Orihuela Costa – Ayuntamiento de Orihuela Costa, Salon de Actos, Playa Flamenca N332   22nd Oct – Santa Pola – Casa de la Cultura, Calle Elche 24   5th Nov – San Miguel de Salinas – Casa de Cultura de San Miguel de Salinas, Plaza Jaime I   19th Nov – Teulada-Moraira – To be confirmed   11th Dec – Pilar de la Horadada - Casa de Cultura, Salón de Actos, Calle Carretillas, 19   12th Dec – Algorfa - Centro Cultural San Vicente Ferrer, Calle Mayor, 33

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Does anyone know where I can buy Weleda products in Moraira please?

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Where is the best place to buy vitamins?  The prices are 4 times used to what we are used to paying. Are there mail order options?

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Does anyone have Melanies mobile number? Before she left last year to have a baby she was at the Perfect 10 salon in Los Dolces but left whilst pregnant. She advertised on Sunshine Radio earlier this year and I had her number but then lost all my numbers whilst changing phones! Can anyone help please??

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Can anyone help me find a decent masseur/masseuse for my husband. He needs to see a professional who can break down all the tension in his body. This is a serious request as his health is suffering due to the unreleased stress in his body especially his back. We live inland so anything around theCcatral, Crevellente, Hondon area would be great but could travel.

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British Embassy Press Release: Survey shows 50% of Britons fail to check that they are covered for adventurous sports***   Britons coming on holiday to Spain this summer are strongly encouraged to read the small print on their travel insurance policy to make sure it covers adventure activities like quad biking or water sports. A new survey reveals that fewer than half of young Brits check that their insurance covers risky pursuits*, despite four out of five admitting that they take part in more adventurous behaviour when on holiday.   Consulates across Spain have first-hand experience of the distress caused to young people who suffer accidents, only to find out that they can’t get home or they face a hefty medical bill because their insurance policy fails to cover dangerous sports.   Holidays in warm weather make Britons more confident, more inclined to try new things and less inhibited, the survey of young travellers found.   Dave Thomas, Consular Director for Spain, said: “Most Brits will think that hiring a quad bike for the afternoon or going out on a jet ski for an hour is not a risky pursuit – but their insurance company probably does. That’s why it’s so important that holidaymakers check their insurance policy before they buy and make sure they have full cover for everything they’re planning to do.   “We will do what we can to support anyone who needs help. But we cannot pay medical bills or fly people home. We deal with hundreds of cases every year where an already distressing accident or injury is made much worse by having to worry about large, uninsured costs as well.”   The average claim for a personal accident is £7,500**, according to a Post Office survey, so it’s all the more important to get the right cover for a trip, including adventure activities.   As well as travel insurance, the Foreign Office and The Travel Association ABTA also want holidaymakers to ensure they can get basic medical care.  A European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), available free from the NHS at www.ehic.org.uk, covers all medically necessary care in a state hospital during a temporary stay in Spain. But it does not provide for private care or services such as medical repatriation by air ambulance which can be very expensive. That’s why travel insurance matters.   Details of how the Foreign Office can assist British nationals when things go wrong abroad are outlined in Support for British Nationals Abroad, which can be found at www.gov.uk/fco/publications.

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British Embassy Press Release: Tell your visitors to get a health card and travel insurance As British expatriates in Spain prepare for their annual influx of summer visitors, the British Embassy is urging people who are expecting friends and family to remind them to bring an often-forgotten essential – a European Health Insurance Card. “If you’re having family or friends to stay this summer, they’ll be asking you what they need to bring. Item number one on their checklist should be the European Health Insurance Card - also known as an EHIC” says a British Embassy spokesman. “This simple piece of plastic entitles the holder to all medically-necessary treatment during a temporary stay in Spain. It’s easy to get – check out www.ehic.org.uk - and it costs nothing. “Although most people’s trips are trouble-free, things can go wrong.  An EHIC will provide peace of mind in case someone needs to see the doctor. It’ll help to ensure they don’t take home a big hospital bill should they need medical care.” Comprehensive travel insurance is the second vital item on a visitor’s packing list. It covers all the extras that an EHIC doesn’t provide, such as repatriation in the case of medical emergency. If a visiting friend or family member is taken into hospital, an EHIC is enough to cover someone until they are well enough to travel home. If someone who is taking out travel insurance has a pre-existing medical condition, then do remind them to declare it. If they don’t, the insurer may well invalidate their policy. “You won’t fool them but they may make a fool of you”, says an Embassy spokesman. Every year consular staff in Spain are asked to assist hundreds of Britons who have failed to take out travel insurance or who have invalidated their policies, and who have ended up facing huge bills when attending a private clinic or hospital. However, visitors to Spain should be aware that they do not have to provide travel insurance as payment for medically necessary treatment in a public or state healthcare facility.  They should insist that their EHIC is accepted.  Anyone asked to sign a form or disclaimer in a state hospital should check that they are not forfeiting the right to be treated under an EHIC. If someone’s EHIC is refused or for other concerns about using an EHIC whilst in Spain, call the Department of Health team at the British Consulate on 902 109 356. A visitor who needs to see a doctor and doesn’t have an EHIC with them can also get a Provisional Replacement Certificate from the Overseas Healthcare Team in Newcastle, on +44 191 218 1999.  To apply for an EHIC go to www.ehic.org.uk For more information on EHIC entitlements, visit www.healthcareinspain.eu

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I am looking for a cardiologist for my husband for a check up. Any recommendations?

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