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British Embassy Press Release: British expats are being invited to a series of public meetings to find out more about how to register correctly for state healthcare in Spain. The events are part of a campaign launched by the UK Department of Health and the Valencia Health Authority to help British residents understand what their UK-issued European Health Insurance Cards can, and cannot, be used for. Martyn Standing of the Department of Health team in Alicante said "These events are a must for anyone who wants to get the information on EHIC cards straight from the horse's mouth. We'll be telling people why and how they should register for healthcare whilst living in Spain, and explaining the correct use of UK-issued EHIC cards for British visitors." All are welcome to attend the meetings and there's no need to register beforehand.  There's also more information for residents of the Valencia region on a new website, www.healthcareinspain.eu<http://www.healthcareinspain.eu> . Health officials are planning a series of meetings in the coming months, and have already held two events in Denia and Orihuela Costa. The EHIC campaign, funded by the European Union, is an innovative partnership between national British and regional Spanish government authorities. Future public meetings on registering for healthcare: 13th March - Rojales - Centro Cultural Ciudad Quesada at 12:00pm 21st March - Torrevieja - Centro Cultural Virgen del Carmen at 12:00pm 9th April - Oliva - Centro de Participación Ciudadana, Calle Eras de Juan s/n at 12:00pm 23rd April - Javea - Casa de Cultura - Plaza de Baix at 12:00pm 7th May - Calpe - Casa de Cultura Jaime Fluix y Pastor at 12:00pm 21st May - Benissa – (venue to be confirmed) 4th June - Benitachell - Ajuntament del Poble Nou de Benitatxell

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I have Form S1 for myself and husband, please can anyone tell me where to take this form to enable us to receive 'medical cover'.  At the moment we are still non resdients due to the vast amount of paperwork the Elche Police require - but I feel we are still entitled to medical cover since we are pensioners.  We live in the Alicante area.  Hope someone will be able to assist us, even if we have to pay for their assistance.  Thank you

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I have recently  moved to Spain as a UK Pensioner, still waiting for Residency, am I entitled to free medical care ?   

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British Embassy Press Release: British citizens in Spain urged to make correct use of European Health Insurance Cards (EHICs) under new campaign by UK Government and Valencia Health Authority A campaign to explain how British citizens in Spain should use UK-issued European Health Insurance Cards (EHICs) has been launched by the UK Department of Health and the Valencia Health Authority. The EHIC Campaign aims to greatly raise awareness among British citizens and Spanish healthcare staff in the Valencia Autonomous Community over the next 15 months. The innovative partnership between a UK government department and a Spanish regional authority has been recognised by the European Union, which is funding the campaign. Launching the campaign in Alicante, David Pennington, Head of the Department of Health’s International Healthcare team, said: “Many British citizens living in Spain are confused about how to access state healthcare and many use their EHIC cards when they should be accessing healthcare in another way. This campaign explains who can use a UK-issued EHIC and what it’s for. It also tells people about other ways to access state healthcare in Spain, depending on their circumstances.” What you should know about the UK European Health Insurance Card The UK European Health Insurance Card should only be used to access medically-necessary state treatment during the course of a temporary stay in Spain. It does not provide access to all state treatment but for those in Spain on a temporary stay, it is the correct way to access state healthcare. However British citizens who live mainly in Spain should change the way they are registered, because for them the UK European Health Insurance Card is not the correct form of health cover. The new EHIC marketing and advertising campaign will explain how to do this. The campaign will also explain to the administrative staff of the Valencia Health Authority how the UK covers its citizens in Spain and how the UK reimburses Spain for the cost of medical care provided to British citizens. British citizens can find comprehensive information on the use of EHICs at  www.healthcareinspain.eu.  An extensive radio and newspaper advertising campaign will further promote the correct use of EHICs, and leaflets will be distributed through health centres and at public events. There will be 18 public talks, starting in Denia on 27th February and in Orihuela Costa on 28th February. More details can be found on the www.healthcareinspain.eu website. Some two million British tourists visit the Valencia region every year and there are an estimated 300,000 British residents in the region, some 40% of the total in Spain. Although the campaign is centered on Valencia, much of the information is relevant to British citizens across Spain.

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Hi, Can any-one tell me where I can buy a home perm, I have looked everywhere,  no luck, Thanks

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My wife needs to have about 6 implants fitted. We currently live in France but are here in Spain staying in a campsite for the winter. The cost of getting implants done in France is about 1500 Euro for each implant, 9000 Euro in total and our health insurance only covers a very small fraction of this. We noticed an advert for implants here in Spain costing about 600 Euro per implant. Is there anyone out there that could confirm these sort of costs and more importantly recommend a really competent dentist to do the work. We are staying near Catral, south west of Alicante. Many thanks in anticipation. 

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British Embassy Press Release:- Visitors to Spain could face a bill for thousands of pounds for medical treatment if they are taken ill or injured whilst staying with friends and family, the Foreign Office has warned. Yet one in ten over 55-year-olds admit that they sometimes fail to take out travel insurance before going on holiday - even though more than half suffer from a medical condition. Research for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office reveals that a third (35%) of over-55s who sometimes fail to take out travel insurance do so because they are ‘only going on a short break’. A quarter (27%) claim it’s too expensive, whilst nearly one in five (18%) think they don’t need insurance because they are visiting friends or family.  Many also think they can avoid buying a policy because they are covered by their bank. Equally concerning is that one in five (21%) who do have travel insurance then risk invalidating it by failing to declare an existing condition because they are on medication to manage it. Some 15% admit they wouldn’t update their insurance policy if they developed a medical condition or were prescribed new drugs for an existing condition. Every year around 5000 British nationals, including over-55s who have failed to take out insurance cover or have invalidated their policies, find themselves seeking assistance from consular staff in Spain. Some end up with life-changing bills of many thousands of pounds for expensive medical treatment or specialist repatriation to the UK. Mark Simmonds, Minister for Consular Policy, said: “‘It won’t happen to me’ or ‘I’ll be fine’ are risky assumptions to make when deciding whether or not to take out comprehensive travel insurance.  Our consular staff around the world deal with thousands of cases each year that prove that things can and do go wrong. “Being prepared can mean the difference between the holiday of a lifetime and a holiday from hell. Being unwell abroad is stressful enough without the added pressure of having to find thousands of pounds to pay for treatment.” Dave Thomas, Consular Regional Director for Spain, added: “If you have over-55s visiting you this year, tell them to get insurance before they travel. Taking out a comprehensive policy and declaring any medical condition may be an added expense but it’s a small investment compared to what you could end up paying if something goes wrong.” A spokesperson for the Association of British Insurers said: “Travel insurance is a must for all holidaymakers.  Policies are widely available for people of all ages, but the insurance industry recognises that some older people need help finding cover.  Under the Age Agreement which we developed with the Government and British Insurance Brokers’ Association, older people who are unable to find cover at the first firm they approach should be directed to an alternative provider who will be able to offer insurance, or to a signposting service.” A British Embassy spokesman added: “All British visitors to Spain, including over-55s, also need a European Health Insurance Card, known as an EHIC. It is free and you can apply on the NHS website or by calling 0845 606 2030. If you then have an accident or become ill, you can get the necessary state-provided medical healthcare at reduced cost or sometimes free. But it is very important to realise that an EHIC does NOT cover all your medical costs, private treatment or repatriation to the UK.  You still need travel insurance to ensure you are fully covered for all eventualities. “Many people think an EHIC is enough and don’t take out insurance. They will greatly regret it when they are forced to pay thousands of pounds for an air ambulance back to the UK or have to pay for extra accommodation to stay in Spain to look after a hospitalised family member or friend they are travelling with.” British Consulates can: •Provide information about transferring money •Give you a list of local doctors, lawyers, interpreters or funeral directors •Contact friends and family back home for you if you wish •Issue you with replacement travel documents  British Consulates are unable to: •Get you better treatment in hospital than is given to local people •Provide medical repatriation or cover the costs of medical bills or repatriation •Pay any other bills or give you money •Make travel arrangements for you  Details of how the Foreign Office can provide support to British nationals when things go wrong are outlined in Support for British nationals abroad: A guide: www.fco.gov.uk/travel

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Hello Does anyone know of a Doctor in Catral, who has good Englsh. Appreciate telephone number and directions. Thank you

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British Consulate Press release: The British Consul, Paul Rodwell visited ADIEM last week (Association to support sufferers of mental illnesses) to mark World Mental Health Day and to gain a better understanding of the level of support available to British nationals in the Vega Baja who suffer from mental illness.   During the meeting with Paco Canales, the Manager of ADIEM Vega Baja, and his assistant Nuria,  the consul was able to gain an appreciation of their support which ranges from day centres, home help and support to the families. The British consul said, " Although language continues to be a significant barrier to gaining support, it was good to see that ADIEM has centres in both Orihuela and Torrevieja where the largest volume of British nationals live (18,000 and 12,000 respectively).  We intend to work proactively with ADIEM to find projects of mutual interest that are aimed at supporting British sufferers of mental health illneses." ADIEM has two centres and if people are interested in the services they offer or in volunteering, they can contact ADIEM as follows:- Torrevieja branch - Tel / Fax 966 7052 94 Calle La Paz 194, 03182 Torrevieja   Orihuela branch - Tel / Fax 966 34 23 40 Plaza de Torrevieja 1 - bajo   E-mail is adiem@adiem.org website www.adiem.org

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Diabetes can be a devastating disease, but it does not have to be. Careful management is the key to living with diabetes and to make this management easier we hold a free monthly diabetes club. The club ensures our diabetes patients have access to the very best support, information and treatment. The friendly meetings give club members a forum to share their concerns and experiences, and to receive monitoring and advice. The club is run by a highly experienced, specialist diabetes nurse. The club is held at the Medcare surgery in Benijofar. For more information on the club, contact us on 966 866 258. Upcoming club meetings July 26th, 12.30, Benijofar October 4th, 12.30, Benijofar

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I am fully legal resident here, so this does not apply to me, but, talking with a group of friends last week one brought up the subject.... He does not live here, (holiday home only) but he said how much he pays in patrimonia and fiscal fees, and said surely I must be paying in more than I would if I were resident and paying income tax, must admit most of us didnt have an answer.

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as we live near san vicente (alicante) i am finding it difficult to get in touch with anyone who supplies nursing care for my partner who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. have spoken to the paul cunningham nurses and they have said they dont cover this area. can any one help on this matter? thanks

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I work for a UK company, but need to obtain a sick note whilst on holiday here in Spain. Are doctors in Spain able to issue a note that would satisfy a UK company. I have been googling the subject without success so far.

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You may find this information useful as posted on AngloINFO Costa Calida: HELP have been working on keeping up-to-date with all the legal changes being made to the Spanish Health care.Here is the information we have obtained so far. Sorry it is so long, but this is vital information you and your family may need.PrescriptionsHELP spoke to the Health person in British Consul in Madrid and she says that Murcia (and other regions) have not yet decided on how the refund of prescriptions will be handled.When collecting your prescriptions, please retain your receipts until a decision is made. Return of overpayment may be by direct transfer back to the Spanish bank where your pension is paid into, or may be direct to the bank details you provide for your Fiscal Residency tax return every year. More on latter soon.Those who attended our meeting 2 months ago will know what advice was provided, and the details were in the minutes.Health CareHELP will send out information on how to get on to the Health system with an S1 in a later email. Meantime the link to British Consul, AngloINFO Costa Calida and Murcia Today should give you all the information you need just now.Residency changesPlease note that you will not be able to get a Residency Card for a while until updates are made to the requirements. When we hear these will be made available, we will let you know. Just click on the link below and that will take you directly to our web site with the latest news on the situation.http://www.helpmurciamarmenor.org/Index.html">http://www.helpmurciamarmenor.org/Index.html

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British Embassy Press Release: British pensioners living in Spain are now required to pay towards the cost of their prescriptions under changes to the public healthcare system introduced by the Spanish government. One of the changes means that all state pensioners who are registered for healthcare in Spain as residents must now pay a percentage towards the cost of their medicines. The contribution for state pensioners has been set at 10% of the cost, with a cap of as low as eight euros per month depending on personal income. How much a pensioner must pay depends on personal circumstances. If you need more information you can contact your local health service provider directly, who should be able to give you detailed information on the prescription charges. This system of 'co-payment' - paying a percentage of the total cost of medicines - is common among European countries and has been applied to those classed as 'active' in Spain, i.e. those normally considered to be of working-age, for some time. Under European Union regulations, the UK pays Spain an average annual cost to provide healthcare for its pensioners. This entitles UK pensioners who are resident in Spain and registered with an S1/E121 form to the same access to state healthcare as would be provided to a Spanish pensioner. As a result, any healthcare changes that are applicable to Spanish state pensioners are equally applicable to all UK state pensioners, as well as those from other EU/EEA countries. These include any costs that someone may be charged, including those for prescriptions. The system for co-payment is being managed by each individual autonomous community, so the process may differ slightly between regions. For those in the Valencia autonomous community, a freephone helpline has been set up which has English speakers available. The telephone number is 900 101 081. You can find out more information and check for future updates on changes on public healthcare provision on the UKinSpain website at http://ukinspain.fco.gov.uk/en/help-for-british-nationals/living-in-spain/access-healthcare/healthcare/healthcare-updates

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ACASA – The National Casework Service of Age Concern España – would like to thank The RAF Benevolent for their generous grant of £6,500 to support the INFOLINE and Casework Services. The RAF Benevolent Fund has a proud tradition of providing assistance to the RAF family when they are in need. This grant will ensure that those of the RAF family living in Spain will be able to access this assistance through ACASA’s information and advice services. ACASA helps people over the age of 50 and those of any age who serve or used to serve in the British Armed Forces, and their dependants. Contact INFOLINE on 902 00 38 38 or info@ageconcern-espana.org or go to our website www.acespana.org.

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Here at ACASA – The National Casework Service of Age Concern España - we have seen an increase of calls due to the healthcare reforms recently announced by the Spanish Government. British pensioners in Spain are worried about how these reforms will affect them. Information can be found in English on the British Embassy's UKinSpain website at http://ukinspain.fco.gov.uk/en/help-for-british-nationals/living-in-spain/access-healthcare/healthcare/healthcare-updates. No announcements have yet been made on how these reforms will be implemented nor when they will come into effect. We will keep you updated as soon as we know. ACASA has two client bases: people over the age of 50, and those of any age who serve or used to serve in the British Armed Forces, and their families. Contact INFOLINE on 902 00 38 38 or info@ageconcern-espana.org for further information or go to www.acespana.org. ACASA - Official Partner of The British Embassy in Spain, AGE UK, and SSAFA Forces Help.

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does anyone know of any British Midwives who offer a service to expats during pregnancy and the early weeks after birth? In the Costa Blanca area? As a British Midwife about to move into the area, Im considering offering such a service. All input/suggestion/interest will be greatfully received.

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Can anyone tell me if there is an MS helpline or support group in the Torrevieja area or elsewhere . I did post this request some time ago, and one person did reply, but I was unable to follow it up at the time. If that was you, I am sorry, please reply again.

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Statement regarding media reports about how the British Embassy website provides advice about healthcare in Spain The British Government does not condone or encourage “health tourism”. The aim of the advice provided by the British Embassy is to ensure that British nationals in Spain, whether tourists or residents, comply fully with Spanish and EU legislation in exercising both their rights and their obligations. Spain receives over 13 million British visitors every year. It is in the clear interest of both the UK and Spain that these visitors know how to access the Spanish healthcare system correctly in case of need. This prevents unnecessary administrative cost and ensures that the UK can reimburse Spain accurately and efficiently in line with the specific provisions set out in EU legislation. Our website advice makes clear that the European Health Insurance Card does not cover those who come to Spain for the specific purpose of health treatment. There are also many British nationals resident in Spain. They are entitled to access the Spanish healthcare system, just as Spanish nationals resident in the UK are entitled to access the British healthcare system. The aim of our advice is to ensure that they do so in full compliance with Spanish legislation, including registration on the “Padron”. The British and Spanish Governments cooperate very closely on healthcare and other issues related to British nationals in Spain. There is a joint commitment to ensure that British nationals, either residing or visiting Spain, are accessing the Spanish healthcare system correctly. British visitors make up approximately 24% of the total number of tourists visiting Spain. The UK contribution to the Spanish tourism industry is of the order of €10bn annually, approximately 1% of Spain’s GDP. The British Government is committed to ensuring that this important bilateral relationship is underpinned by correct, legal and efficient access to healthcare in line with EU legislation.

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