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Hi, Could anyone recommend a health clinic in Rojales that has an English speaking doctor? I have my SIP card, but I am not kidding myself that my Spanish is in any way good enough to get through a first initial appointment! Any help or advice gratefully received. Thank you.

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We're two Brits living in France but hoping to move to Spain. Although we're both covered for health care on en E121 we have to pay a considerable sum for top up insurance here. Will it be necessary for us to take out further insurance cover in Spain? Would be pleased to have your advice. Many thanks.

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Press release - HELP Benidorm volunteers receive official accreditation The British Consul, hospital staff and local councillors today attended an event in Villajoyosa hospital where the HELP Benidorm hospital visitors were handed their official accreditation badges. A group of about 20 volunteers from HELP Benidorm have been carrying out hospital visits for the last 9 months, visiting vulnerable patients twice a week, under the supervision of the hospital social work coordinator, Silvia. The agreement was finally signed in November and now the hospital visiting programme is officially recognised by the Valencian Regional Government. The director of the hospital opened the event thanking the volunteers for their hard work and dedication. This was followed by words of thanks from Silvia and the British Consul, Paul Rodwell. Mr Rodwell said ‘This programme is an excellent example of integration and the benefits of Brits working closely with the local Spanish community. We are extremely grateful to the hard work that the volunteers carry out, which is a support to the Consulate and to English speakers who find themselves in this hospital’. Silvia, the social worker, added: ‘Today is about giving the volunteers the recognition they deserve. Now they are fully accredited they can feel part of the hospital team. The assistance they provide supporting and visiting English speaking patients in this hospital is a great help to us and today, from the whole hospital, we want to take this opportunity to thank them for their hard work and dedication’ Jan, the president of HELP Benidorm who attended along with the 20 other volunteers who have officially been given accreditation by the Valencian Regional Government health authorities also thanked the hospital and volunteers, especially Christine Lane, the volunteer coordinator, who was not able to attend. She said ‘This volunteer programme has been really worthwhile and from the positive feedback we have received I can see that this service was really needed.’ More information about HELP Benidorm and how to get involved can be found on their website, help-benidorm.com and information about living in Spain and help for British nationals can be found on the British Consulate website ukinspain.fco.gov.uk

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I am on holiday in Javea for a couple of months and have had a problem with a bridge (teeth that is) breaking in my mouth!! I've been to the local dentist and have a quote for carrying out the work......2510.00 Euros! I have a EHIC card and have been looking, without success, up on the net to see if I can expect any of the cost back. I am 71 year of age. Can anyone out there offer advice? Andrew

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Can anyone recommend a good English speaking national health Doctor please.We live in Jalon AlicanteMany thanks.

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As we promised you at our meeting in Benidorm’s YAGO at the end of November, a further meeting has been arranged for the last Wednesday in January. But it won’t be in a bar or restaurant but in our very own premises! Yes, with help for which we are very grateful, MABS has been able to secure premises in the new Albir Social Center, behind Mercadona in Albir, and the plan is that it will be open for information and assistance every Wednesday between 11am and 1pm. And for a Coffee Morning the last Wednesday of every month. Our next Coffee Morning will, therefore, herald the opening of our very own MABS Albir Cancer Care Center! So please tell everyone about this event. Feel free to bring with you anyone who is interested in being a Volunteer or anyone who has been touched by the effects of cancer; all are very welcome So please invite your friends. For more information on this event please contact Sue or Linda on 664 266 991 or 966 856 379

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I am looking in Calpe for someone does real good gel nails - would be grateful for a tip - thanks

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Anyone know of any Reiki Masters around the south Costa Blanca area that are prepared to do home visits? I would like my partner to have a treatment or two. Thanks.

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Hello I wonder if anyone can enlighten me on a few queries regrding health benefits etc. My daughter who is 40 has rheumatoid arthritus and finds being in warmer weather benefits her condition, she is hoping to move to the Costa Blanca in the next year with her husband and 3 children. She is entitled to maximum disability benefit in the uk which includes a mobility car, would she be entitled to this if she locates to Spain, her husband would be working but they need to sort finances out befrore they make the final decision. She will of course be contacting the various departments in UK , but I thought maybe some one who uses Anglo Info may be in the same situation and could let us know their expêrience.

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British Ambassador encourages cooperation between social services and English speaking charitiesAs part of his visit to Murcia, the British Ambassador to Spain, Giles Paxman, attended a workshop with local English speaking charities and social services to help improve the support offered to vulnerable British nationals living in the area. As the British population in Murcia has increased tenfold since 2002, all parties were keen to get together and discuss how working together could help them to better support vulnerable and elderly British nationals.The workshop, part of the Alicante Consulate’s ConeXiones programme, was the first of its kind in Murcia, and was organised with the help of YoVoluntario, the Murcia regional government volunteer support organisation. The Ambassador was able to see the local English speaking charities find out from social services exactly what was help was available and also discuss how they could work together in the future. They all agreed that it is vital for British nationals to be registered on the padrón in their local towns as without this, they cannot access social services assistance.Leopoldo Navarro Quilez, the head of Yo Voluntario, started the event by explaining to the local associations what support Yo Voluntario can offer and also how to ensure that they are legally registered in Spain. He encouraged people to use the resources that are available in Spain and thanked them for their hard work in supporting British nationals.During his talk at the event, the Ambassador said: “I am delighted to launch ConeXiones in Murcia. The rapid increase in British population in the last decade has meant that it is essential that there is an adequate support network. It is impressive to see representatives from social services from all the main town halls where there is a significant population working hand in hand with British and Spanish charities to support those who are in need.”As this is the first time that the Ambassador has visited the Region of Murcia, he also took the opportunity to meet with the President of the Region to discuss issues around property and the new airport that is being built. Additionally, he met with the Honorary Consul in Murcia, Antonio Berdonces, and the Delegado del Gobierno for Murcia where they discussed the location of the Honorary Consulate and contingency planning.Charities that attended the ConeXiones event included Age Concern Costa Cálida, MABS Murcia, Royal British Legion, Help at Home and Help Mar Menor. From the Spanish side, Caritas and Cruz Roja attended as well as social workers from the key town halls where British nationals live, such Mazarrón , Los Alcazares and San Javier.

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Hi Can anyone give me some information re Ladies Day In Playa Flamenca On Tuesday 4th October ? Ie Time and Venue. Many Thanks Ann Marie

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Hello, we plan to have a six month break in spain, bvetween benidorm and maybe mercia. Can anyone tell me which hospital I should go to for national health treatment. I dont want to get ripped off buying insurance. I am 60 and my husband is 59. we are fit and healthy at the moment but who knows what could happen. I would appreciate any advice and information. Many thanks.

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Press release: British residents in Costa Blanca South have their healthcare and welfare questions and concerns addressed The Consulate and Pension Benefit and Healthcare Teams together with representatives of local authorities and 15 British and Spanish support organisations answered questions on how to access their services. The aim of the “Consulate in the Community” event was to address questions and concerns around healthcare and welfare for residents across the Costa Blanca South and help those that are most vulnerable in these difficult times. Members of the Consulate and other organisations spoke to many of the over 200 people present about their entitlements in terms of pensions, benefits and healthcare and any other welfare needs. Organisations represented were HELP, MABS, Age Concern, AFA, Torrevieja Stroke Support Group, Costa Blanca Samaritans, the U3A, the Spanish Red Cross, Caritas, the Royal British Legion as well as Torrevieja Town Hall, social services, health authorities and the local provincial government. The event took place at the Centro Cultural Virgen Del Carmen in Torrevieja and refreshments were kindly provided by the Iceland supermarket in Torrevieja where earlier in the day the British Vice-consul Lloyd Milen and Pension, Benefit and Healthcare Officer, Laura Leeman talked to shoppers and informed them of the evening event. The Consular team also held a meeting with the various organisations and institutions taking part in the open day to discuss how to improve and increase the cooperation between them. The British Consul in Alicante, Paul Rodwell, said: “As consul, I think it is essential to be out and about in the community. This event has potentially helped hundreds of Brits and shown them that there is a superb support mechanism out there working in partnership with the British Consulate in Alicante. It was especially rewarding to see so many British and Spanish organisations ready to help out those most in need.” The Pension, Benefit and Healthcare Team in Spainhttp://ukinspain.fco.gov.uk/en/help-for-british-nationals/living-in-spain/more-help-in-spain/dwp-dh

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Valencian Healthcare authorities confirm attendance at Consulate in Community event in Torrevieja on 8th Sept 2011 The Valencian healthcare authorities have confirmed that they will attend the Consulate in the Community event on 8th September. This is the first time that they have agreed to attend a Consulate event and shows that they recognise the importance of working with the British community to ensure that they are correctly registered for healthcare. Martyn Standing from the Pension, Benefit and Healthcare team said: "I'm really pleased that the healthcare authorities have agreed to attend this event. This will enable us to work together to ensure that British nationals living in Spain can access healthcare correctly. In the Valencian region, everyone can register for healthcare, it's just a question of finding out which cover to get. Having the experts at this event will enable people to find out which cover to apply for and how." Other local charities attending the event have also explained why they are looking forward to it. Jacqui Phillips from the association MABS said: "Work done by the Consulate to advise British nationals about where to seek assistance in Spain is invaluable. Having attended meetings, like the one being held on 8th September, I feel without a doubt, they bring people closer to the department and charities, putting names to faces. Peggy Wyatt from the Royal British Legion added: "We are delighted to be invited to take part in the "Consulate in the Community" evening. This is a tremendous opportunity for local British residents – prior to the main meeting - to chat with the many charities and organisations established in Spain offering assistance and advice in co-ordination with the British Consulate. For the Legion, we appreciate the Consulate giving us an occasion to speak with these organisations and the large numbers of British residents and visitors. Our aim is to offer assistance and comradeship via our Legion Branches. By all working together we can improve the "sign posting" of information and aid integration." The Consulate in the Community event will be held on 8th September between 19:00-21:00 in the Centro Cultural Virgen del Carmen theatre in Torrevieja. The event will be divided into two sections; the first is a "well-fayre", whereby you will be able to get information from local authorities and different charities that will each have a stand. Organisations represented are Social services, the Diputación, the healthcare authorities, Age Concern, RBL, MABS, Help Vega Baja, the Alzheimer's Association and many more. The second part of the event consists of a presentation given by the Consul in Alicante and the Pension Benefit and Healthcare team to focus on access to healthcare and welfare issues in Spain followed by a short open question and answer session. Event detailsCentro Cultural Virgen Del Carmen C/Del Mar, 28, 03182 Torrevieja Time: 19:00-21:00 Anyone wishing to attend can book a place by going to ukinspain.fco.gov.uk and completing the appropriate online registration form. If you are having problems using the online booking form, you can reserve your place by calling 902 10 93 56.

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British residents urged to tell visitors to travel smart – and get a European Health Insurance Card in order to avoid big medical bills British residents are urged to tell visiting friends and family to make sure they get a European Heath Insurance Card (EHIC) before they travel to Spain. The EHIC is free and should be regarded as ‘a holiday essential’ in order to get necessary medical treatment from the Spanish public health service while on a temporary stay in Spain, says the Pension Benefit and Healthcare Team of the British Embassy in its latest newsletter. A jellyfish sting, an allergic reaction, a broken leg, or a more serious injury or illness can suddenly turn a holiday or business trip abroad into a nightmare. Dealing with an unfamiliar healthcare system and the costs of an emergency can make things even more difficult. But an EHIC makes things easier, and also includes care for pregnant women, the ongoing management of pre-existing or chronic conditions, such as asthma, diabetes or cancer. It is also possible to get access to oxygen or kidney dialysis so long as this is prearranged before you travel. An EHIC shows doctors, hospitals and pharmacies that British visitors are entitled to any state-provided medical treatment that becomes necessary during a holiday. Treatment is provided is on the same basis as for residents of Spain, so an EHIC holder may still have to pay for some costs. These may later be refunded by the Overseas Healthcare Team in the UK. However, privately-provided medical treatment cannot be refunded. The EHIC covers most eventualities but not everything. Visitors are therefore also strongly recommended to take out travel insurance before coming to Spain. Every year there are visitors and their families who end up facing huge, life-changing medical bills because they decided to save a few pounds by not bothering with travel insurance. Hannah Thronicker, manager of the Pension Benefit and Healthcare Team in Spain, said: “An EHIC is free and simple to obtain. Getting one could save you a lot of grief, but if you don’t have one, it could make a tricky situation even harder. Then buy some travel insurance, and for the cost of a meal in a restaurant you should be fully covered against medical problems. It’s not worth the risk to be without.” The latest Partners’ Newsletter, which is also circulated to any association or individual interested in what the Pension Benefit and Healthcare Team and other Partners do, can be downloaded from the UKinSpain website at: http://ukinspain.fco.gov.uk/en/help-for-british-nationals/living-in-spain/pensions-benefits/ What to do to get an EHIC British nationals planning to visit or holiday in Spain should apply for an EHIC online at www.ehic.org.uk or by calling +44 (0)845 606 2030. British residents in Spain who access healthcare through an S1 form (previously an E121, E106 or E109 form) can now apply for an EHIC for use in other European countries, including the UK, by requesting an application form from the Overseas Healthcare Team on +44 (0)191 218 1999. British nationals resident in Spain who lack entitlement to an S1 should check with their nearest INSS (Social Security) office to see if they are entitled to a Spanish-issued EHIC, known as a ‘Tarjeta Sanitaria Europea’. Residents and visitors can get more information about the EHIC at: http://ec.europa.eu/social/main.jsp?langId=en&catId=559&newsId=1039&furtherNews=yes . Questions about accessing the Spanish healthcare system or where to apply for an EHIC can also be directed to the Pension Benefit & Healthcare Team in Spain on 902 109 356.

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A new blog on AngloINFO all about Health, Fitness & Leisure covering a lot of different topics including diet, nutrition, health, exercise, fitness and how to make the most of your leisure time while enjoying life in the region. I hope you will find the blogs useful, informative and fun. We hope you enjoy reading and feel free to let joia know if there is anything specific you would like her to write about or if you have any Health, Fitness and Lifestyle questions - click here: Health, Fitness & Lifestyle

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I am looking for an English speaking ladies hairdresser in the Pinoso/Monovar/La Romana area. Can come to you, or you come to me? Please contact Suzy 648848207

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Due to the continued success of HAH Help at Home, both in the Mar Menor and Costa Blanca areas, we are now looking for more Carers who would be able to give a little of their time to help others. Quite a lot of people go back to the UK for the summer months, but unfortunately there are still a lot of people struggling to cope here. You do not need to be experienced, just common sense and the desire to help. Some of our carers are qualified, and both teams have qualified Nurses assessing and implementing care plans. Time given will be of your choice, and based on what you can give, some weeks may be busier than others. If you think you can give a little time please contact Jackie, HAH Help at Home (Mar Menor) on 968 575 231, or email helpathomespain@gmail.com or Sheila, HAH Help at Home (Costa Blanca) on 603 245 020 or email info@HelpAtHomecb.org

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MABS Cancer Support Group was formed on the 7th June 1999 in Marina Alta. Originally it was started for breast cancer sufferers but when the medical profession started to send along people with other types of cancer, the MABS message of support to all cancer patients became “Cancer is treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy in various forms and everyone should go for it because more often than not its successful!” That message has now been the rallying call for 12 years. Thanks to tireless work by Jacquelyne Philips MBE and her Committee, other branches have been established on the Costa Blanca, from Denia to Mar Menor as well as in Valencia, Costa del Azahar and Marbella, Costa del Sol. Costa Blanca is now divided into Marina Alta North and Marina Alta South, with the division being in Benidorm. Murcia/Mar Menor covers the area south of Torrevieja. Marina Alta North covers the original towns from Denia to Calpe and North Benidorm, plus Valencia – and inland from these areas. Marina Alta South incorporates branches in Gran Alicant, Torrevieja and Orihuela, La Marina and Muxtamel – coastal and inland. Murcia/Mar Menor takes over south of Torrevieja covering the whole of the Murcia region, with satellite branches in Murcia Northwest, Murcia Northeast and Mazarrón MABS survives on donations; nothing is received from local or central government. It is therefore exceptional that three quarters of a million Euros has been raised since 1999 in Marina Alta North alone. From that the Group has been able to spend a vast sum on equipment. MABS can now provide wheelchairs, hospital beds, Zimmer frames, ripple mattresses, shower chairs, toilet seat raisers, commode armchairs and commode wheelchairs, hoists large and small, table tops for over the beds, slipper mats..... Name it and if they don’t have it, MABS will get it for you! The other two Costa Blanca branches have also raised huge sums of money for equipment and assistance thanks to tireless fundraising at such events as Race for Life and from the very many fundraising events held by bars, restaurants and clubs throughout the region. But MABS doesn’t just provide equipment! Hundreds and hundreds of people all over the Costa Blanca, Costa Cálida and Costa del Sol have been helped. There are MABS supporters in most towns being translators, drivers, nurses and carers plus buddies - all there to support those ill with cancer. Something lots of people don’t realise is that MABS will give financial support to cancer patients if they need it. MABS has agreements with various hospitals and clinics from Valencia to Gibraltar that, for urgent cases, they will assist with reduced costs. Nursing homes also act if MABS asks for assistance. MABS can also help those whose papers are not quite in order to get the medical assistance they need. Donations are accepted from families who can afford it – and if they cannot afford it, the work to help is totally free of charge. MABS theory is that having cancer is enough; why should you have to also worry about the financial cost? MABS opened the first Cancer Support Centre in Moraira in 2009 and the second in San Javier in November 2010. Here those with cancer can go for remedial treatments such as massage and other ‘feel good’ treatments as well as share with others what is going on with their treatment, getting advice and help for themselves and their families. There are now four MABS Cancer Support shops: La Jara (Denia), Mutxamel, San Javier and Totana. They are all manned by volunteers and all are highly successful in raising those essential funds for the Group. If you, a loved one or a friend are suffering with cancer, please make MABS your first call. Murcia/ Mar Menor – from south of Torrevieja to Mazarrón and all points inlandLynDirector693 824 511 Marbelle – including Estapona and the rest of Costa del SolAgnesDirector952 833 568 Marina Alta South – from Benidorm to Torrevieja and all points inlandSueDirector664 266 991 Marina Alta North – from Denia to Benidorm including Valencia and the Ayora ValleyElaineDirector966 482 662/699 152 167 Time on your hands to donate to MABS? Please contact the MABS Director in your area.

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I heard someone talking about these the other day, as i was technically eavesdropping did not dare ask where you get them from, it was somewhere in the costa blanca though, they are called Horriebands or something very like( people really should speak up for nosey parkers like me!). They sound such a good idea especially if like us some of the family have a rare blood group, want to get as pressies for grandkids etc. any help anyone? slim chance I know but heres hoping

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