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Hello I have looked more than several times for a product of Revlon Beauty I am looking for Age Defying make up Rich Tan I can more than likely locate it in the UK but the postage is so high ? can anyone help please regards Pat Brookes

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My wife has just been reading about Asian Tiger mosquitoes in one of the free local papers and is quite concerned as she seems to be a mosquito magnet and the article says they carry disease. Are they a big problem in the Costa Blanca? do people become ill from being bitten? Anyone any good advice to prevent them biting in the first place (the article says they bite during the day).

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My brother in law is a sufferer and we are considering moving him from the Uk to Spain so we can help him. His present situation is far from ideal, and gets little help or support there. Are there any sufferers out there who can give us some advice about his position if he comes here. When it has been possible to get him here for short breaks he has improved a lot, but now he is getting very depressed. Help groups etc? I am in Quesada.

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My sister and her young son are over on holiday with me and forgot to bring his liquid antihistamine for his hay fever. Is it possible to get it over here and what would I ask for in the farmacia?

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The ADAPT association of San Pedro del Pinatar In conjunction with The University of Murcia Institute of Ageing Invite you to an open meeting For English-speaking residents and visitors to Spain on the subject of Recognizing the Signs of Mental Ageing (Signos de Alarma de la Patología Cerebral) We are privileged to have as our guest speaker Doctor Irene Villegas who is a Specialist in Neurology at the Virgen de la Arrixaca University Hospital, Murcia. Doctor Villegas' presentation, which promises to be practical and informative, will be entirely in English and entrance is free. Venue: Social Services Centre, c/ Dr. Mirón de Castros, San Pedro del Pinatar (see map). For interactive map showing the event location click here: Social Services Centre

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What began as a bit of banter between two members of the Sierra Golf Society in Balsicas, ended up as a fund-raising event of MABS Murcia/Mar Menor. The joint owner of the Lakeview Bar & Restaurant, Alan Currell (who happens to be receding at the front and normally has his head shaved), was challenged by Roger Bowen, who is Vice Captain of the Sierra Golf Society, to grow his hair so that everyone could see what he looked like with a 'comb-over'. Alan's quick retort was that he would do this if Roger had all his hair shaved off.When Roger started having second thoughts, Dave Higgins (SGS's Competitions Secretary) stepped in and volunteered to have his head shaved, alongside him, but only if it was for a good cause. SGS members quickly decided to raise funds for MABS Cancer Support Group in the Murcia region and they set off to obtain sponsorship for the event and the residents of the Sierra Golf development came up trumps, together with members of the Sands Bar Golf Society, of which Roger is a member. "Cancer is something that we have all had a brush with at some time in our lives, personally or through friends or family," said Dave "and we know what good work MABS does in Murcia and in all the Costas, so the choice was easy".On the fateful day, it must have felt somewhat like 'pistols at dawn' as Dave and Roger arrived to bravely face the barber's chair. Alan obliged by taking off Roger's hair with a set of clippers, especially sharpened for the occasion; he cringed as each treasured lock fell to the ground. Dave Higgins was next in to face the chair and Tony Brown (SGS Secretary) stepped in to act as the 'Barber of Sierra'.But their bravery was rewarded by raising the great sum of 250€ for MABS and a race night fundraiser planned at the Lakeview Bar soon afterwards which raised a further 211€.Everyone is looking forward to two months time when Alan from the Lakeview will have grown his 'comb-over' hairstyle – watch this space for the photos!"It is amazing how what started out to be a joke has turned into something that will benefit the people that we help in the Murcia region" commented Lyn Baines, MABS Director "I'm looking forward to seeing Alan's comb-over too!"Photographs of the event are available here:

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HAH Help at Home, the voluntary free charity which offers short term help to those struggling to cope, are now launching a FREE help service, for advice on health issues. If you have any worries, come along and have a chat with our Clinical Advisor. The 'surgery' will be held monthly at the Roda Social Centre (opp. Campbells Restaurant) starting on Thursday March 10th at 11.30. Just come along, no appointment is necessary and private discussions can be arranged . In an adjacent room, we will also be welcoming new volunteers to HAH, so if you would like to join our growing team of active and dedicated volunteers, come and have a chat with us. We have now helped over 40 people in 4 months, our youngest being 10 and our oldest well in her nineties. Last week our nursing/caring volunteers put in 64 hours, and this is anticipated to be in the high 70's next week. Along with our fantastic fundraisers, this is well over 100 hours a week that our volunteers are giving freely to help people who are struggling. Some of our clients need a little help, but others require more, so if you would like to help us help others, come along on Mar 10th, or telephone Jackie on 968 575 231. Over 1.000€ was raised last month by various events and donations and we applaud everyone who is giving and helping in so many ways. All money raised is going back into the community, paying volunteers expenses, home printing etc., and the Nurses fund is growing steadily. If you would like further information, or to become a volunteer. come along on Mar 10th, or visit our website www.helpathome.es., email helpathomespain@gmail.com.

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Vulnerable residents get support from Spanish social services and local associations The British Consulate, the Diputación of Alicante and the Alicante Social Welfare Department (Bienestar Social) yesterday hosted a workshop for local English speaking associations and Spanish social services. The workshop forms part of a project called ConeXiones, which aims to connect different groups and promote joint working and communication to better support vulnerable residents in Alicante. The workshop was focused on round-the-table activities to enable social services and local associations to discuss case work, learn about the different services that each of them offers, and get to know each other better. Both social services and local English speaking associations were impressed and surprised at the different services available, and learnt about resources that they had not previously been aware of. Matilde Sanchez from the Alzheimer’s Association of Torrevieja said: ‘For me, the most helpful aspect was talking to the different social services and finding out the different services they could offer. When we discussed case studies, I was delighted to find out that the social services at my table were able to offer a concrete solution to a difficult case I am currently dealing with.’ From the social services side, feedback was also positive. The social worker, Carolina, from Los Montesinos said: ‘I’m really pleased about the information I have gathered, it will be beneficial for the residents of my area. The atmosphere has been fantastic, making connections between different groups is extremely important.’ The British Consul, Paul Rodwell, commented following the event: ‘I was really impressed and motivated by the enthusiasm that we saw today. Both associations and social services seemed really keen to take this to the next level, and start cooperating on a local level with regular meetings’. He added: ‘The discussions on the tables around case work was also very encouraging – I was amazed to see how my group were able to come up with solutions for extremely difficult cases when they put all their expertise together.’ The event was opened by the Diputada for European Residents, María Asunción Prieto, and Maribel Pastor, the director of services for the Alicante Social Welfare Department, who both gave their support to the initiative. The provincial director of the Alicante Social Welfare Department, Alberto Martinez Díaz said he was pleased to see so many different associations and social services represented. The event, held in Rojales, was attended by associations including HELP Vega Baja, Age Concern, the Royal British Legion, the Alzheimer’s Association of Torrevieja, and Puma 22 in their new role as Help at Home.

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Does anybody know an english speaking diabetic nurse retired or non retired who would be willing to give some advice to some friends of mine who's son has diabetes. He is 12/13 years of age and has lived in Spain for 4 years and was diagnosed 2 years ago although the health system here have been very good from the diagnosis my friends are now a little concerned about a few issues. They would be very grateful for some reassurance. They live in Hondon de las Nieves so hopefully there maybe someone not too far away. They would be willing to meet up or just a phone call. Many thanks

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Due to the rapid growth of the HAH, Help At Home charity, it was decided just before Christmas that it would be better to stand alone, and after discussion with the President of HELP Murcia Mar Menor we are happy to announce that we have registered as a separate charity. The founder of HAH, Lesley Eburne, said that because of the enormous success of the charity, we found that we were putting extra pressure on an already stretched HELP Murcia Mar Menor team. Although we will no longer be part of HELP we will of course continue to work closely alongside them. Lesley thanked the President of Help MMM, Elaine Dale, for all the support and help she has given over the past four months. In reply Elaine Dale said at HELP Murcia Mar Menor we are delighted that we were able to help HAH in establishing their charity. They are now in a position to supplement the work begun several years ago by HELP MMM and we are confident that we will be able to continue together our objective of helping all members of the public who are in need of a variety of types of assistance. There are many people in Spain struggling to cope when faced with medical difficulties, some of whom have been helped by PUMA 22 (Platform Users Medical Area 22), either through lobbying or by direct assistance. Now after discussions with HAH Help at Home, PUMA are in the process of setting up a similar group in the South Costa Blanca area, and have asked HAH to assist them. Once formed the Group would operate as a charity in its own right, independent of PUMA22, within the Valencia region, with the same aims as the original HAH, by giving “a little help to those in need”. Lesley said that we are very proud of the fact that PUMA have recognised the work we are doing and that they want to continue our good work in their area and we will of course assist them wherever possible. If you would like information on any of the above organisations visit their websites atwww.helpathome.eswww.helpmurciamarmenor.orgwww.puma22.org If you are struggling to cope and need our help, please call the HAH line on 633 673 034 or If you would like to join our caring team of volunteers please call Lesley on 968 134 978 or email helpathomespain@gmail.com. If you wish to volunteer for the Torrevieja/Orihuela area, please call 659 245 552 or email admin@puma22.org

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If someone is looking for a really good haircut you must try "Hairstyling Carlos Scharl" in La Manzanera! He speaks English, German and Spanisch.He had his training at Vidal Sassoon and my haircut is just marvellous!Try him and you will be stunned - and that for a price of 30€!

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We are a retired couple ( both 65+) about to move to Calpe. Can anyone advise how we access a G.P. service, also the role of private health insurance, does the latter complement the state system, as in France, or is it completely seperate ? Thanks B & F

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Following the recent success of the HAH Help at Home team, we are now urgently seeking CARING VOLUNTEERS in the San Pedro del Pinatar area. We have now been offered the services of a qualified nurse in this area, and will be needing carers to assist her. You do not need qualifications, the only requirements are being able to offer a little practical help and maybe a shoulder to lean on. If you would like to find out more about HAH Help at home, visit our website www.helpathome.es. If you can offer a little time (to suit yourself) please either email helpathomespain@gmail.com or tel: Jackie on 968 575 231 or Lesley on 968 134 978

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Iceland, San Javier has nominated MABS Murcia/Mar Menor as its charity for 2011, and has already kick-started their sponsorship in the lead-up to Christmas by raising a massive amount of 3694.06€. MABS volunteers were on hand to pack customers’ shopping, for a small donation, in the weeks before Christmas Eve and Iceland provided lots of great prizes for a Grand Christmas Draw. Martin Lawrence, from Customer Service, was tasked with selling the tickets and exceeded his personal target of 1500€ by bringing in an incredible 2200€. On Christmas Eve, young Lauryn McReynolds helped to draw the prizes, which included a halogen oven, a luxury hamper and lots of festive goodies. “I am amazed at how well our first event with Iceland has gone” commented Janet Bell, MABS Fundraising Co-ordinator. “Russell and his staff have pulled out all the stops to raise a fantastic amount for us and they have really embraced the spirit of fundraising. All our fundraisers enjoyed working with the Iceland team and are really looking forward to their next event.” Russell and Janet have lots of ideas for the coming year, including an Easter Egg Hunt, and we are sure to be seeing Team Iceland entering the fourth MABS Race for Life on 13 November in Los Alcázares. Keep checking the MABS website www.mabsmurcia.com and the local press for details of upcoming events. MABS Murcia/Mar Menor Director, Lyn Baines, added “We are honoured that Iceland has chosen to sponsor our charity and it’s an absolute pleasure to work with such a supportive group of people. Our volunteers did a great job packing bags and they thoroughly enjoyed the experience.“ MABS Murcia/Mar Menor helps all people in the Murcia/Mar Menor area who are affected by cancer, providing drivers, translators, information leaflets, equipment, a listening ear, or a shoulder to lean on. If you want to volunteer, donate or you need help, you can contact MABS on 693 275 779 or visit their website: www.mabsmurcia.com

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Having just recently moving to this area was wondering if there is any weight watching classes. Many thanks.

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I am looking for a good haircut. Does anyone know an English speaking hairdresser around Calpe to a reasonable price ? I had a good mobile haircutter, but she obviously left or has a got a new number which I can't find out from Germany.I'll be in Calpe from 21.12. up to 30.12.10.Would be grateful for any good tip.thank you

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Has anyone got any Water Kefir grains to spare please

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Is there anywhere that buys second hand jewellery for a good price? Willing to travel anywhere between Pilar and as far up as Alicante.

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Go to http://www.age-well.org for free information about how to age well, avoid age-related diseases, keep your figure, stay fit and active. Lots of information about nutrition - what to eat to age well and a place to find and share healthy recipes.

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Talk Radio Europe is once again holding their annual Telethon in aid of Cudeca and you are all invited to join in on Friday, 10th December from 10.00am to 8.00pm. The show will be hosted by the TRE team alongside some special guests and there will be an array of musical talent performing live on air in the studio. This year all the auction items will be on the website from 26th November and you can bid on-line for items right up to the day! You can help make this a record-breaking year in one of the following ways: You can bid for the auction items – please look at the website www.tretelethon.com You can donate auction items You can call in and make a donationor You can do all of the above! To donate items please call either Laura Haggis on 692 256 375 or David Jelley on 626 817 130 or e-mail pr@cudeca.org You can listen to Talk Radio Europe on 88.9fm on the Costa Del Sol East, 91.9fm on the Costa Del Sol West and on 92.5fm east of Malaga. Anything you contribute will help Cudeca to continue offering its Special Kind of Caring to patients suffering from advanced cancer within the province of Málaga. Help us to continue giving life to days!

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