Fuscias in the Garden?

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I recently purchased two beautiful fuscia plants for my garden at a local market. The lady informed me it was fine for them to be planted outside but my sister said they would most definately perish in the strong sunlight. Anyone any advice on this. I am a novice at Mediterranean gardening.Freda

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I am no expert but fuscias need plenty of protection from the sun and the wind. I would suggest either in pots on a patio or perhaps a shady part of the garden. If they are in direct sunlight your sister is right they will scorch and die off.

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Though Fuchsia's need a little care they are worth the bother as they can have a long flowering season. All types of Fuchsia's require plenty of water, shelter and some shade from the midday sun. Best to plant at the start of summer but can be planted any time of year if you nurture them. Protect also from winds. If you take good care pinch out the growing tips 2 or three times to make the plant more bushy you will have flowers through to January

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