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well the weather has warmed up with a vengeance, I really feel it would be wrong to start using the air con now. We try to keep use to a minimum because of the environment impact. Any tips on keeping your house cool without the dreaded air con please red (hot) harry

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Hi Harry,

yeah it sure is hot now. We have found that since we put a big marquee type shelter on the roof the house has been cooler. The top solarium seemed to be acting like one big storage heater but shading it has counteracted this to some extent. We plan an outdoor summer kitchen now so we are not creating heat in the house.

goodday mate

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Keeping shutters, persianas etc. closed is a big help, switch on a fan to blow across a bowl of cold water, that's really nice too. I also used to wrap a large frozen cool pack (the sort that you use in the cool box) in a pillowcase and take it to bed or use it on my feet.

Stay cool!

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