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Hi all, We are moving to Cantoria in the near future , we own a property there. My wife is a carer here in the UK , needless to say she is very good at her job, and at 52 wishes to continue working in Spain. I have a small cleaning business, have been involved  in this Industry for 40 years, also I have been decorating  . I have concentrated mainly on Council work (they are guarranteed payers ,if you do your job well) . I would like to start a small business maintaining property, (cleaning, decorating etc) I am aware that other people carry out this type of work, however I need to make a living and I  have expertise in many areas . We are both very honest , have lots of certificates  to testify our abilitys , and obviously understand that we will be another country, but this to us is the challenge and the attraction. Have lots to do, and would love any feed back. Kind Regards Don Herron

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