Mid-month electricty bill

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Daniel H



Have Iberdrola started billing mid-month now!? We had money taken out on the 14th February.Anyone else experienced this?

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ronnie-923545 1487700768

Iberdrola have started to post monthly bills and take the money out of your Bank account. This applies to homes that have had new meters fitted recently


Daniel H 1487927540

Thanks Ronnie, that would explain it. They came and installed a new meter last month. Bit much though, two bills of €150+ in six weeks. Weren't even in Spain for two of them!

Joe-Liddle-895341 1489351562

Hi Daniel, 

I have recently started working on the Costa Blanca as an energy broker.

As part of my service I can check for you for free if you are paying too much for your electricity and whether I am able to save you any money.

From my experience we find a lot of people in Spain, especially with Iberdrola, are paying too much and we have helped them save €100´s on their bills each year

If you would like me to check for you get in touch at joeliddle16@gmail.com


Daniel H 1497023706

Just seen your message Joe. Sounds interesting!

Saurabh -Aggarwal-946925 1571663006

thanks to show the details of it.

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