Mossie nets for gazebos

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Has anyone come across mossie curtains for gazebos?? The one we have didn´t come with anything and I just wondered if anyone knew if you can by them separate.Murf

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bushy-581696 1182159011

Lidl have got some Mossie nets for beds in at the moment, on offer and very cheep. if you are handy, you can convert a couple of them to fit your gazebo.

claire21-581762 1182181415

C all Lynn Hounslow on 962 808 125 - she's a Mozzy net expert!

Singin-581711 1182448885

Why dont you pick up some voile or netting from Ikea that way the tabs are already sewn on, tie it at each corner with some ribbon or tape and that should do the job.


girlfriday-581773 1182452490

my parents got mossie nets with there new Gazebo, it was from Carrefour, so maybe they also sell mossie nets. I will look next time I am in there and post again.

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