Renew the surface around your pool

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We at Active Surfaces are commited to providing a sfae, non slip surface which will protect children and/or clients from injury. Latest Spanish Law states that areas around the pool should be non slip, not form puddles and be a minimum of 1m wide. This extract shows what community pools should include when renewing the area around the pool. Deck characteristics-The deck is considered the area immediately around the pool. The deck should have a minimum width one meter and should be of a material that prevents slipping. Its design should prevent the formation of puddles and the flow of water back into the pool. Showers-Showers should be placed in the vicinity of the pool area. Numbers of showers should be at least equal to the number of pool ladders. The shower base must be non-slip with a sufficient slope to allow for drainage. Shower heads should be either replaced on a yearly basis for the purposes of hygiene. Other signs that should be displayed in prominent positions are: Water depth signs both at both ends of the pool and intermittently depending on the length of the pool We offer a full bespoke service which complies fully with this Law. You can contact us directly by calling Rob on 662 67 94 67 for a free no obligation quotation. See our products on line at where yuo will find everything you need to know about this surfacing.

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Can you direct me to this new law regarding the displaying of pool depths?

Do it include private pools?

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