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Kay HS



We are investigating subscribing to Tooway for satellite internet (our SFR gives only 1GB!) but we are not sure what download and upload speeds we would achieve . We live in the Aude near a village called Generville. Is there any one near us who could share their experience if they already subscribe. I would really be grateful for any help. Many , many thanks 

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Daniel H 1486813666

Hi Kay,

You might want to post this on one of the Angloinfo French sites as they might have a better idea of what you can expect speed-wise up there.

Regarding satellite internet my experience of it is that it's pretty costly if you want anything fast and that it's no good for things like gaming as the latency is high.

Other than that it's a good solution and for general browsing and stuff should be ample.

P.S I'd swap you my 15MB for your 1GB any day! :-)

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