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Can anyone help! we need to know the yearly running costs for a medium size pool ie 8 x 4, 9 x 5, trying to decide whether to buy a Villa with a pool or a Communal pool.

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If you have your own pool, you would need to decide whether you are going to maintain it yourself , if not the expences are a lot more,

With a communal pool you will definitely have a maintenance contract to pay for and other expences would depend on the size of pool and amount of owners in the community, and if it was open part or all year.

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Thank you, setting aside the maintenance cost, I need to know roughly day to day cost like water and electricity, actual running costs, As and when we live there permanately we would maintain the pool ourselves.

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Shouldn't cost you that much if you'll be doing the cleaning etc. yourself

Ours was an 8x4 and once it was clean I used to throw a couple of chlorine blocks into the filter basket & just renew them as they disappeared. Other than that, it was just a case of a quick vaccuum once a week in summer & netting off the pine needles etc. The top up rate wasn't to bad, July & August obviously more but our water bill was never more than 20 euros a month.

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I forgot to say, we set our time clock to put the pump on twice a day for 2 hours each time.

I sometimes wake up grumpy.... other times I let him sleep

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