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Does anyone know of a washing machine repair man?We have a 2 year old machine that has something wrong with the program settings, it starts and then stops half way through a cycle.We live in Jesus Pobre near JaveaThanksJo

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I am after the above piece of electrical equipment. It's primarily a computer monitor (or so Media Markt think) but is also a television with a digital tuner in it - quite snazzy I thought. Now this is a long shot: I'm wondering if anybody has seen the price of this thing anywhere. The reason for asking is that I went to Media Markt in Alicante today and it was there at €189. I then popped into the one in Elche and the same thing was €249. I also know that the local electronic shop in a nearby town is selling it for €199 and Carrefour had it and €349! So I'm wondering if anyone has seen it (it's black with a maroon strip along the bottom) in any other shops at a cheaper price than €189 as the price seems to vary quite a lot from place to place. Ta muchly.

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HelloCan someone please advise me as to the easiest, cheapest non-subscription way to receive the main UK channels in the old town, Villajoyosa?Idea of kit needed and approx prices would be great.Is is do-able as a DIY job?Advice welcome.

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I am feed up with my brit neigbours who do nothing but argue and bicker all the time, they seem to think that because I am a fellow brit I will go along with all this, how can I avoid getting dragged into there squables without them turning on me?

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Looking for a coffee table, at a reasonable price. Must see a photo first. Costa Blanca North area. If anyone has a coffee table they wish to sell, please post a reply. Thanks

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Hello can anyone give me an idea of costs for a 3 bedroom villa clean/changeover including laundry thanks

started by: Brendan Young · last update: 1243194238 · posted: 1241198378

I want to get a pool cover for my Pool 8 meters x 4 meters { one which will be safe for children and also keep debris out } can anyone recommend a supplier in or around the Denia area ? Brendan Young Els Poblets

started by: Dfothergill · last update: 1243181450 · posted: 1243181450

We have a small pool cleaning and maintenance round in the Mazarron area and would like to expand it. If anyone has a round for sale please telephone 968199976, we are experienced and can provide references.

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Hi does anyone know the legal height that you can raise a boundary wall, I have been told differing opinions, eg, 1.5 mtrs, + 2.00 mtrs. does anyone know please.

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Hi, Does anyone know of companies who deliver gravel for a garden? We need more than you can get in the small bags at the garden centres, and I am sure it is cheaper to buy it loose anyway. We are in Moraira (CB North). Also does anyone know where you can get old railway sleepers (or similar)? Again for a garden. Thanks.

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My fridge freezer is making some very odd noises, any idea who i can get to look at it .

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Hi ... I was just wondering if anyone knew if sky + works in Spain if you bring it from England ??( im wanting to get upgraded to sky hd, but seems pointless if it wont work in Spain as were hoping to move to there in the near future) . If not how much does it usually cost to be set up out there, costa Blanca area... Thanks xx

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I've been given a huge bag of nispero fruit- how could I use them up? Also can you plant the seeds and grow them at home?

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Hi there, Does anyone know of a company or individual offering cavity wall insulation by injection in the region---particularly inland Alcoi/Ontinyent. Any thoughts, sugestions , much appreciated. from a potentially cold winter PB

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Hi Please can anyone tell me who to contact in relation to a manhole which keeps overflowing causing sewage to flow (literally) into the street. We've been to the Ayuntamiento where we had to fill in forms, but nobody has been out so far. We're told by neighbours that it's a regular problem from this particular manhole and that the problem is a burst pipe underground. People have complained to various places but nothing has been resolved. It's so bad that the children could not possibly be in the street, the smell alone is awful and with warmer weather coming I can't begin to imagine how bad it might be. It's obviously a serious health risk. Thanks everyone...

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As a point of interest. I had my television system installed by a company called TelevisonTechnology ( www.televisiontechnology.eu ). Thought it worth mentioning as the equipment that they sell such as Darkboxes etc are quite reasonably priced.Good service as well. They are in the business directory on this site too.Hope this saves someone a few euros.

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We are shortly moving to Maryvilla area of Calpe. Has anyone any advice on a reliable value for money broadband provider for the area ? Many thanks

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noticed today that the pesky flies are back. Whats the best tip you have for keeping them at bay.

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I'd like to learn more about the local wild flowers, especially ones that can be eaten. Can anyone recommend a book or website?

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We do not like the finish on our rough finish on our sitting room walls is there a way to cover it up thats not to costly

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