started by: redharry · last update: 1239011816 · posted: 1238784781

and I have to say for the money it cost I am well pleased. We so often get ripped off here, sadly by fellow brits, I am happy to supply the contact details of the Spanish chap who did the work for me. His wife speaks english if that helps.

started by: redharry · last update: 1238505567 · posted: 1238505567

needed in or around benidorm any ideas, must be secure and dry.

started by: Jos-582387 · last update: 1236903697 · posted: 1203515337

i've learnt a lesson this week when my handbag was stolen from my dining room table at 5am in the morning.they jemmied open our window and fished for it through the grills. then, using the keys that were inside tried our front door and back grills ... fortunately they didn't gain entry and we woke and scared them off. however, they still got away with my bag, wallet and keys etc ... so, we now put our shutters down and ensure that keys, handbags etc are nowhere that can be FISHED for ....hope someone can learn from my mistakes .... be happyjosJos

started by: bbildman · last update: 1236854119 · posted: 1236693016

I live in Torrevieja and want to install and connect to the internet from my apartment. We already have a telephone connection in the wall, but do not have telephone service.Are there any English language speaking companies that will do this for me? Also which companies offering broadband internet connections is the best.Thanks

started by: gunit_soldier-581339 · last update: 1236763008 · posted: 1236763008

I live in Rojales and wondered if anyone in the area would like to help me out! I'd really love to start a little herb and veg garden on my roof terrace, but as I am unemployed cannot afford to buy seeds and things. I wondered if anyone would be kind enough to help me out with some cuttings, seeds or seedlings? Please contact me at syntheticbutterfly@hotmail.com Thanks

started by: jimmy-582599 · last update: 1236606133 · posted: 1236167426

I always see those stalls with loads of olives and other interesting looking things on the market and would love to try some but don't know what to expect. Does anyone have any info on different types of olives- and what are the other things these stalls sell?

started by: jimmy-582599 · last update: 1236331825 · posted: 1236199837

Can anyone tel me which channels you can change the language on please,

started by: Brendan Young · last update: 1236167886 · posted: 1236074446

i have just moved to Els Poblets , located between El Verger and Denia. I am looking for a Broadband provider. Can anyone recommend a provider, with some idea of the annual cost and service quality. regards Brendanbrendan

started by: Almonte62-581524 · last update: 1236080934 · posted: 1235336712

Wanted part load removal from Blue Lagoon, St Miguel de Salinas to Northern Brittany. Please email with pricesPaula

started by: Jos-582387 · last update: 1236008619 · posted: 1235907228

Hi thereCan anyone let me have information regards the pine pollen - how long will it last?What time of year does it usually occur, i've heard that it's late this year?I'm an asthma sufferer and inhalers etc don't seem to be working too well .. if anyone knows of any holistic or alternative therapies which may help at this time of year then please please let me know! :-)ThanksJosJos

started by: robbyt-581935 · last update: 1235896333 · posted: 1235896333

We are resident but many of our neighbours do not live here, but leave there alarms armed, quite frequently they will go off, there is no sign of intruders, what should we do, call the Police?

started by: tenderfoot · last update: 1234103346 · posted: 1234085398

Reputable locksmith required, weve lost the keys to the back door!

started by: Jasmina-586008 · last update: 1233842099 · posted: 1233842099

Hi, I'm looking for a firm to lay good quality creteprint on my drive......firms are hard to find and to find anyone who can show us a good job so far impossible! Anyone had it done? Thanks El Comtat

started by: Noddy-585987 · last update: 1233828203 · posted: 1233755152

Can anybody help please? I have been informed by my present pool cleaner that the salt water system has failed, it has been suggested that the cheapest option is to switch from the salt unit ? and maintain the pool conventionally (Chlorine.). This is mainly due to the cost of replacement of the salt unit. Would the pool be OK if it was left and not treated until mid March and could anybody recommend a pool cleaner in the Calpe area at reasonable rates. I would appreciate any constructive comments regarding this without getting too technical. Many thanks

started by: jimmy-582599 · last update: 1233675930 · posted: 1233656464

Is there a English lending library or book swap, in the Benijofar area--- anyone know?

started by: pinkbird · last update: 1233307351 · posted: 1233307351

looking for a cheap( or I will remove for free!) wooden table to use outside. as long as its fairly solid I can do it up. Rojales area

started by: littleweed-585779 · last update: 1232704185 · posted: 1232632569

maybe you have a property in the campo and want the same. We can offer lots of hard work to grow foo,d build and other tasks in exchange for accomodation and meals. We have many skills and interests that we can share.

started by: keithc-584487 · last update: 1229453686 · posted: 1228219415

Fresh (wet) walnuts, I can find nowhere here to buy them. The only walnuts for sale are those boring Californian dried walnuts. Can anybody point me in the direction of where I can the fresh (wet) walnuts, please, I am having withdrawal symptoms! Warm In The Shade

started by: slackalice-582060 · last update: 1229077210 · posted: 1229077210

if you need to send gifts to anyone in Aus try this site we have found brill http://www.bcl.com.au/shop/charity-shops.htm

started by: Jeannie-584961 · last update: 1227817203 · posted: 1227817203

Hi, does anybody know of a chimney sweep in the area of Pinar de Campoverde and how much it costs to get it done. Thanks Jean

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