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While driving around the countryside, quite often see lines of orange peel hanging to dry, there is quite often vast amounts. has anyone got any idea what it is used for?

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Can anyone settle a dispute on how long we need to run the pump for in the summer months. The pool company says 8 hours a day but this seems a little extreme, at the moment its only on for two hours in the morning and 1 hour at night.

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Does anybody know the sequence of numbers to dial before calling somebody so that my number does not appear on the receivers phone? There are times I need to call clients from home but don't want them calling me back there! Thanks

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this is a helpful site though it might be of interest http://www.telefonicainenglish.com/landlines.htm covers Broadband and lots more too.

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this could become very important as recession hits so how about we share our ideas on how to cut costs?

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thought this might be helpful: I had unlocked phone and saw an offer in Dia supermarket. I bought a new sim for 5 euros and got 5 euros of calls so in effect it was free. Also good deal on further calls. Don't forget to get your Dia discount card for even cheaper calls.. Times are hard every little helps.

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I have a tree that needs a drastic pruning, i need a recommendation for a tree surgeon, please.

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hi we are arriving in torreivieja shortly but understand you cannot get sat tv programmes. whats the latest situationcolin

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I am currently living in Spain, but have not as yet got all my paperwork through. I have just discovered I am pregnant, and last night experienced 14 hours of bleeding. I am trying to find out who I can go and see because I do not have the cash to hand to see a private doctor. Can anyone offer advice?

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Does anyone know of a coach trip to Ikea and Primark, coming up, they are often advertised but I can't see any lately, leaving from javea, denia, or nearby would be great, thanks

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Does anybody have experience in building a roof terrace on an old townhouse? It has a reasonably new tiled sloped roof which we want to convert half of into a terrace/solarium. Any info/advice appreciated!

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The thing is that all the day today i try to fix this - we have a huge water leak, a stream coming out from a closed room under the swimming pool in our urbanization. And its clear water!!... I contacted the maintenance company we have a contract with - no answer, the plumber told me that he s relaxing at his saturday, the ¨presidente de comunidad¨ is in France... I called all the emergency numbers i could find (including 112 and 24 hrs service Aguas de calpe), we even had people from police checking out our ¨river¨, but as it seems to be a problem of the urbanization they didnt do anything!! I even asked a neighbour (a spanish one btw) to call that plumber again - and she got the same answer ("im a hard worker and im relaxing on saturday, i ll come sometime on Monday!" O_o) Hey! Seems that a river of clear drinking water in the middle of Calpe is of nobodys concern?! Is there any "medio ambiente" organization around who could influence somehow at this situation? yeah-yeah, i know its a week-end but it should be a solution?

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Lots of rumours flying around after the Telemicro bust, what is the future of X-pat Television on the C. Blanca, any ideas?

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Has anyone tried an alternative to chlorine. I have heard of an English product called Poolsan that is based on copper elements, but am still locating it in Spain.

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I want to get a solar panel fitted for hot water and heating in the winter, has anyone got them and can recommend a supplier and fitter. Anyone who can do the job themselves email direct please.

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Hi there, Could some one give me an idea of what to expect to be charged for pool maintenance and gardening in the Javea area. It is quite a large garden with lawn and various trees and shrubs and the pool is a 8 x 4. I just want some idea so any help would be appreciated. Cheers Vood

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a mate of mine is renting a place with not a lot of furniture in. She had hoped to buy more but work hours are so short this year she cannot afford to. if you have any furniture, in particular dressing table or chest of draws or any type of storage i would happliy collect your donation for her. Not looking for fancy just practical. thanks Girl friday

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I want to get hold of some reasonable second hand furniture, are there any good shops around the Torrevieja area?

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Bargain Price, £50, Hardly Used, Torrevieja Area, Tel 693 230 904 or 622 033 582Adrian Hibbert0034 693 230 904

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