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Cash Waiting for Well Prices Air Con unit, Portable. Call 693 230 904. Ask for ADRIAN.Adrian Hibbert0034 693 230 904

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in the costa blanca how many times a week/month do you get rubbish collected how do you fund it ie is their a seperate tax any info very useful.thanks

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Can I just make a general appeal to our "swallows" if you have just arrived you might be having a bit of a spring clean, please do not throw any useful items in the bin. Lots of charity shops would love your donations, you can also leave things next to the bins for those less fortunate to make use of.

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I tried snails at a fiesta a couple of weeks ago. Can anyone supply me with a recipe so i can try cooking them at home?

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Hi everyone, we are looking to move to costa blanca from Canada this september and one of the most important criteria is highspeed internet. I make my living online and must have great highspeed internet at all times. We don’t where we going to live yet therefor it’s important to sort it out now. One of the newish technologies in north america is highspeed wireless data cards that connect the laptop to internet through cellular providers. I am wondering if Spain has a service like this? Any other help in this area will be appreciated as well,

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Hi, I am using a Telefonica Wireless Modem/Router and am asking other users if the right hand light should be green or flashing orange? My feeling (and rough translation of the users manual) is that it should be a steady green, when connected to the ADSL signal. However mine starts off a steady green, but then goes to a flashing orange. Have changed the filter but stays the same.

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I want to sound proof one of the internal walls of my bungalow in Daya Vieja. Does anyone know where I can find a reliable builder to sound proof the wall I thought it might be best to install acoustic plaster board .

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Discovered that our fridge has developed a fault and is not working properly. Do you know of anywhere that will be able to repair it or should we cut our losses and buy a new one?

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Hi, does anyone know where I can hire a Rotavator from in North Costa Blanca area? Thanks AJ

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Can anyone suggest somewhere I can get new cupboard doors for my tired looking kitchen ?? Pref northern costa- thanks Louise, Moraira

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Lets have some good tips for getting rid of greenfly and blackfly of plants without useing chemicals.

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Looking for man with van for small amout of removals on Saturday 29th March Kindest RegardsRay & Pauline

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lost most of my geraniums to this little moth last year, or rather the caterpillars of this moth. be warned keep a close eye out for the little green caterpillars on you plants.

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so many owners have gone back to UK where we are its getting like a ghost town, Have others noticed this problem? Its a bit depressing really.

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my family are hoping to move over shortly to spain, south costa blanca, and I would welcome advice from anyone who knows the best way to have a landline in our property. I heard BT are now in spain but I am not sure what offers they have or how to go about it, any advice welcome, Libby libby jones

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Does anyone know of someone in the Javea area who carries out roller blind and mossie net repairs. I found a couple of numbers in one of the local papers, but they both only covered Costa Blanca South. Cheers Vood

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it just gets a message saying boot record found IDE-0 ok then nothing.........anyone any ideas please thanks in advance

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Has anyone noticed how milk and bread prices are rising. any idea what the reason is, or is it the general trend of prices in Spain.

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For those paying the bandits for illegal microwave Tv on the Costa you may be interested in the new freeview service coming out in March. BBC, ITV and CH4 have taken out a new service on eurosat which will cover Spain with a strong signal. You can receive this via a digital receiver (not terrestrial). It is expected to be possible with a 60-1m dish and totally free. There is talk of a possible card for additional channels but at least most of the current UK channels will be on it. There are test channels already on the satellite. So if you have a hotbird, hispasat type tuner you are ready to go. Worth a look ?

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Do you get charged by the window or hour or what? would be grateful for a few pointers here please

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