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We only have a small apartment, but I am thinking of getting a solar panel/s to heat a couple of radiators, and hot water, has anybody any experience of doing this, can recommend a supplier/fitter, give any advice.

started by: 4mu8or · last update: 1198144901 · posted: 1198144901

Are there any large paint shops around the Torrevieja area, i need somewhere with a good variety not just a small stock of the usual colours.

started by: poppie-581702 · last update: 1198062340 · posted: 1197972536

Can anyone tell me an emergency locksmith, im at the internet cafe, i´ve just locked myself out.

started by: sweethome-582176 · last update: 1197464334 · posted: 1197374743

Its the time of year when many of us light candles and want a roaring fire. Please take care,do not leave either unattended. Fire can kill be careful.

started by: pinkbird · last update: 1196505518 · posted: 1196433588

I just washed a lot of summer clothes before packing away for next year, trouble is I seem to have ruined them. All the clothes have a yellow stain on them. What could have caused this, I used my normal wash liquid and everything. Is there any way to save them?

started by: sweethome-582176 · last update: 1195982031 · posted: 1195574072

I have had two of these and both have rusted, where can I get something that will last more than a year.

started by: robbyt-581935 · last update: 1195911954 · posted: 1194947294

Does anybody know how I can order logs and have them delivered?

started by: bushy-581696 · last update: 1195816844 · posted: 1195809644

I put a DVD in the PC dvd drive last night to watch. and there was an almighty bang and it stopped. managed to get the draw open and the disc had shattered. Is the drive wrecked or is it worth taking the DVD drive out and opening it, cleaning all the bits out. any advice or experiences please.

started by: 4mu8or · last update: 1195484270 · posted: 1195401694

Hi All, I want to fit a sun awning to my apartment. Can anyone recommend a reliable supplier around Torrevieja?

started by: chrome-581695 · last update: 1195468875 · posted: 1195468875

There are two plants in my garden being attacked by an insect and I have no idea what it may be. The nasty beastie is munching semi-circular chunks out of the leaves, but the plants seem quite healthy apart from that. Does anyone else have the same problem or know what may be causing it.

started by: tenderfoot · last update: 1195306662 · posted: 1195127238

Where would I find a lightweight hoover. I did not bring mind and now find I would like one, put rugs down on cold floors and boy do they get dusty!

started by: marymid · last update: 1193340137 · posted: 1193340137

If anyone in the Torrevieja area has curtains or rugs or blankets they are about to dispose of please could they give pass them on to a young person who needs to make their home warmer for the winter. They are hard-working but quite broke.I will collect if you will give.

started by: meandkudos-580441 · last update: 1193325615 · posted: 1193317641

Hi does anyone know or have dealt with a firm called NU-VIEW Windows? We and another couple placed orders with this firm after visiting the home exhibition at Alicante, last May. The conditions were to pay a 50% deposit. We stipulated the work was to be completed by mid August, our friends were promised July, they haven't seen them since, despite, like us, numerous phone calls. We did get an email from the director on 8th August explaining they had suffered problems, but tried to reassure us we would be dealt with in September. They did turn up to fit the tracking 4 weeks ago, but made an error against the agreed design, they promised to return the following week. The men that day, did say the firm didn't want work so far south any more, as they were now based in Denia. We have heard many rumours, including they had been taken over by Glass Curtains. Glass Curtains deny this. We cannot get any response from the numbers we have. Does anyone else know anything.........please? This is making us ill, after being here for 20 months, one problem after another. What's done's done!

started by: marymid · last update: 1193152369 · posted: 1193152369

I am fed up with buying liquid fertiliser for my pot plants that doesnt do anything, has anyone got any recipes for making your own.

started by: sweethome-582176 · last update: 1193073029 · posted: 1192876993

We have a metal spiral stair which leads to our top terrace, the type you see everywhere. They are very slippy when its damp,we do not go up when its raining since I fell. Question is, is there anyway to make them safer? or should we just increase our personal insurance!!!

started by: slackalice-582060 · last update: 1193072848 · posted: 1193047750

Wow there's a cold wind today, is this what we can expect for the winter do you think? If so whats the best type of heating to use, what's most efficient and cost effective?

started by: marymid · last update: 1193060378 · posted: 1192814375

Is it true that the more units of water you use the more the units cost, seems like a good idea to me but do not know if its so.

started by: hobbit-582216 · last update: 1192706855 · posted: 1192558932

What's the weather like where you are? It's been raining and thundering here. Does anyone know if we should expect more flooding in the next few days? I want to be prepared.

started by: redharry · last update: 1192703819 · posted: 1192625194

I need a couple of new rejas, I can fit myself any suggestions on where to buy?

started by: janemurf-581713 · last update: 1192107949 · posted: 1183633131

I was just curious to see if anyone else is surrounded by empty villas which for one reason or another never quite get completed, or sold on. Every time we get a potential buyer I am like a puppy at a gate hoping they will buy! I just hope things get better over the coming years. Murf

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