started by: janemurf-581713 · last update: 1192107949 · posted: 1183633131

I was just curious to see if anyone else is surrounded by empty villas which for one reason or another never quite get completed, or sold on. Every time we get a potential buyer I am like a puppy at a gate hoping they will buy! I just hope things get better over the coming years. Murf

started by: fleur-582359 · last update: 1191941219 · posted: 1191930915

we will be moving to Costa Blanca and need storage for our house contents while property hunting. Is there anywhere at a reasonable price where it can be left for a few months.

started by: rammylou · last update: 1190650488 · posted: 1185223016

Looking for someone who can fit new worktops & retile the kitchen. Any recommendations please ??? Struggling because I can only find ads for companies doing total refits. Also does anyone know a good tile shop or granite supplier ?Thankyou Louise, Moraira

started by: Nada1712 · last update: 1190584188 · posted: 1190584188

I am looking for an experienced person or company to make some loose covers for sofas and chairs. I am in the Northern Costa Blanca. Please email at Nada1712@yahoo.co.uk Nada

started by: lyntris · last update: 1190239851 · posted: 1190239851

We have recently bought a large townhouse in a lovely village near Guadalest.We need to put in some form of heating and are considering a pellet burner.We have heard they are very efficient ( we have a large open stairwell ) and we don`t mind the ( large ) initial cost if they are cheap to run and we don`t need a lot of other heat.Our space is about 170 sq mts total.Does anyone know anything of help ? Thanks LS

started by: pickle-582256 · last update: 1189848396 · posted: 1189773118

Does anywhere on the Costa Blanca sell these products? Have a real taste for them and now feel deprived as I can't find them anywhere!

started by: Lisal-582151 · last update: 1188659363 · posted: 1188659363

HiI'm a bridesmaid in January '08 and looking for a good dressmaker to make my bridesmaid dress. I already have the material and currently looking for a pattern.I live in La Marina Village, so looking for someone around that area but can travel to Alicante/Torrevieja if need be.Would love to hear from anyone you can help.ThanksLisa

started by: slackalice-582060 · last update: 1188486241 · posted: 1188381160

I have a good supply of fresh figs. Too good in fact so I would like to dy some for later use. But how do I do this?

started by: ozzie-581739 · last update: 1187082268 · posted: 1187026819

I would like a recommendation for some rejas to be made and fitted, local to Torrevieja please.

started by: keda-582066 · last update: 1186099301 · posted: 1185906733

Has anyone seen a good old fashioned deck chair for sale? My mum will be visiting and she loves a deckchair. We are based near Murcia. Many thanks

started by: janemurf-581713 · last update: 1185629607 · posted: 1185568851

We live in the Mazarron area and some workmen have dug right outside my sisters place, she is presently away and we are supposed to be feeding her plants, but it looks like they have either turned the water off or damaged a pipe? Does anyone know who we could get in touch with?? Murf

started by: ragtag-581756 · last update: 1185568747 · posted: 1185370723

Some one has recommended that this will get the pool surround up to speed, its looking reallly brown with all the building work. Anyone used it?

started by: peggy-582032 · last update: 1185568658 · posted: 1185459966

We have the remains of a furniture pack we want to get rid of does anyone know of a tip we could use near Mazarron?

started by: janemurf-581713 · last update: 1185096979 · posted: 1185096979

Just solved the problem of flies and mossies when we are eating under the gazebo. Couldn´t find curtains so bought a mossie net for over a bed and tied it to the middle of the gazebo, it cover the table perfect and now we can eat in peace. Murf

started by: cathie-581872 · last update: 1185096847 · posted: 1185096847

In case anyone is interested there is a property road show at San Pedro del Pinatar till 17:00 tonight at the Hotel Thalasia, which is by the boat island heading towards the beach. Not just for Spain but covering Bulgaria and Brazil.

started by: FredaH-581709 · last update: 1184963435 · posted: 1184919519

We are having a BBQ for about 20 people on Tuesday night. I am fine with the savouries but always struggle for a decent homemade dessert. Does anyone have a recipe for any quickie desserts that look good but dont take too much time? Freda

started by: rammylou · last update: 1183918803 · posted: 1183489807

We want to update our kitchen by painting our wooden cabinets, retiling & replacing our worktops with granite ones. Does anyone know of a company that would supply & fit granite worktops ? When I looked in the ad section most companies only do total kitchen refits which we don't want. Also someone willing to retile would be good. Thanks Louise, Moraira

started by: chrome-581695 · last update: 1183542375 · posted: 1183370412

Is there a product that i can put on my windows to deflect the hot sun yet i can see through. any ideas?

started by: janemurf-581713 · last update: 1183299623 · posted: 1182940145

Has anyone seen a fire pit on their travels? They look a bit like a space ship shape. They are everywhere in the UK, due to the weather I suppose, but I was hoping to pick one up here ready for the cooler nights.Murf

started by: cathie-581872 · last update: 1183202554 · posted: 1183202554

I would like to have a go at ceramics and wanted to include some mirrored tiles in the design. I have tried local swimming pool shops and a couple of tile suppliers but not been very successful yet. Has anyone seen any on their travels?

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